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    Greetings Space Pilots,

    This thread has records of all members of the English Language Moderation Team from January 2014 onwards. For any records before this time, I will be directing you to this thread's predecessors;

    Moderator Hall
    Moderator Hall 2.0

    As the above threads are no longer available, the list of past members of the English Language Moderation Team can be found in the following thread:

    ---=== Last Updated: 13th July 2015 ===---

    Trophy Points Code:

    4,001 - 4,999
    3,001 - 4,000
    2,001 - 3,000
    1,001 - 2,000
    601 - 1,000
    301 - 600
    101 - 300
    1 - 100

    User Since (From Original Join Date):

    2015: ★
    2014: ★★
    2013: ★★★
    2012: ★★★★
    2011: ★★★★★
    2010: ★★★★★
    2009: ★★★★★


    Team Leader: 1
    Solid_Eye ★★★★★ Meet Solid_Eye
    Game Admin: 2
    White_Pepper ★★★★★ Meet White_Pepper
    Hypnotik ★★★★★ Meet Hypnotik

    Ticket Admin: 2

    ★★★★★ Meet Cold_Steel

    Board Admin: 3

    PoseidonsFury ★★★ Meet PoseidonsFury
    ASTRAEA ★★★★★ Meet ASTRAEA
    Kitsune ★★★★★

    Chat Admin: 4

    Ddraig ★★★★★
    .[NightMare]. ★★★★ Meet .[Nightmare].
    Wandering_Star ★★★★★
    jellybean ★★★★

    Super Mod: 5

    BrightSpark ★★★★★ Meet BrightSpark
    Deter ★★ Meet Deter
    GhostOfJupiter ★★
    happy-vault ★★★★★
    CodeOfHonor ★★ Meet CodeOfHonor

    Forum Mod: 1
    .-Raijin-. ★★★ Meet .-Raijin-.

    Chat Mod: 17

    Past Members:
    TL Juturna
    TL TalShiaR
    GA Pirate_Hunter
    GA Anthe
    TA LazerGunz
    TA RadioActive
    TA -(DarkLord)-
    TA Razz-Ma-Tazz
    CA Snuffleupagus
    BA -HarleyD-
    BA ÇrimšoηTïdê
    SMOD ·Rαzог·
    SMOD -Gravitron-
    SMOD ~Relax~
    SMOD -Callisto-
    SMOD Shifterai
    SMOD Restless
    SMOD Nighteater
    CM DemonArcher
    CM RangerStrider
    CM -Vapourized-
    CM -Whispering_Wind-
    CM Aglet
    CM Bandade
    CM ThePoltergeist
    CM Vanityscore
    CM -BlackSunrise-
    CM _Soap
    CM TheWatchingDog
    CM WolfStar
    CM -ZULT-
    CM Endure_And_Survive
    CM PushinYourLuck
    CM Brovahkiin
    CM MortisMight
    CM Skatha
    CM SummerHeat
    CM Wickedinsane
    CM TimeSniper
    FM NocturnalRaider

    *Thread no longer updated*​

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    And it's gone up. A brief breakdown of what's happened;

    1. The old players section has been completely removed. It would simply be too hard to keep up with now that accounts can be used across multiple languages.

    2. All paid Bigpoint staff have been removed as none of them have played a role in moderation for a long time. That and their comings and goings would've also been hard to keep up with.

    3. The old "post count code" has been swapped with the trophy system and has been restarted. As such, the figures have been adjusted for more reasonable milestones to reach.

    4. I have decided to keep the original "User Since" dates as they demonstrate the commitment the moderators/admins have made. '2008' has been removed from this list as we no longer have a member with a join date as early as that.

    5. As most moderators have chosen to hide their profiles, I have linked the threads in the Meet the Team section to the appropriate members (where there is a thread).


    I think that's about it. I do plan on making the 'Retired' section more elaborate in the future, as well as adding some titles for the mods with most followers, most likes etc.

    Sorry that it looks pretty bland at the moment but until the mods do enough work to earn some different colours we'll be stuck with a lot of purple ;) And if I've made a mistake with any of the retired or new mods please let me know so it can be rectified.


    #Sticky please
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  3. botpatrol

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    So many great mods retired and forgotten ...

