Move Scormaggedon to the B-maps only

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by sirpwnsalot34, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Thank you, I like 4-5 the way it is.
  2. plaku

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    Ok but still is almost same thing . listen go to bms any time now they are empty and no1 will go there because of scoremagedon to get poped , while having scoremagedon in all maps u have the oportunity to search for the enemy , so its not up to them to come to play u go and play with them :)
    I like its because its an alert mode for 3 hours every1 one is scared of getin poped and there is some emotion into it if u put it in bms no1 cares and no1 will play it just like TDM event these says no1 playes it anymore .
    I still dont understand why concetrate in some maps where u can play it everywhere thats the beauty of it
  3. This
  4. The point of scoremaggedon is to have a pvp event that covers all of the maps. Savvy? It's very fun if you participate, and if you don't, then what's 3 hours a week of logging off? Addicted mucho_O:rolleyes::p Give us pvp'ers our fun, and let the npc'ers have the rest of the week.
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  5. plaku

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    OMG you couldnt have put it better man , well said totally agree most of people staying here are npcers , we hunt in scoremagedon because is more fun and u get some reward in the end.
  6. Okay i've read the OP and enough of the comments to understand what's going on here. I'll start off with this:

    Moving SM to only battle maps would completely change the random part of the fighting. And i do agree with those that say only the UFEs would get anywhere in it at that point. In a fight against 2+ UFEs the average player has no choice but to high tail it unless they have backup.

    Saying that, as is, only the UFEs have a chance to win scoremageddon is, at best, laughable. I mean i'm no where near UFE: 9 drones, 7 lf4s, not full hercs or havocs, no where near fully upgraded. And yet today's scoremageddon i came top 10 easy:

    And at least half of those points were either against UFEs or groups of 3+ FEs. I also didn't play the last hour and a half. So it is not impossible for basic FEs and slightly above to do well in the event. What you need is skill and ammo, not a different map.
  7. plaku

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    Agreed m8 thats what i have been arguing on this thread all along ,people who dont wanna play it, fair enough just dont for 3 hours. But has to be said that this players trying to move it to 4-4 or bms only im pretty sure wont play it there either because they dont wanna fight at all. so its just an attempt in my opinion to move it outside of their range and not to be bothered with this event. if they could fight in bms they could much easier fight anywhere so there is no point
  8. My computer sucks ( yeah yeah poor me I know lolz) SO I would HATE Scoremaggedon being in only 1 map. It would be lag city and I prob would freeze and pop before I could even lock someone.

    Its fun being able to roam around all the maps and hunt.

    I am half UFE ( havoks, 10 drones , designs, 25 Lf4's at lvl 8 )...and I played for 1 hour and got 18th.....

    NO WAY I could ever get that if it was in one map....
    SO this idea would benefit the Uber NOOBS and the UBER FE...leaving ALL the middle ground - post FE players like me in the dust ...BIG NO WAY.

    Thats why I say NO !
  9. It was fun while it lasted. lol