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  1. Yo everybody!
    Today I present you my new video with my new intro!
    I'll stop doing big video because the assembly is of lower quality

  2. a little video of what's EXA ag1

    HUGO_VRU User

  4. Omega

    Omega User

  5. MeF_ioza

    MeF_ioza User

  6. my comeback video
  7. a little video of the war on vru
  8. pip..

    pip.. User

    Hello everyone ;) Im pip.. and im here to represent H.a from GB1! We are currently the top clan for rank and battlestations :) Today im here to show you our first video which is just a small fight between Baron 1 Nasty (Potentially best fighter on gb1) against two clan members YamYam and Bright1nasty with piranahs :) Hope you all enjoy! P.s. More to come depending on likes, shares, coments and subs!

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  9. AG1 EXA vs vru/eic, enjoy it and subscribe
  10. CURVY

    CURVY User

    Solo Cube :)
  11. pip..

    pip.. User

    Aye up every1! pip here with another vid. This time its Baron and Abauress two of the BEST fighters on gb1. Enjoy!
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  12. CURVY

    CURVY User

    Enjoy :D
  13. pip..

    pip.. User

    Annnd Im back again! This time its a message to Everybody on GB1! maybe you will see it ;) Enjoy peeps! :D
  14. Pretty sweet.
  15. MeF_ioza

    MeF_ioza User

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