    Darkslide RIP

    Anthe/White Hat/Midrange/spaceman/Mr Christian/Lord Shiva/SnowGhost/Viking/Parity/White Lazer/Pringle/Reacher/Grace ...

    and my favourite noob Vorlon

    I only remember them because they all infracted me on old forum :)


    So many great mods retired and forgotten ...

    yes its true
  5. Thanks for that and yeh i saw a big difference in the numbers of mods in the old thread to this new thread but ohh well :) thanks for this nice to know :p
  6. @bobmyself year changed already..;):D so u must change year of last seen too..

  7. bobmyself

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    Summary 1 January 2014 - 2 February 2014​

    New Additions:
    CM Aglet
    CM Vanityscore

    Trophy Count Colour Change:
    Shifterai - Changed to Cyan
    PoseidonsFury - Changed to Dark Blue

    Meet The Team Links Added:

    Other Miscellaneous Changes:
    * TA -(DarkLord)- & BA ÇrimšoηTïdê have had their accounts 'activated' since the original posting and have been added.

    I am not too sure who edited the original post since it came out (there was no "Last Edited: By moderator") but there were some changes from when I posted it.

    The Retired section and a few other things have since been restored and I would appreciate it I am notified by some means if there needs to be a change. If the reasons need to be withheld for whatever reason then you may remove it again, no questions asked.


  8. bobmyself

    bobmyself User

    Summary 3 February 2014 - 5 April 2014
    New Additions:
    CM -Flash_Fire-
    CM Bandade
    CM NocturnalRaider
    CM PushinYourLuck
    CM ThePoltergeist
    CM Wickedinsane
    CM _Soap

    Change of Moderating Role:
    Kitsune - Moved to Board Admins
    Razz-Ma-Tazz - Moved to Ticket Admins
    .-Raijin-. - Moved to Forum Mods

    TA RadioActive
    TA -(DarkLord)-
    BA ÇrimšoηTïdê
    CA Ddraig
    SMOD ·Rαzог·
    CM DemonArcher
    CM RangerStrider
    CM -Vapourized-
    CM -Whispering_Wind-

    Trophy Count Colour Change:
    Juturna - Changed to Dark Blue
    ASTRAEA - Changed to Lime
    White_Pepper - Changed to Cyan
    .[NightMare]. - Changed to Cyan
    PoseidonsFury - Changed to Dark Green

    Meet The Team Links Added:

    First off, I'd like to apologise for the lack of consistent updates to this thread. I could say I've been 'busy' but I've been busier in the past and have still managed to find the time to update this thread on a monthly basis.

    The truth is that I've more or less moved on to other things and am finding it hard to continually dedicate time to this. If someone else would like to step in and take over this thread then leave me a message. Otherwise, I will endeavour to update this whenever possible but cannot guarantee monthly updates.

  9. Okapi32

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    Out of curiosity, why do you say that?
    It's easily one of the better threads and give a nice bit of recognition to the team.
  10. pecanin

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    Sad to see that Legend that was White Hat is still not in "Retired" section
  11. bobmyself

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    Rather than keep the incomplete list of moderators that was compiled, I figured it would be better to reset the list.

    I have tried to keep this thread as objective as possible and whilst I do acknowledge that some members of the Moderator Team have been around for longer and contributed more for the community than others, it would still be unfair and biased to include only a single person. Currently he is 4th down from the Retired list in Mod Hall 2.0 (which is due to the fact that I made fair adjustments to the Retired list as per your request).

    I cannot account for how the admins edit this thread when they do but I follow a criteria to name everyone as fairly as possible.

    For the active moderators, the list goes down depending on their position, from Team Leader to Chat/Forum Moderators. In the individual sub-sections (with the exception of Chat Moderators who are ranked solely based on alphabetical order) they are then ranked based on 3 factors;
    • Name Colour (Trophy Count)
    • Stars (Years of Service)
    • Alphabetical Order
    For the retired moderators, it is relative to the date of retirement. They are added in 'groups' upon every update made by me and listed in these 'groups' based off their rank attained at the time of retirement. The are also mentioned in the change log.

    Currently it stands as such if broken down:

    Group 1: Retired between 6 December 2013 - 1 January 2014
    GA Pirate_Hunter
    TA LazerGunz

    Group 2: Retired between 4 February - 6 April
    TA RadioActive
    TA -(DarkLord)-
    BA ÇrimšoηTïdê
    CA Ddraig
    SMOD ·Rαzог·
    CM DemonArcher
    CM RangerStrider
    CM -Vapourized-
    CM -Whispering_Wind-

    Group 3 (Not my edit): Retired from 7 April - *Next Edit*
    TL Juturna

    I will also patch any errors left behind by the admins when I make edits of my own to keep the thread in check.

