Move Scormaggedon to the B-maps only

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. Good argument, but you could still very much "stand a chance". All you have to do is get in a Vengeance and kill off the wounded ufes. Whether it be wounded ufes or noobs both are cheap kills. It just takes skill.

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  2. -Pacman2-

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    I guess if you love sneaking around finding weak players to pop, them I guess you miss the point of the thread;
    Which I see as looking after all the weak or new players that do not want to be cannon fodder for the scoremagedon participants, that are encourage to seek out the easy kills to gain rank in the event.
  3. Pac man u dont know me i dont know u either , i didnt say that im looking for easy kills im looking first of all for points thats what scoremagedon is about , second ill fight anything that is my level but the ufe i will try to escape in order not to loose my life . and continue with the event .
    If it is transfered in 4-4 only ufe will play not normal players this is what im trying to say

    Further more all who want to play in 4-4 can do that , im just saying not to limit it in specific maps cos doesnt make sense
  4. I play GA1 every player was a damn bot, the only players you saw not botting were either 1: Brand new to the game and said they would bot. or 2: the few like me who didnt wanna do it, which was very little

    Your idea is still garbage no one gives a damn about crying he cant play in a pvp game cause he ends up killed in the pvp.
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    I may not know you personally, but we have played on the same server for a long time, so in the context of the game I have some relevant knowledge of you.
    If you are looking for kills to score the most points from the event, it stand to reason as you are not that well equipped, you will not be hunting out equivalent or superior opponents as that will detract from you being able to do well in the event. Therefore it stands to reason that to do well you must be hunting out weaker opponents to get enough kills in the event time limit.

    This thread is just an Idea and I doubt it will be acted upon ref my prior post, so I guess we just have different opinions on the event. As I agree with the sentiment of the Idea.
  6. Who are you talking to? lol cause this guy doesn't sound like he wants points, he wants to live in a pvp game and avoid the pvp.
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    You must have posted while I was writing my response I have added the post above that I was responding to.
  8. lol yeah, seem to be doing that a lot, ppl post right when i do.
  9. PvP means you actually have a chance of beating your opponent.
  10. Okay, well PvP Game means, player vs player, not player vs potential-coward
  11. Ok for the OP yes u are a crying noob... You want stuff easy for you? how about us? that we have to grow up in the game with all that going on? stop crying spend or keep going free and slow but eventually u are gonna get there...

    As for dream, I agree with this guy only in this quote... just because they can kill you they use bots? -.- I dont like your reasoning, yes there are few players that use autolock and everything but unless they are using a damage hack you can kill them... (AND DREAM YOU ARE NOT ELITE ENOUGH TO KILL A UFE SO ITS NORMAL WHEN U GET POPPED)
    Definition for UFE:
    at least 30-40 lf4 to lv 16
    at least 20 shields bo2 lv16
    havoc and hercs might make a difference (I dont have them, but I can kill who ever has them)(N i have proved it, in a video too)
    hellstorm launcher lv16
    thats basically what it takes to be UFE a side from ammo and everything.

    lol and dream i think your making some kind of "religion" in your clan... Blaze also calls hack to who ever kills him -.- like last time he was telling me stuff that i supposedly was using "hacks"... and I agree that in 2013 before November or around there most of the strong players were using bots, but they got banned thank god... oh and by the way during that time I wasn't even playing I didnt have time and my ship was just there getting seprom into its lasers...
    pd: dont take it personal but it is true what he said lol

    just saying

    I'm UFE and yes I paid and started using money after I got my apis drone.
    I have always been a free-bot player

    What? seriously? You mean that if it is a pvp game you have to enter the game and have the best equipment and everything?
    you seriously got a problem my friend.... cuz there is no game that would give you free everything to beat the top 1 player...
    dont you think its unfair to get to a game and be as strong as the top players?

    and if u still complain...Then buy 10 millions of uri become UFE and then there you have ur chance to beat your opponent.
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  12. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    You post is so contradictory.

    You do not even know the "
    Definition for UFE:" as the list you give is not even close to the requirements for UFE.

