Move Scormaggedon to the B-maps only

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. Not helping, you gotta specify the reasons why this idea shouldn't go forward.

    Ok I changed the idea to move Scoremaggedon to all Battle Maps (except for 4-5). Lag is no longer a problem.
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  2. SauronL

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    Thats a lot better , i now agree with that , battle maps will be more useable and noobs in lowers will get what they want - peace
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  3. Maybe, it might spark eic to go for more battle stations, currently vru can only hold 4-3. but if the event is held in all the bms, eic might want to boost up to get more kills. im 50/50 for this. still don't 100% like it.
  4. I like it
  5. -Pacman2-

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    Just like all the weak / new players that are just trying to get on in the game popping npcs or collecting palli who are "not scared at all", "but the advantage would be against" them unless the event was restricted to the BMPs.

    One again you shoot yourself in the foot by bringing your argument in this debate to personal insults, that have no bearing in fact or relevance to the debate.

    Take a time out and read the last paragraph of some of my post in this thread.;)

    In fact the game is PVP PVE.
    I find it amusing, how when you feel that anything in the game affect your ability to enjoy the game or feel like it is unfair to you. You see one side of an argument, but when the argument is against you being a bully, picking on the weaker ships, then you have a bigoted view and quite often come across as immature in your ability to argue your point.

    Guess what, for the vast majority of the players that have deserted this once great game and for the majority of new players these days, the gulf between the average players battle advantage and UFE and the cost / time to get UFE is the "main concerns" along with being popped in a few seconds with no chance of defence.

    Rather like you feeling hard done by when a player pops you with what you perceive to be an unfair advantage i guess you would call it cheating skills.

    I guess this is like saying, the better equipped players like yourself who suck against the cheats, or are too scared to handle the event being in the BMPs saying they don't like the idea doesn't count for squat. except for showing how fickle ones views are.
  6. I have played this game for years, I used to love the massive pvp battles in the battle maps, although I froze a lot seeing as I used an old work laptop, it was still fun to get in on the fun. bring it all to one map and ruin a pvp event within a pvp game is ridiculous. DO was ment for PVP not PvE even admins have stated this. It is a war game, get over it. I for one love a good fight, but it ticks me off when a cheat gets off abusing their hacks, botted ships, or bugs.
  7. So I see we are making progress, lol.
  8. lmao why would i have to?? darkorbit made it this way why change it?? because u girls wanna sit in pally afk and not die??
  9. Ok I take offense to that one lmao
  10. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    You sholud have to, so you see how bad you really are at true PvP, rather that weak or unprepared player farming.

    It you could really PvP against other hunters /battle ready opponents then you would welcome the Scormaggedon to be hosted if not just in 4-4 in all the BMPs.

    But I guess just like the others that are against the idea;

    you know you would fail miserable, if you had to battle others that are set up to fight back.;)
    The only players that have been negative to this idea seem to all be unable to compete in an even that would require them to win a true PvP battle, rather than farm unsuspecting easy kills.
  11. Lol you call us bad, and act like we don't have skill. We dominate PvP and we dominate scoremageddon with just x3. Like today, I flew around using x3 in my vengie popping everyone in 4-5. got 7900 points off of what I could find to kill.
  12. If Scoremageddon was put to just 4-4, or just bmps, excluding 4-5, there would be less than 10 people on GB1 in there, and out of the 10 there would be maybe 3-4 deaths through the whole event, I like the idea, but it simply wouldn't work on the smaller servers.

    The only way to get kills is to go around every single map and get what you can, I'm more than ready and welcoming to other hunters who are ''prepared to fight'' with all the same equipment as me BUT there's just not enough players for it to work like that all the time, noobs have to be popped from time to time :p

    I've been 1st on the past 2 Scoremageddons on GB1, and only 2-3 kills from both times have been people in bmps, looking for a fight, about 1/3 have been other people joining in for the event and ready to fight, the rest I've had to search for in enemy uppers/lowers, I get moaned at for it saying I'm just noob hunting, but what can you do when there is nobody else in any of the maps?
  13. I got to the bms during it when I cant find a kill. Only bm with ppl is 4-3 cause vru owns a base. I usually get 1 or 2 kills sometimes 10+ but they all love to auto lock you from across map so you're known in there instantly. I ranked 35th this score, usually ranked almost 10th since top scores are 30k+ on GA1 and top 3 are usually 300k+ but no one did much today and I had only x3.
  14. no doubt its these noobs that just wanna pally in peace.. its a pvp game so get it outta your thick skull about putting it in 4-4. your prolly one of the people wanted 5-3 a D ZONE.. just deal with the way it is and stop your crying
  15. BallistikD

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    LoLz. Putting that only in a battle map would mean curtain doom to the game. You are either killing an npc, player or being killed yourself. Thats the game you play with everyone else.
  16. I used to log out every time I saw scoremaggeddon. That totally solved everything. I didn't get popped, and I went and had fun on another game. But now, I go out and hunt and get my x4 and uri. That also solves all problems I previously had with the event. This game is full of choices. Instead of moving it to bmaps, perhaps you could participate or log out;)
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  17. Exactly, so why can't we get the choice to only participate in Scoremaggedon if we want to?
  18. Because this is a PvP game, and it is a PvP event. The majority of DO prefers PvP over everything else. It is the only remaining fun thing to do in this game.
  19. You can still PvP, the only difference now is that you have a choice.
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    BOSS~ADAM User

    Why not just allow players to choose whether or not they want to participate or not, although it might ruin the event since no one would then, just a thought though.