  12. Juturna retired? Noooo!!!!
  13. ramnik

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    Thats what i was like ='(
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  14. bobmyself

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    Summary 6 April 2014 - 7 July 2014
    New Additions:
    SMOD Ddraig - Removed from Retired
    CM SummerHeat

    Change of Moderating Role:
    Solid_Eye - Moved to Game Admins
    Hypnotik - Moved to Game Admins
    jellybean - Moved to Chat Admins
    happy-vault - Moved to Chat Mods

    TL Juturna
    CM Aglet
    CM Bandade
    CM ThePoltergeist
    CM Vanityscore

    Trophy Count Colour Change:
    ASTRAEA - Changed to Dark Green
    Solid_Eye - Changed to Dark Blue
    Razz-Ma-Tazz - Changed to Cyan
    -HarleyD- - Changed to Dark Blue
    PoseidonsFury - Changed to Dark Green
    .-Raijin-. - Changed to Dark Blue

    Meet The Team Links Added:

    Updates from myself will be made quarterly.

  15. bobmyself

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    Greetings Space Pilots,

    The following are members of the English Language Moderation Team and Support Staff who have previously moderated the in-game chats and the official DarkOrbit vBulletin forums (which have been non-accessible as of October 2014).

    While their individual postings can no longer be found, their contributions towards this game and its development can still be widely felt throughout the game today. They may be gone, but they are not forgotten.

    CT = Community Team
    GTL = Global Team Leader

    TL = Team Leader
    GA = Game Administrator
    BA = Board Administrator
    CA = Chat Administrator
    TA = Ticket Administrator
    SMOD = Super Moderator
    FM = Forum Moderator
    CM = Chat Moderator

    *The statistics, names and positions of these members are deemed to be accurate at the time of posting.

    Past Members With 10000+ Posts
    CT Buried_In_Black
    CT Radovan8
    CT Terrorise
    BA Midrange
    BA The.White.Hat
    BA ->WhiteLazer<-

    Past Members With 5000+ Posts
    BA \\-Burned-//
    FM .Alien_Hunter.
    FM -SnowGhost-

