Move Scormaggedon to the B-maps only

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Jan 31, 2014.

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  1. loool big mouth i bet ur not even ufe to be talking like that

    lol i did most of my kills in 2.7 and 2.6
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  2. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I am not UFE, I have never post that I was, or implied that I was.

    All I have done is post out that you are not UFE, but
    you just can't deal with the fact that you are wrong, so will not let it go. I guess you are a gluten for punishment.:rolleyes:
  3. Yeah 2-6 is a frenzy.

    And pacman has a point. UFE is all BIO all lf4/bo2/drones ALL lvl 16, and all hercs, and havocs. um I don't think im missing anything.
  4. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    From this thread. >" Is a Server Merge Coming ?? " †→Zєηη←† Today at 12:28 AM

    †→Zєηη←† You real should think before you post.

    In 2 separate threads
    you completely contradict yourself about your game play, within the same day.
  5. He asks people for 1v1s all the time. Doesn't mean he doesn't do normal hunts too. Stop trying to drag on this stupid argument.
  6. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    Can you stop butting into my debates with others, on both your posts you show you did not read my post correctly.

    His posted words. >
    "all i do everyday is fight against the strongest to become stronger."
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  7. I read it fine. Well... i'll admit I don't read everything cause you take too much time to type too much crap. Either way, I responded to that, and I am on spot with it. You keep dragging this on pointlessly. And lets be honest, you're not getting anywhere pacman...
  8. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    You only need to look at your last few post to see that you are just making posts for the sake of making posts.

    How did you possibly
    "read it fine". " i'll admit I don't read everything " There was only 6 lines of text and that included you previous post.

    How are you
    " I am on spot with it."
    This was your post

    This was my post
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  9. Lol keep tossing crap in there to try and pull yourself out of the well. You won't admit you lost "for the sake of making posts" I have brought up valid points you're too sad to admit they are right.
  10. It's not hard to get into the top 5 for scoremegaddon, because all you do is shoot noobs who happens to be off port/ NPCing, during the event...Or noobs that fall under the old, P.E.T bait, trick.

    DW, i came in the top 5 for scoremegaddon too, so i know. :)

    You're not UFE either. :rolleyes:
  11. But does it took over 100k points to get top 5 on your server? takes over 30k for 10th and keeps rising on our server. hell, the cheats sometimes ruin it up to 500k for top.
  12. It's not hard to get into the top 5 for scoremegaddon, because all you do is shoot noobs who happens to be off port/ NPCing, during the event...Or noobs that fall under the old, P.E.T bait, trick.

    DW, i came in the top 5 for scoremegaddon too, so i know. :)

    You're not UFE either. :rolleyes:

    Well no, because my server is dead...and dies even more when scoremegaddon is on. However, this makes no difference at all. Because your server is more active than mine, especially during scoremegaddon, it does make sense that the points for scoremegaddon for your server, would be higher due to the amount that play, meaning that there's more players to kill hence the high scores, whereas on my server there isn't much players, so obviosly the point system will be lower. So that doesn't determine whether scoremegaddon is harder on server or not. The only thing that does is the amount of players taking part in scoremegaddon thus making it harder for one to get into the top 10 & keeping that position.
    Cheats or no cheats, if you want more points, kill more players, alot faster.
  13. Yeah eic is over populated so it is easy for him to get points being vru and all. I can manage 20k points IF vru stops hiding, and IF the cheats stop ruining it. And I'm eic so not much to kill lol. MMO is dead, vru is the cheat company and the ones that hide in their bases all day.
  14. yeah like theres scoremaggedon everyday right?

    yeah seems you dont know my server... what if i tell you that the only company i can kill eic and the top 5 players are from mmo and vru ? is kinda hard to find noobs at ports with all their lives . Pet trick? lol only you would know that cuz i dont even use my pet to fight loool
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  15. Lol, I spelled Scoremagddon wrong the entire time. :oops:
  16. Enough with the fighting guys. Your arguments take you nowhere. Scoremaggedon in bmaps is a bad idea. And pacman just for you, tired of being popped during scoremaggedon? Then log out.
  17. plaku

    plaku User

    Scoremagedon is an event for all maps thats why is enjoyable if it is just for 4-4 no1 will play it u guys still dont get it . ufe players dont like to fight agaisnt each they like to get points and thats what this event is about to get points not to get the best fights.
    So if u really feel threatened dont play for 3 hours in one week .
    Since not all events are suposed to be enjoyed from all players you guys that dont like just dont play for the time being
  18. Ok then, can you please tell me WHY you think its such a bad idea?
  19. plaku

    plaku User

    it is because there is a lot of people who enjoy it as it is , if we trasnfer it in 4'4 no1 will play it simple.
    If you dont like to play it its just 3 hours stop playing for that time and once per week
    If you want to fight people in 4-4 wait for space ball and is good enough, although i can say this will be exactly like spaceball which is mostly dominated by eic in my server and no1 else plays it , why dont u get this . if this event is trasnfered in 4-4 it will stop
  20. I changed it to all Battle Maps except for 4-5.
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