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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by HappyTurnip, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. As it says on the tin i want to know what the minimum requirement is to cube, without any ability, boosters or pet, just ship and maybe prommed/sepped lasers...

    I know that its best to run a battle and tank config on a cube (or maybe thats changed?)

    I am FE with 21 PP's, no designs, no pet ( do not want ) and upgraded drones to level 4 and 2 lf4.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    You could probably do a solo cube with your current ship but you would need to use boosters / x4 / rsb etc, maybe even some nano hull with two battle configs.
    Even a ufe goli would need to use at least x2 or above if he wasn't using pet kamikaze to clear the prots ...

    Honestly if you want to solo cubes you need an aegis and pet lv8 so you can buy kamikaze gear lv3. If you don't get those then it will probably cost you more to do the cube than you will get out of it.
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  3. I agree with what Okapi said. I solo cubes constantly, and I am past FE a fair bit (30 PP, L13 PET, Elite Aegis design, 4 LF4, 10 L7 drones). I use X1, and with the double-cooldown booster, as well as double shield boosters, I am escaping each cube with 1/4th of a config left. I've got 1.2 million shields on each configuration. So either I suck at cubing, or that's the bare minimum. :/
  4. Thx Owning and thx mock,

    i see what you are saying, and i could easily take a cube using x4, but i'd put more into it than i would get out.

    Dont think i could take a cube with 2 battle configs yet, so between you two would you say aegis would be the biggest benefit to help me solo cube?

    All i need is a little extra power then i can make enough uri to not even worry about equipping boosters. Im not prem yet either, it would be a hell of an investment and also just with rockets i reckon i could do an extra 50k damage whilst cubing compared to non prem.

    Mock, where are you getting 1.2 mill shields from, my max is 800,000 with tank and boost :( + shield design goli.

    Good advice though, keep it comin' :)
  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Yes, although the pet kamikaze is a close 2nd.
    The main advantage of the Aegis is that is makes every single NPC easier, just making uridium in general, no matter what you are doing is easier in an Aegis than a Goliath.
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  6. My shields come from my PP, Drone levels, Seprom, and being double boosted. The Aegis is almost a necessity to solo cubes. Your HP will take a lot of damage even with 92/8 distribution. Premium would definitely help.
  7. Thx dude, your the best. Next purchase for me will be an aegis, all the best mock.

    Unless anyone else wants to elaborate admin can close...
  8. only other thing is to use sab first have a targeteter from tech to use 3030 rockets with least 335k shields on both sides would have 335k on one side 456k on other maybe a bit more if u can and x3 and if you happen to have any uber hellstroms which i know cost alot and defeats the purpose of cubing but just giving ya another option uber rockets not required though having to many shields can hinder it with to much reduced firepower I solo with just x2 and sab with my goli i never kami it

    You said you had 21 pp so i am asumming you have fats long process but in short would reset bio for alien hunter to get most bang for buck from cubes if you dont have it can always get more bio from uri u get from cubes or reset when you have got what u needed to get fats again just a suggestion
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  9. You'd think this would work, but in order for him to get 5/5 Alien Hunter, he'd be losing his 5/5 Shield Mechanics, something a lot more important for doing Cubes.
  10. if he has 3 points in bounty hunter 2 he can move those over to alien hunter and still get shield mech or if not maxed on shield mech put them there but doesnt have to be maxed for cubes helps though ya either way the bounty hunter 2 could go to mech or alien hunter if he needs to cube cause they are worthless at the moment if that is what the op is going for was pointing out that fats wasn't helping the op if indeed the op has fats. can have 2 to 3 points in mech and be fine for cubes
  11. Still, 21 for fats is pretty solid option.. just remembering to allocate the next 5 PP's for Bubble and Electro-Optics. Then you are good to go on working Alien Hunter. You definitely don't want to miss out in some shield strength and laser hit probability, which affect alot in overall DPM.

    Also yes, Aegis is the most effective ship for cubing. 2 battle configs, prom boosted x2 and double cooldown boosters will guarantee successful cubing.
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  12. Thx again guys, i see someone recommended resetting my pp's to alien hunter, its actually my next objective, but the system wants me to have 2 pp's for rocket fusion.

    Ive got the basic fats set up, just looks cool and i enjoy the game more.

    I think i could do the same, but i dont always have a great deal of x2, right now i have about 20k and thats because ive been laying low and boxing whilst event boxes are out. Ideally i just want to use prommed x1 in an aegis and get maximum from every cube, then i can can chase the bullies around the maps >:)
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  13. yep.. no need to reset bio just for alien hunter. I still would rather max out Electro-Optics than Alien Hunter. After 26 PP, working Alien Hunter is IMO optimal, but it's your choice.
  14. Electro optics makes that much difference?
  15. Yes it does, having 2 extra points adds another 6% for laser hit probability.. that's alot since base hit percent is 80%. Also, Electro-Optics benefit both Bounty Hunter and Alien Hunter. But since you have only 21 PP, max out Shield Engineering first and then Electro-Optics.
  16. Thx dude, busy saving for an aegis atm, only 230k uri to go, xD

    Which drone formation is best for cubes? Diamond looks pretty hot.
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  17. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I would say the Bat formation as it increase damage and EP by 8% at a cost of speed which you do not need when cubing.
  18. I refuse to share a cube with someone when I've been using x3 and 2021's on it for 3 minutes, and they get half of my credit when they show up and shoot at it for 20 seconds. I hate that.
  19. Crab Formation
    Augment your drone control unit with the Crab Formation.

    Increases shield absorption by 20%, but reduces speed by 20%.

    Theres no bat formation, or im really stupid. Crab or barrage sound about right.
  20. Diamond is the way to go, since when you have the aegis also, that 30% away from HP basically means nothing..

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