Mission 7 of 100 i-oil

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by AnimalLOU, Dec 23, 2023.

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  1. AnimalLOU

    AnimalLOU User

    Now that there are no more people for quarantine gate, what is the other method of collecting i-oil?
    7th mission out of 100 requires collecting i-oil from this gate, however in my server absolutely no one does and has no intention of doing so.
    I had read that the obsidian boxes can do it, but after 50 opens i still haven't..
    Any ideas? I'm pretty desperate..
  2. Hello, Birthday boxes that should drop from today until 25th of december should drop 1 indoctrine oil every now and then but I dont know if that counts for this mission. But I remember that I did mission 7 out of 100 accidentally when Empyrian march was on. There is that 1 epic mission that gives you 2 oil for completing it and the mission gives you 3. It worked then but im not sure if it works anymore
    Edit: Skoll also drops 5 oil to top3 damage dealers inside winter gate
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