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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Jul 19, 2023.

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  1. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Mileage Market. Please be thoughtful in your comments here and feel free to create new posts in the appropriate areas for your questions or event discussions.

    As usual, off topic posts will be removed from this thread.

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  2. So... if anyone does buy the coins and for whatever reason, does not use them all, they get a slap for having them. There should be one of:
    a) coins are left in inventory and can at least be used on some near-future sales event.
    b) a refund of the purchase price (broken down to a per coin cost), to the player's account.
    c) provide a receipt to be used as proof of payment so there is maybe some form of tax deduction that could be used to show support of a gaming charity. ;)
  3. Just a final attempt from Bigpoint to milk money from any naive players that think this game has any future. Is there even anyone who will buy these packages thinking they are useful?
  4. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    so you spend real money to buy a discount on another real money purchase?

    so are these packages priced so that it cost you more to buy a discount than the discount is actually saving you?

    and it really shouldn't be that something you spend real money for has an expiration date and can be taken away without any compensation.
  5. Excessive

    Excessive User

    I love this.
    Spend $2 to get a coin to get a 5% discount
    Or you can spend $13 to get 2 coins and a 10% discount. Which works out to be less than the cost of the coins even on the most expensive package.

    I don't know who at DO thinks 1 coin is worth $2.20 but 2 coins are $6.50 each. Even $37 for 7 coins is $5.27 or 2.5 times the cost of a single coin.

    Buying the Maximum Mileage Pack for $56 (in my currency) I'd have to spend roughly $300 on the Mileage Market packs to get the discount to be worth it. Buying the single coin for $2.20 and the Upgrade Pack for $56 I would get a discount of 5% so a saving of +-$3 all up.

    It would cost me $26 to buy 5 coins for the maximum 25% discount. The only pack that would be worth buying would be the most expensive at $56 and even then the cost of the coins + package there is no discount as the 25% is only $14, leaving me $12 out of pocket after the 25% discount.
    PacificNW Hope this helps answer your question.

    I just hope players do the math before spending money to get a discount that will cost them money.
  6. They can come out with the best sale at the best price why would anyone spend a dime on a game that has almost no support, one that doesn't ban bot's or bug abusers. I am having a hard time wanting to buy premium never mind 250 iac for 50.00 when bot's get iac rolling in while they sleep and their game is still at play.
    Think about it I get 250 iac for free doing an event with buying BP with uri from the game.

    Now if it were 1500 iac for 50$ that would be a possibility but buying 250 iac isn't enough for more than one lvl 18 or 19 upgrade.
  7. Azarameus

    Azarameus User

    Not one penny from me whilst cheats are prospering.
  8. Waaugh

    Waaugh User

    Not interested one bit. There is some issue with DO management that they make 'sales and deals' not worth clicking on. You have to evaluate how bad the deal is each time.

    I have not seen a bargain yet and good lord the game is expensive. Premium, ammo, fuel, upgrades, boosters now coins. Oh and the gambling dont forget booty lotto.

    No wonder the maps are empty.
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  9. spend $40 to save $12 on a $50 item hmmm. ...78 spent to save 12 on a 50 item. DO is 28 ahead.
  10. This is Not a Good Idea Big Point
  11. Please make sales and discounts ACTUALLY A SAVINGS.

    Who comes up with these ideas?

    Its like paying 50$ to get access to gas pumps at full price thinking "Well we gave a discount but they wont notice that the discount is .05 cents and they will never actually notice they are paying more because no one does that math thing anymore".

    Stop doing this. There are better games and you have bled players from this behavior. Have you not seen the games being released that DO NOT cost this much to play and actually have stories and updates.
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  12. Well, It might be savings, ....with YEN Pricing
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