Move Scormaggedon to the B-maps only

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. Yeah, one of the players who sat in 2-2 with his clan 24/7 circling npcs always aid "I don't bot, neither does my clan or allies" lol yet all 3 of those clans were the bots of our company, and that person didn't get touched. why? cause soon as DO said the new system was coming he disappeared until 1 week after it came out. still all his bio and upgrades. now you barely see him and his loser buddies play.
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    I wish UFE was that cheap!!!
  3. lol seems your concentrated more on trying to feel the big thing loool congratulations for taking your half hour writing this xD NOOB
    and if u really think im far away from being UFE you better watch the video so u can shut your big mouth.
    oh by the way if u really wanna fee the big thing with me I would like a 1 vs 1 so u can learn some skills.
    all you can do is type REMOVED, i bet u dont know anything about skills..
    see ya noob
    oh i forgot something to be ufe you dont need to have 45. its AT LEAST 31 why? cuz that is enough to kill who ever has 45 or more... understood?
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    Ok, this is getting WAY off-topic with a number of conversations.
    Keep it to the idea raised please.

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    I'd prefer the 45 Lf4's with a suicide configuration over 31, that's just me lol, about the idea, restricting PvP events in a PvP game doesn't make sense to me, I enjoy Scoremaggedon and hunting and it livens up the maps, unfortunately it's only Ufe's and hunters running around lol, restricting this event to 4-4 means everyone would avoid 4-4, it's such a big map that it would be impossible to get kills or points, it would be unfair on the average hunters as well.
  6. Lol you should just tell this guy no and close this thread, no one likes the idea of having 1 map to fight in.
  7. How does it liven up the maps when everyone just quits after being popped over and over again?

    BOSS~ADAM User

    I guess I didn't word that correctly but when I typed that I was referring to my next sentence stating that the maps are livened up because there full of Ufe's and hunters and anyone trying to compete.
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  9. scoremageddon is perfectly fine, do what everyone of the noobs on my server does, hide in a base (still kill them :3) or stick to port. your idea will not make it.
  10. Out of all the people who replied to this thread your the only one who has yet to come up with a decent argument. :rolleyes:
  11. No, you're wrong there mate. To be classed as UFE you need atleast 45LF4's (atleast 35 full upgrades), 35 BO2's upgrades (not including for P.E.T) upgraded; drones, rocket launcher, atleast 10 Havocs & Hercules, oh and full PvP bio which is 36. Lastly basically every drones formations, & the aegis/citadel sir, are not UFE, you don't have your full havocs nor full Hercules. Do you have full upgrades?

    Plus you sound like those big headed, type of players who thinks because they have 30+ they're automatically good lol. I have seen your video, and are the guys you 2v1'd actually have the equipment to be classed as UFE? Because believe me, if they were UFE as you say, then you wouldn't have been able to 2v1 them(without the help of a skill design atleast)...unless obviously something dodgy was going on.
  12. Lol actually I have, you just felt the need to ignore it all. I have spoken with many people on 2 different servers, your idea is turned down every time lol.
  13. Ok, so what are your reasons then?
  14. Try going back and reading, no need to repeat myself for a cry-baby noob.
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  15. Is it this?
  16. CROCO9W9

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    NO, if you are playing this game to kill alians other ppl don't. i'm not ufe not even close still noob fe but i like to hunt and i don't care if i die but i care about having fun.
    if u don't like this event just log in at a time were sm isn't on.
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    How sad that you just do not get the fact, you don't know what you are talking about.

    I am not trying to be anything. I am just showing you up as the noob you are, by posting the facts, but I guess you are not getting it, because you are deluded.

    Fact UFE = Uber Full Elite
    UFE does not mean I popped a ship once that had 45 LF4s

    It does not mean I want to call myself UFE so that is what I am.

    You carry on kidding yourself that you are UFE.

    The fact is you are not UFE, you are nowhere near it.


    I guess all the players that don't like the suggest of moving the Scormaggedon to 4-4 Only, are those that will end up being popped quickly and loose the event if it was moved to the Battle Maps were they would have to fight others that are set up for a battle and can therefore more easily fight back.
    Rather than sneaking around picking off the weak or preoccupied ships that are not set up to hunt.

    I think its a great idea, but it would seem that the Dev team probable would not, as the current Scormaggedon event seem to be designed to get the strong to pick on the weak.

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  18. What does this have to do with Scoremaggedon being in 4-4. If you wanna hunt then hunt.
  19. hes saying you're a cry baby and need to grow up. Don't like it leave the game.
  20. I don't mind hunters when they come to our maps, but he's talking as if this idea will take out all the PvP in Scoremaggedon.