    Also you post "
    I'm UFE", but you also post "havoc and hercs might make a difference (I dont have them,"
    So you are not UFE as you don't even have havoc and hercs.

    The OP is not crying or a noob. It would seem that would more fit you.

    just saying
  13. UFEs can still get points. Noobs can actually do things. We're both happy
  14. Lool look whos talking.... seems you dont read that good or u have a sight problem for being too much on the computer... umm please put your glasses on first...
    I said "At least" ok... <<---do u get that
    and havoc and hercs are not even the big difference (of course it makes one!)
    if you dont believe me watch my video called " DarkOrbit Zen The Beginning"
    there u can see that I kill even two at the same time against me and shooting me around 200 k sometimes ...(and they shoot me almost always over 150k)

    and if it is not even close please tell me what would be the other requirements...
    oh hold on dont tell me... all the extras? looool
    please dont talk if you dont know... and if ur talking about the zeus and apis most people should know that... cuz there is 10 drones in the game there fore being ufe is having those 2 too...

    and if u still dont believe anything i wish you would play in GA1 so i would show u in ur face the noob I am...

    just saying

    Well why keep arguing with you about this.. still BP is not gonna do it.. aside of that this is a bad idea... the chances they accept your change would be 1/10000 around there
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  15. But I liked the arguing. :(
  16. i relised the people against this are the bulies
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  17. -Pacman2-

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    How sad, not only do you post once, information that so clearly show that you do not know what you are talking about, You then chose to do it a seconding time, which shows you to be a complete noob.

    I clearly saw that you posted "
    At least" ok... <<---do u get that.

    If you read clearly you might learn something, however I doubt it.

    UFE is not 30 LF4s that is not even enough to fill the ship and drones let alone the pet.
    UFE is not even 40 LF4s
    Do you understand what "At least" means? Or what UFE stands for?

    You need at least 45 lvl 16 LF4s for UFE. Here I use the words "at least" correctly.

    I'm sorry to burst you bubble, but you so clearly have no clue what UFE means.

    I guess, if a player put shield on with the havoc and lasers on with the hercs they wont make that much of a difference.:rolleyes:
    Reading your post is enough to tell me that watching a video you make, would not be worth my time.
    If you was in a 2 v 1 with 2 actual UFE ships and you have no havoc or hercs. Then something is a bit dodge if you are being hit 150-200k per second and survive. While still hitting hard enough to take out 2 actual UFE ships.

    UFE stands for Uber Full Elite.
    Therefore to be classed as UFE you need a minimum of all elite items to fill your ship and pet. including Havoc and hercs and yes that does include 10 drones
    :rolleyes:(see below)

    I would post the complete list, but I guess you might do well to take some time out to find out the information for yourself, rather than coming in the forum and showing yourself up.

    Please read what you wrote carefully. Then read it again.

    Then take heed of your own words. It is the only part of your posts in this thread worth reading.;)

    This is barely worth a comment.

    You are doing quite well here showing what level of a noob your are.

    The OP is so clearly better informed about the game than you show yourself to be and deserves far more respect from you.
    just saying.

    I can't wait for your next response.

    What? seriously? you believe it only takes 10 mil uri to become UFE.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    This just shows how far away from UFE you are and how little you know about it.
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  18. Lol I can't pop a UFE, ask quriben how mad he was when I spanked him and recorded doing it. And GA1 lags a lot, when I get auto locked, they have the chance to dish out atleast 50k+ dmg to my hp before I can lock them, especially those panzy vengie runners who only run away after realizing they blow. And no, blaze and diz called more cheats out then me, I call anyone who botted their ships a cheat. No, not everyone who botted got banned, a very big number of people stayed untouched, and many didn't get the 2nd stage perma ban.
  19. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    That is sad, but so completely true.
  20. This is what it was like at all times when most of us first started, except the hunters usually got you before you could leave the x-1 map. Get over it it is only for a few hrs and this is a pvp game, if you dont want to get shot stay in x-1 or dont log in.