    Past Members
    CT Azraela
    CT JokeR
    GTL Grace
    GTL Ice Wizard
    GA Anthe
    GA Energy67
    GA Reacher
    GA Steel_Toe
    GA Viking~
    TA Arctic_Soul
    TA Carnage
    BA ÇrimšoηTïdê
    BA Vorlon
    CA -Jaffa-Cake-
    CA -Lord_Shiva-
    CA Obvious
    CA Pegasus_Rider
    CA Snuffleupagus
    CA -spaceman-
    SMOD -||Antares||-
    SMOD Åɤȩǹɠɘɾ
    SMOD Balch
    SMOD Battle_Scar
    SMOD Belle-Fleur
    SMOD [-BerserkeR-]
    SMOD Deucalion
    SMOD -DeltaSaber-
    SMOD -heatseaker-
    SMOD Kalona
    SMOD NightOwl
    SMOD .pringle.
    SMOD RedButton
    SMOD Sacrifice
    SMOD SilentWatcher
    SMOD sonic.bomb
    SMOD .:TheWatcher:.
    SMOD VASA1966
    SMOD Verbosity
    FM .Anneliese.
    FM -.Cleaner.-
    FM Coronal_Eclipse
    FM -Darius-
    FM _-DarkSlide-_
    FM .-Illuminator-.
    FM Incσgηιтσ
    FM -.Juno.-
    FM NightShiver
    FM Non_Sequitor
    FM Novacube
    FM -Parity-
    FM S-Hawking
    FM triton
    CM Aggravation
    CM alwaysbeenhere
    CM Arrow
    CM AtWork
    CM Aughra1
    CM ..-AVENGER-..
    CM -AЯΣS-
    CM Beowulf-Beast
    CM BerryVine
    CM [-BerserkeR-]
    CM BigDaddy_Kane
    CM Biodiversity
    CM ..::Black::Lace::..
    CM ~Black~Widow~
    CM Black♦Diamond
    CM BlueSky
    CM Broken_Silence
    CM BURN-Notice
    CM BusDriver
    CM Butter_Fingers
    CM -camp-councilor-
    CM Camp-Director
    CM Camulous
    CM CandyCrusher
    CM Cannonball359
    CM ChromeChameleon
    CM CMDR_Whitleigh
    CM BlackStar
    CM Dont-Mess-With-Me
    CM -[Confused]-
    CM Connaught
    CM Consus
    CM Cosmic*Star
    CM Cyber_Fate
    CM -D3STRUCT10N-
    CM Dark.Kiba
    CM Dark_Rose
    CM Dark_Matter9
    CM Dark()Helper
    CM ••D∆ЯKW∆ЯЯIØЯ••
    CM Deathclock83
    CM Deucalion
    CM DocBar
    CM Dontlooknow
    CM Draugtfest
    CM Dreadnought
    CM East_Star
    CM El_Coqui
    CM Elrond
    CM †Enforcer†
    CM Enigma
    CM -(Entropy)-
    CM epic_cupcake
    CM Erkel
    CM ~Exile~
    CM FairPlay
    CM fallen-star2011
    CM .:Fighter-Pilot:.
    CM Forpaxe_83
    CM Forsaken_Girl
    CM Freedom
    CM -»frostbite«-
    CM gaia)o(
    CM GalacticWatcher
    CM Gandalf_The_Grey
    CM Gryphon1
    CM *Gumby*
    CM HAL9000
    CM hardknox
    CM Harmonia
    CM HawkTheSlayer
    CM Heavy-Raider
    CM Hit_Mafia
    CM =Hybrid=
    CM Iced.Gem
    CM IronBanHammer
    CM iron-bru
    CM IronChronicle
    CM JohnnyAlpha
    CM Jon_Carter
    CM KaiserDragon
    CM .Kanga.
    CM Kimama
    CM Laila
    CM Lancelot
    CM Lego
    CM Light-Source
    CM LightBrigade
    CM LikeAHawk
    CM Line_Walker
    CM -Lostchild-
    CM love4818
    CM -Magi-
    CM ~M~A~G~P~I~E~
    CM Megeara
    CM Mello-Yellow
    CM Mighty_Boots
    CM missuniverse
    CM Mr Christian1
    CM MrGravity
    CM Mrs.Calirican_girl
    CM MsSunshine
    CM =^Neko^=
    CM -NeutronStar-
    CM No-Nonsense
    CM .nugget.
    CM Odins_Eye
    CM Oh-My-Word
    CM OmegaCentauri
    CM Once-N-Done
    CM OneShot
    CM Oops
    CM Orangemen
    CM OrangePie
    CM Orko
    CM Palaides
    CM Phoenix_1984
    CM pixiedust1
    CM [=PLUTO=]
    CM .Pompidou.
    CM Ρяεåснεя
    CM Predator_ship
    CM pringle
    CM -PurpleRain-
    CM =Quagmire=
    CM Quantum
    CM Queen-of-Hearts
    CM .~QuickShot~.
    CM R.U.Sirius.
    CM Raven.Hall
    CM Rayne
    CM razorsedge77
    CM Reindeer
    CM ..::Ryder::..
    CM safety_or_ruin
    CM Selcouth
    CM Serenity_Vixen
    CM Sharpshooter1983
    CM ..Shovel..
    CM Sgt.Pain
    CM Silent-Aurora
    CM silentflyer
    CM Silver_Bolt
    CM SilverLeaf
    CM !Sniper!
    CM Soft-Heat
    CM Sol-Beagle
    CM Solar.Flare
    CM Solar_Storm
    CM Sol-Beagle
    CM Specops1
    CM Specto
    CM Speed_Reader
    CM Spiral_Dance
    CM StealthStar
    CM StealYourSoul
    CM -stonecold-
    CM stormrider-34
    CM StephenLive
    CM SummerSide
    CM .SunnySideUp.
    CM talonfighter
    CM Tiny-Bubbles
    CM The_Guard
    CM The_Mutilator
    CM The_Cimmerian1
    CM .The_Reaper.
    CM -theforce67-
    CM -TheEqualizer-
    CM -TheExecutioner2-
    CM TheSniper1969
    CM .TheTerminator.
    CM Thε_Profεssor
    CM Tic_Toc
    CM Tiger.Lily
    CM -TimberWolf1-
    CM Twilight_Seeker
    CM Two-tone
    CM Wall-Plug
    CM Warthog
    CM wikkedOne
    CM WitchHunter
    CM Wolverine-83
    CM wurld
    CM Χ†гεмε♦†σхιη
    CM Yogi.Bear
    CM -Zwillinge-

    To all past team members and staff;
    Thank you for your work.

