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    General Information:

    Suspicious beacons are transmitting signals that are causing Mimesis Ships to attack our pilots. Can you protect the EM Freighter to the end to destroy the beacons and protect humanity?

    First of all, you should collect Escort Keys which you need to enter the Escort Maps. You can get those Escort Keys by completing the Daily Mission or by hunting Elite Mimesis NPCs squads that are spawning on the Battle Maps 4-1 to 4-4, and some on the lower maps (X-2 to X-4).

    After collecting Escort Keys, you’re ready to start your mission! Enter the Escort Map from X-1 Maps or X-8 Maps. Protect the EM Freighter from rogue Mimesis ships to destroy the beacon and get valuable rewards. Collect event points and if you’re among the top protectors, you‘ll get additional rewards at the end of the event!

    Also collect the valuable Byte Remnants that are dropped by rogue AI ships. It can be used to craft items with special abilities in the Assembly.

    All Byte Remnants will be removed from your inventories 24 hours after the event ends.

    The Escort:

    Escort the EM Freighter on the Escort maps to a defined location. During the Escort, you can accumulate Escort Score points that are defining a reward.

    To enter the Escort maps, you need an Escort Key. The EM Freighter spawns each hour during the following time frames:

    • Everyday from 10:00 to 23:59 (local server time)

    There are 3 different maps for each company: Escort MMO 1,2,3 and Escort EIC 1,2,3 and Escort VRU 1,2,3. The players will be distributed randomly on their company maps so that the amount of users on the maps are well-balanced.

    During the first 5 minutes of the spawn (e.g. 10:00 AM – 10:05 AM), the EM Freighter will wait for players to enter the map. When you try to enter the map after the 5 minutes are over, you won’t be able to enter the map anymore.

    The EM Freigher will then start its path towards its destination in the same map. On the way, the EM Freighter picks up boxes to get enough firepower and explode the beacon at its final destination. But attention: During the EM Freighters‘ way through the map, hostile Mimesis ships will appear and try to stop the EM Freighter from destroying the beacon by attacking the EM Freighter as well as the players.

    The EM Freighter is surrounded by a protection zone and it is only moving forward when there’s a player within its range. Outside of this protection zone, there’s a radiation zone so that you have to stay within this range to avoid radiation damage.

    Gain points from killing the attacking NPCs to get valuable rewards! You will get additional points for successfully escorting the EM freighter to the final destination. The more hitpoints the EM Freighter has left at the destination, the more points you can get. Once the EM Freighter reached its destination or once it died, you’ll receive a reward based on how many points you gained during the Escort.

    If you succeed with escorting the EM Freighter to its final destination, it explodes within 5 seconds. Pick up your loot and be prepared to leave via the exit gate that appears.

    If you don’t manage to escort the EM Freighter to the final destination within 45 minutes, it explodes. Also if the EM Freighter is destroyed by the attacking NPCs, it explodes.

    Hurry up to leave the map via the appearing exit gate because the whole map becomes a radiation zone. If you don’t leave it before the next EM Freighter appares, you’ll be kicked out of the map automatically.

    Please note the following:
    • If you die on the Escort Map and you spawn on the home map, you cannot re-enter the Escort map.
    • If you die on the Escort Map and you respawn on the spot, you’ll respawn with full HP

    Daily Event Missions:

    The event mission can be found in the „Event Missions“ window. It’s always the same and it can be repeated on a daily basis.


    Elite Mimesis NPCs

    On death, they have a chance to drop Escort Keys. The harder the Mimesis, the higher chance the key will be dropped.

    Terror Mime5is and Reflector Mimesi5 will only drop reward packages for the top 3 damage dealers. The packages include valuable items, such as a chance on Escort Keys, Byte Remnants, new emotes and sprays, and special ammunition.

    Event NPCs on Escort Map:

    There are different event NPCs on the Escort Maps rewarding currency, EP, Honor as well as points for the Escort score ranking.

    For the harder Mimesis enemies (Piercing Mimesi5, Obscured M1mes1s, Hounding Mim3si5, Mirror M1m3si5, Sniper M1mesi5, and Marker Mim3si5), the top 3 damage dealers will be rewarded with extra reward boxes that contain Byte Remnants as well as a chance to get e.g. Extra Energy, event ammunition, the new sprays and emotes or the new Tyrannos Disruptor ship design.

