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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by =SERAPH=, Nov 23, 2013.

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  1. Fakey eh?
    I'll pop him whenever I see him >:D
  2. lol it's on GA1. So far there are no fakes on West, but there are on 3 other servers.
  3. Ah, dam XD
    Oh well, I'll be on the lookout in West :3
  4. tg90000_2

    tg90000_2 User

    Huh, look, I've done a gate and now I have 10 different drone outlook:

    (I'd have more, but won't pay for those no-effect designs)

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  5. ℱoxεs

    ℱoxεs User

    this no one has posted having all 10 yet I guess I wil

    I've done the gate 7 times already.. 3 times on my main account on west 2 times on eic account 1 time on newb mmo acc n 1 time on east3 so a total of 7 full halloween gates :))
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. [​IMG]
    This is all of TOT gate.

    Do not trust it's for free

    Master piace of Drone collector :D
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  7. UNS

    UNS User

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Fisker GG
  8. Right click your pic, and select copy img URL and then put it in the "image" option right next to smilies.
  9. Silviu

    Silviu User

    This is what i have managed to collect from the Tunnel of Terror while also going to work and not doing all the possible gates. Good enough.

  10. Devy

    Devy User

    I do, but not everything :D

    Damn, that first version of DO, so much players and so much fun on maps :(. No players shooting 150k etc etc :)
  11. That isn't first version, this was a test version of new UI on USA west, I don't know exactly when I took this pic, but uploaded it was in 2011... nice that this version didn't came live :D

    Nice event, even it wasn't easy to get killed :)

  12. It was a test UI on the servers for the backpage, but it didn't work out due to issues.
  13. Devy

    Devy User

    Yeah, I guess. :) I don't remember all the stuff and how that they looked like, cause I didn't saved any screen shots from there. But it was nice time.
  14. [​IMG]
    So many drone designs =/
  15. Can i have your silver bats? You Don't need em right? XD
  16. Pshh ya go for it xd not like ima ever equip them...
  17. Silviu

    Silviu User


    I wanted to achieve this for a while. One item off my list.
  18. Manouk77

    Manouk77 User

    what browser is that?
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