Move Scormaggedon to the B-maps only

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. lol no hes not, hes in chat with me right now, you just wanna ruin a pvp event, he doesn't like that, hes still a noob, but you don't see him crying like a little girl do you? grow up, except your idea is trash.
  2. You gotta tell me the reasons why it ruins the event man...

    If they're good reasons then I'll scrap the entire idea and get a mod to lock it.
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  3. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    It seem to me the only contributors to this thread that bring up the word cry baby, seem to be the ones that are scared of the event being moved to the BMP,
    where they would have to actually fight other that are set up to fight.

    I guess it must be some form of Freudian transference;

    where the players that know they are weak, but currently do OK in the event, are terrified that they would be slaughter over and over.

    This fear is taken them back to being a cry baby, and in an attempt to divert the feeling, they are directing it at the posters that know this would be a good idea.
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  4. I am not afraid of it, I just don't think it is fair.


    VRU: 6+ Clans of UFE botted players, many run auto-lock, and many hit over 500k with their toys. (Just ask zenn in here, his clan was the one doing it to our base last night)

    MMO: 2 Strong clans, 1 of which is known for their auto-locks and magic.

    EIC: We are over populated, but fool of dopes and cowards.

    Also, having this all in 1 map so we can lag even more? No. My reasons are valid, I am a strong player, and skilled at PvP. Pacman, you seem to just talk a lot and never actually bring up a valid point, the last argument we had, you yourself shut yourself down, to the point I didn't need to respond.

  5. So after all the time you've been calling me a noob the actual reason was lag? Jokes aside there's even more players in Spaceball but no one seems to complain about the lag that causes.
  6. Lag and cheats. I don't even play much in spaceball cause of the lag and the cheats, I only go if im boosted with emps and cloaks since theres like 50 vru and 5 eic..

    Either way. you want it to 1 map. none of us but your boyfriend pacman do.

    PvP Game..PvP Event, it can be where ever. Get over it.
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  7. Nope this is a PvP game and it should be all maps combined!
  8. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    The points you raise I would suggest are so similar to those that the OP felt about weak players being used as cannon fodder for the event.

    It is funny how you see the unfairness of the event when it would be unfair to you, but not when it is unfair for players that do not want to participate, but have no choice as they are hunted for the easy kills.

    If the event was restricted to the battle maps then everyone would have a choice, if you did not perceive yourself as being able to compete, then you don't have to go in the BMPs when the event was on.

    The BMPs consist of 4 Maps not just one map, has it been that long since you went in the BMPs you forgot there are four of them.

    Current weaker ship especial new player that get driven from the game by being constantly popped, do not currently have any choice about whether they participate or not, apart from not playing at all while it is on.

    Reference to deleted posts
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  9. Nothing I could do about the cheats, your gonna have to ask Bigpoint for that.
  10. Clack321

    Clack321 User

    Just in 4-4... Very good idea... Pushes everyone too go fight that WANTS too fight... On the smaller servers, kinda hard too find player even of the max strength
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  11. Why?! Just saying it's a PvP game doesn't help. This is like third time it's happened.
  12. I think it is a very good idea but not only 4-4 But all pirate and pvp maps, for people that cant handle it get poped tons and even loss of drones on some cases itll just be a better way, and with how much its on it will help alot.
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  13. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    It is so sad that you and †→Zєηη←† have to resort to insults and irrelevant derogatory comment, because you both are unable to argue your point effectively. But as you both are wrong so often, I guess all you have is the insults.

    I guess the Idea could be extended to all the BMPs, that way it would allay your fears of popping from too much lag. That would just leave the fact that battle against other that are set up for battle would still see you at base often.;)
  14. Yeah, I was thinking of that but then I found out I couldn't change the title but I guess it still would work.
  15. We have brought up points, you scrubs just too scared to accept them and keep point out the crap no one gives a damn about. The idea won't make it, DO wouldn't want the wallet warriors to stop paying because they can't play a PvP event in a PvP GAME the way they want to.
  16. You mean lag and cheats which are inevitable anyways?
  17. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Are you so unable to argue your point, that you can not make a post without using unnecessary derogatory personal comment.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: how sad.

    I for one am not arguing the point for myself as an individual, I am more than able to look after myself.

    I am for the Idea because it would be better for the game, the potential for keeping new recruits, and allow each player the choice to participate or not.
    It would seem it is you that is frighten of not being capable to compete, if it is restricted to BMPs.
  18. Lol I'm not scared at all, I still spank losers who botted their ships. but the advantage would be against me with 100 UFE players grouped up against me alone. This idea is from a little girl who can't play with the big boys, so therefor the big boys have to move somewhere out of sight. Guess what. It won't happen. This game is Player vs Player. It is a PvP event. Not like your drones take dmg. and not like you can't get anything done. Even my noob account on USA West I score enough into top 10 only to drop down to 12-14th because im not even FH on that server. GA1 has too many cheats to enjoy the game and too many players to take it to 4-4.

    The op brings up "can't do anything about lag or cheats" guess what. Those are the main concerns in DO, and if the idea brings those 2 into play, no one who participates cares. And btw, a few noobs who suck at pvp or too scared to handle it saying they like the idea, doesn't count for squat.
  19. it is a PvP game and Scormaggedon is a PvP event.. so i think that it should stay the same.
  20. burkey

    burkey User

    If you want a map to just kill NPC's and not be attacked by enemies, build a gate....

    Or go to that free gate on x-3 with a group of friends

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