    Escort Score:

    You’ll receive Escort Score points from:
    • Killing Event NPCs
    • Safely escorting the EM Freighter according to the different checkpoints they reached

    If the EM Freighter has been escorted safely to the beacon, all players receive additional points based on the HP % left.

    For each run of an Escort map, your points (Escort Score) will be converted automatically into rewards like the following:

    Points Rewards
    1,000 to 1,699 points20 x Byte Remnant
    1,800 x EMAA-20
    1,700 to 2,899 points30 x Byte Remnant
    800 x PLT-2026
    1,800 x EMAA-20
    2,900 to 4,799 points50 x Byte Remnant
    160 x PLD-8
    800 x PLT-2026
    1,800 x EMAA-20
    7,999 to 4,800 points90 x Byte Remnant
    200 x SAR-02
    160 x PLD-8
    800 x PLT-2026
    1,800 x EMAA-20
    More than 8,000 points150 x Byte Remnant
    30 x Extra Energy
    200 x SAR-02
    160 x PLD-8
    800 x PLT-2026
    1,800 x EMAA-20
    In addition, there’s also a Total score that counts the overall Escort points of all runs you have done in the Mimesis Mutiny event. This overall score also provides rewards at the end of the event:

    1stTitle: Chief Freighter Defender
    Title: Prime Freighter Defender
    Tyrannos Solace Design
    1,500,000 Uridium
    500 x SR-5
    100,000 Seprom
    400,000 x UCB-100
    40,000 x RSB-75
    15,000 x EMAA-20
    2ndTitle: Prime Freighter Defender
    Tyrannos Solace Design
    800,000 Uridium
    350 x SR-5
    75,000 Seprom
    300,000 x UCB-100
    30,000 x RSB-75
    10,000 x EMAA-20
    3rdTitle: Prime Freighter Defender
    Tyrannos Solace Design
    500,000 Uridium
    350 x SR-5
    50,000 Seprom
    150,000 x UCB-100
    15,000 x RSB-75
    7,000 x EMAA-20
    4th to 5thTitle: Prime Freighter Defender
    250,000 Uridium
    250 x SR-5
    35,000 Seprom
    100,000 x UCB-100
    10,000 x RSB-75
    3,500 x EMAA-20
    6th to 10thTitle: Prime Freighter Defender
    75,000 Uridium
    30,000 Seprom
    75,000 x UCB-100
    9,000 x RSB-75
    2,000 x EMAA-20
    11th to 25th50,000 Uridium
    25,000 Seprom
    50,000 x UCB-100
    8,000 x RSB-75
    1,500 x EMAA-20
    26th to 50th35,000 Uridium
    20,000 Seprom
    25,000 x UCB-100
    5,000 x RSB-75
    1500 x EMAA-20
    51st to 100th25,000 Uridium
    20,000 Seprom
    20,000 x UCB-100
    2,500 x RSB-75
    750 x EMAA-20
    Objectives & Battle Pass:

    Get additional rewards from completing objectives! Don't miss out on bonus ammunition, upgrade materials and the Tyrannos Sentinel Ship Design!

    When the event starts, there is a battle pass and new objectives available for players to complete. The objectives are similar to missions but you don’t need to accept them manually. The progress for the objectives begins automatically when the event starts. Completing these objectives gives you rewards and completing them with the Battle Pass even gives you better rewards.
    Together with the objectives, a “Battle Pass” is available in the shop. You can purchase it either with Uridium or via Payment. The “Battle Pass” gives you access to additional rewards on top of the original rewards that you get from completing the objectives.
    If you buy the Battle Pass after having completed some objectives, you need to claim the Battle Pass rewards of the already finished objectives in the Objectives Window in the game. If you complete the Objectives after buying the Battle Pass, the rewards will be booked automatically.

    New Event Recipes:

    There are some new event recipes which can be crafted during the event.

