Move Scormaggedon to the B-maps only

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. No the only difference is you're trying to render us of our freedom to fly around to every map during a PvP event, and do what you do in a PvP game and that is kill players.
  2. That's what I'm doing, if you want to participate go to B-maps.
  3. Been In the top 3-4 in Score 4 times in a row with 15-33k points each time and those points come from lowers or Pirate maps not a single kill in bmaps; why? cause there is no one in battle maps. I agree with all the PvP'rs in here including newbie Dream :p no bmaps for score.
  4. Lol newbie? Lol you're killin me here, for a noob, I made some samz members look newbie lacking behind in score while I dominated :D

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    B-maps are usually dead, if there are CBS's in the maps then players might be boxing but other then that you won't find much, maybe a noob trying to hunt. It would be a lot simpler to change it to where players can choose whether they want to participate or not.
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  6. I always Dominate (not in other places), but definantly in this game xD
  7. Well I don't think that would make anything better, 90% of the noobs would say no, and leave us with nothing.
  8. 1. Ever heard of Spaceball.

    2. The reason why no one comes to B-maps during Scoremaggedon is because anyone who tries gets shot down on the way.

    That way you actually have to hunt for points, not farm them.
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    As I said, it's just a thought, the problem is there wouldn't be many kills but again farming points is a cheap way to win, the servers are probably far to dead to change Scoremaggedon.
  10. Rick Dekard said in his podcast that he will be making this game easier for noobs, which might bring people back.
  11. Hmm I think they should increase the safe zones to the x3 maps. This way x4 maps, pvp maps and all x5 maps are still open to the event. This safe zone increase for the event still allows for the new players and novice players to at least work on levelling up and earning. Not much you can do stuck to the home map for the 3 hours the event lasts. I think this will encourage more players to stay on the game during the event rather than just log off.

    Peace :cool:

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    Read my post in the server merge thread, the game has become somewhat easier for noobs but it's not easy to change things without ticking off some players.
  13. How will this tick off players?

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    As you've already seen in this thread, some players are contempt with how Scoremageddon is currently setup and would be irritated if it was changed, players were ticked when they found out about the new auction and what would be in it, an update designed to help FE's and noobs got negative feed-back.
  15. Nevermind, you got me there

    The reason why there's no one in the bmaps is because anyone who tries going there gets shot down immediately, but if Scoremageddon was exclusive to bmaps then more would come.

    I think we should get a choice whether to participate or not, instead of just being forced to be farm for ufes. And yes we could just log out but the second reason why I made this idea is to also make Scoremaggedon more enjoyable for those participating. (Who would wanna farm noobs for 3 hours when you could fight people who actually shoot back?)

    This makes no sense. Are you not killing players in the bmaps?

    Hmm. Well Bigpoint did say that they would be bringing more players in. But until then, good argument.

    So it's somehow not PvP if it's in bmaps?

    Exact same thing as the one above.

    Well this idea could liven up the bmaps with hunters competing for points and liven up all the other maps because people can actually do things now.

    I'm assuming you're one of those guys who rages on noobs everyday.

    See post #21

    You can still get points without having to be ufe. Just cloak and pick off the wounded players. And I do take breaks on Scoremaggedon.

    So you don't like this idea because it's a PvP game? It's still PvP if in the bmaps. It wouldn't turn it into Spaceball because I changed the idea to all bmaps instead of 4-5. And the "we all had to go through this before" is the selfish attitude that's killing the game.

    See post #5

    So you want me to buy 10 million uridium so that I could stand a chance?

    Ok, this should be all the best arguments from everyone who disagrees with my idea.
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  16. please, i ranked 5th in the scoremaggedon and was the first time i participated and i just needed like 300 points to be 4th place... and if u want a picture just ask so u can believe it... cuz noobs that feel they are the big thing dont believe anything.
  17. As an eic member... You had a lot of noobs to kill lol. I would know, I sit there at port telling myself "can't wait till I'm mmo.. you're all gonna die" lol
  18. Thats a cabbage idea. Then there would be no scoremeggedon.
  19. Speaking of scoremaggedon. Are those hearts in your sig? lol
  20. -Pacman2-

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    Please, you may have got ranked 5th, but it means nothing, in an event where popping newbies and weak players while they are occupied on npcs or collecting palli... get you the top ranks, rather than hunting out equal of superior opponents.
    All the picture will do is continue to show you are a noob,
    you have been proved wrong, you are not UFE, but you just wont let it go.

    Using your words, as once again I guess you was looking in the mirror, when you wrote this >
    " noobs that feel they are the big thing dont believe anything" Fact you are not UFE so get over it, but you just continue to be deluded.

    If the scoremaggedon event was to be restricted to the BMPs, then it would show you up to be the noob you are, as you would not even show in the ranks.