□ Minimum needed to solo cube?

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by HappyTurnip, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    The Bat formation is only available on rare occasion.
  2. I have solo cubes with ease using only credit ammo and rockets.

    I had two battle configs
    aegis with diamond formation
    double boosted cooldown will help so much
    at least a shield booster
    pet with kami.
    cant remember if I had prom on ammo and rockets or not.

    you could probably just use x2 without pet kami when you have double boosted cooldown, if you don't have any cooldown boosters you can do x2 with cred rockets and pet kami.

    also a tip I learned, don't just keep on kami and kami and kami, when you see like 4 or 5 prots popped, stop kaming. the damage will drop down to about 14k to 20k.
  3. Whats the definition of a battle config? It sounds like its lasers on your drones and the only shields are on your ship.
  4. yeah its exactly that, full shield on ship and full lasers on ship, add some shield on drones as you needed to make the 500k shield (for the full benefit of using diamond formation, if not using diamond then skip on using shield on drones) then the rest are lasers.
  5. Alright thanks. Ive been doing/calling my battle configs as tank configs. all shields, only lasers are on your ship. You get to about 1 mil shields but it never worked for me. Thanks
  6. Im a free player and have found a way to cube pretty well without kami'ing

    MY stuff : 33 PP, 9 drones lvl 5, 18 LF4 lvl 4....pet full of lasers. shield skin goli. HP, shield, and damage single boosters.

    You Must have sep on shield and missles and lasers, no question. and at least single boosters.

    MY configs : Both the same, I have havoks on drones...diamond formation. I have 5 shields on drones , the rest lasers. On the ship I have all shield , no speed gens.

    This gives me approx damage of 9-11k...with 558,000 k shield on both sides.

    and my pet hits around 1.3 to 1.8 k

    With this setup, and about 500 sab and 500 X2 or X3 ammo i can solo a cube using X1 for 90% of the fight.

    and of course ANY other good ammo helps..3030's , sar2's ,hellstorms, double shield and damage boosters, target guidance from tech lab etc etc....


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