    CategoryNameAmount RequiresCraftable
    WeaponAA-111,000 Byte RemnantMultiple Times
    WeaponAAP-111,000 Byte RemnantMultiple Times
    ExtrasHP-HAM0111,500 Byte RemnantOnce
    ExtrasDMG-LEO0111,500 Byte RemnantOnce
    ExtrasSHD-BIM0111,500 Byte RemnantOnce
    AmmunitionEMAA-2010,0003,000 Byte RemnantOnce
    AmmunitionEMAA-2010,0001,500 Byte Remnant
    15,000 Uridium
    Multiple Times
    ExtrasRM-B002 hr15,000 UCB-100
    1,500 Uridium
    Multiple Times
    New Ship Designs: Tyrannos

    There will be 5 new ship designs given out in the event:
    • Tyrannos Solace: Tally your kill count in the Tyrannos Solace design! (Ranking Reward)
    • Tyrannos Sentinel: Intimidate your opponents with your massive kill count in the Tyrannos Sentinel design! (Battle Pass Reward)
    • Tyrannos Disruptor: Keep score on how many enemies you have defeated with the Tyrannos Disruptor design! (Chance to get it from EM Freighter or via Payment
    • Tyrannos Spectrum: Make sure your opponents see you in a different light with the Tyrannos Spectrum design (Payment)
    • Tyrannos G-Champion: Show others your illustrious status in the Tyrannos G-Champion design (Payment)

    New Ship Upgrade Modules:

    During the event, it’s possible to get some of the new ship upgrade modules that you can craft in the Assembly. The following modules are given out:

    ModuleClassModifierShipSell Price
    HP-HAM01HP+ 15% HPHammerclaw
    150,000 Credits
    DMG-LEO01Damage+ 30% Rocket Damage
    + 20% Laser Accuracy
    Leonov200,000 Credits
    SHD-DIM01Shield+ 25% ShieldDiminisher250,000 Credit
    New Event Lasers & Ammunition: AA-1 and AAP-1 & EMAA-20:

    There will be new lasers and a special ammunition during the event:

    Laser AA-1

    Developed to be highly effective against AI ships, the Anti AI Laser Cannon deals 250 damage to AI Enemies, while still dealing 175 to other ships.

    PET Laser AAP-1

    Designed to be highly effective against AI ships, the Anti AI P.E.T. Laser Cannon deals 500 damage to AI Enemies, while still dealing 175 to other ships. Due to its highly destructive power, it is not safe to be used by human ships, and can only be equipped on P.E.T.s. Trying to equip it on ships or drones will lead to an error message.

    Electro Magnetic Anti-AI Battery ammunition: EMAA-20

    Developed specifically to deal with rebelling AI ships, this special ammo deals 4x damage, and a total of 7x damage against rogue Mimesis AI Ships.

    New Emotes & Sprays:

    The new emotes and spray can be activated via the “Special Items” button in the Hot key system if you have them. They are available in the Elite Mimesis NPC squads reward packages, in the Escort NPC reward packages as well as in some of the payment packages that are available during the event.


    Emotes are small images that appear above the user ship and they will last for 5 seconds. After that they have a 20 seconds cooldown which applies to all emotes. There are the following emotes available:

    Alien Smile Emote: Express your happiness to surrounding players with this emote.

    Alien Cry Emote: Express your sorrow to surrounding players with this emote.
    sad emote.png

    Alien Angry Emote: Express your anger to surrounding players with this emote.

    Alien Horror Emote: Express your fear to surrounding players with this emote.

    Alien Wink Emote:
    Wink at surrounding players with this emote.


    Sprays are images that can be placed on the maps background, based on the location of the player’s ship when they “sprayed” it. The images last for 30 seconds and have a 45 second cooldown which applies to all sprays. The following sprays are available:

    Knock Out Spray: Brag about your victory with this Knock Out Spray.

    Like Spray: Give other pilots a sign of approval with this spray.

    Cross Spray: Give other pilots a sign of disapproval with this spray.

    Skull Spray: Show your opponents they're dead meat with this spray.

    Hearts Spray:
    Show your love with this Hearts spray.

    Items in GREEN have been changed since the Open Beta Test. According to the player feedback during the Open Beta, we also reduced the stats of the NPCs and adapted the rewards that they’re dropping.
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