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    bobmyself User

    Summary 7 July 2014 - 3 October 2014​

    New Additions:
    SMOD -Gravitron-
    CM Brovahkiin
    CM Endure_And_Survive
    CM SirThrills

    Change of Moderating Role:
    Ddraig - Moved to Board Admins
    Shifterai - Moved to Forum Mods
    ~Relax~ - Moved to SMODs

    CM -BlackSunrise-
    CM happy-vault
    CM _Soap
    CM TheWatchingDog
    CM WolfStar
    CM -ZULT-

    Trophy Count Colour Change:
    TalShiaR - Changed to Cyan
    Razz-Ma-Tazz - Changed to Cyan
    Ddraig - Changed to Dark Blue
    Kitsune - Changed to Cyan
    PoseidonsFury - Changed to Yellow
    BrightSpark - Changed to Cyan
    .-Raijin-. - Changed to Lime

    In response to the old forums finally going offline, the records of retired Moderators/Administrators that were found in the final update of Moderator Hall 2.0 have been re-posted within another thread:

    Please note that the above thread will not be updated or receive any further changes in order to preserve the integrity of all the members of the community that have been involved.

    Thank you,

  17. bobmyself

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    Summary 4 October 2014 - 15 January 2014
    New Additions:
    BA ASTRAEA - Removed from Past Members
    SMOD happy-vault - Removed from Past Members
    CM CodeOfHonor
    CM Deter
    CM EvasiveManoeuvres
    CM GhostOfJupiter
    CM MortisMight
    CM Nighteater
    CM Star.Screen
    CM TimeSniper

    Change of Moderating Role:
    PoseidonsFury - Moved to Board Admins
    Shifterai - Moved to SMODs
    NocturnalRaider - Moved to Forum Mods

    Departed from the Team:
    SMOD -Gravitron-
    SMOD ~Relax~
    CM Endure_And_Survive
    CM PushinYourLuck
    CM -Universal_Soldier-

    Trophy Count Colour Change
    Solid_Eye - Changed to Lime
    White_Pepper - Changed to Dark Blue
    Hypnotik - Changed to Cyan
    Ddraig - Changed to Lime
    jellybean - Changed to Cyan
    PoseidonsFury - Changed to Orange
    .-Raijin-. - Changed to Lime

    Other Miscellaneous Changes:
    *Years of Service/User Since stats (★) have been updated for all applicable members.
    *Minor wording changes have been made to accommodate the status of past Team members.​

    A more complete list of past English DarkOrbit Team members is in the process of being recovered and any new information will be updated accordingly.

    Special thanks goes out to BA ASTRAEA for her work on this.

  18. bobmyself

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    Summary 16 January 2015 - 9 April 2015​

    Change of Moderating Role:
    Nighteater - Moved to SMODs

    Departed from the Team:
    BA -HarleyD-
    SMOD -Callisto-
    CM Brovahkiin
    CM MortisMight
    CM Skatha
    CM SummerHeat
    CM Wickedinsane

    Trophy Count Colour Change:
    Ddraig - Changed to Dark Green

    No new additions coupled with the departure of a number of the older mods (particularly in the CM department) - that's the reasoning behind their recent advertisements of moderating positions in case anyone was wondering.

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    ASTRAEA User

    Hello Dark Orbit Community,

    As this is and informational post. Please do not post on this thread.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
  20. bobmyself

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    Summary 10 April 2015 - 13 July 2015
    New Additions:
    CM AirAssaultEagle
    CM DearAgony
    CM FluffyFish
    CM Grandpure
    CM LateefDguide
    CM PhoenixRising
    CM -Universal_Soldier- - Removed from Past Members
    CM Wolfseye
    CM Wraithe

    Change of Moderating Role:
    Ddraig - Moved to Chat Admins
    CodeOfHonor - Moved to SMODs
    Deter - Moved to SMODs
    GhostOfJupiter - Moved to SMODs

    Departed from the Team:
    TL TalShaiR
    TA Razz-Ma-Tazz
    SMOD Shifterai
    SMOD Restless
    SMOD Nighteater
    FM NocturnalRaider
    CM TimeSniper

    Trophy Count Colour Change:
    Solid_Eye - Changed to Dark Green
    ASTRAEA - Changed to Yellow
    PoseidonsFury - Changed to Red
    .[Nightmare]. - Changed to Dark Blue
    Wandering_Star - Changed to Cyan

    Meet The Team Links Added:

    Did a quick count on Excel and we've had 334 volunteers as moderators in total, including the ones still active.