Multi-Company Clans Must End!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by G-R-U-M-P-Y, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. Multi-company clans (MCC) are killing every server and will spell the doom of the game completely.

    The system was designed with 3 factions. MCC's are destroying the 3 company model. If something is not done immediately there will be no game left.

  2. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    I agree. Fortunately GB1 hasn't got that issue. Unfortunately GB1 is 'dead' compared to other servers. Feel free to join GB1. MCCs won't last a week.

    After watching several hunting vids, it is a bit wierd how MCCs work. pop an allied company member because they are near your MCC base under the pretence of them shooting your 'other company' clan mates.. etcetera.
  3. I completely agree! MCC's make it near impossible to enjoy the game. Dark Orbit runs by player purchases if something isn't done most will stop paying..Granted the MCC's might still but the ones who will stop outweigh the ones who don't. There are 3 companies for a reason, I don't think you should even have the option of being multi-company. If your clan is listed as a certain company other companies should not even be allowed to send an application to that clan! Now on top of that you have the issue where you can not even shoot an enemy at our own ports now! How are you suppose to play or even remotely defend yourself when you are not only dealing with multicompany clans but you are also not even able to fully defend your maps from the enemies?
  4. There is a point in this idea...

    But some MCC's will think of an idea like this:

    Make 3 seperate clans which is MMO,EIC,VRU

    Example :

    Clan A1 , A2 , A3 is all allied and they are connected together... thats makes them as 1 clan which has 150 member capacity and they are no different than a MCC who is killing their own company in their "ally" base....
  5. MCC blaaa I make war daily on them. Nothing worse than being in enemy map seeing green dot cause someone let in a VRU and bang ambush.
    War em all pop em till their drones are dust.:cool:
  6. There's a big difference because these people are EIC in a VRU clan or VRU in an MMO clan, etc. They fight with the enemy without having to change companies and lose half their honor.
  7. Nope ,

    Lets just say A1 makes a cbs in 1-6 (A1 is mmo company clan)
    Then A2 and A3 which is EIC and VRU will hunt in 1-6 all the time... and mmo cant cube in 1-6 since its flooded with enemy who cannot get hit by base...
  8. You don't get it. We're not talking about 3 clans across company lines allianced with each other. We're talking people in your company in an enemy company's clan. If an EIC wants to be in a VRU clan then he/she should be required to change to VRU.
  9. This is a one of a idea that MCC might do if your idea gets implemented .... im just speculating an idea :rolleyes:
  10. @Seraphim, Ummm YES WE DO HAVE MCC'S what are you talking about? I am GB1 and just today saw EIC running around with VRU helping them out. The bases destroyed the loyalty on the game. Noobs make friends with nmes in pally and home maps. Even my clan has MMO in, so dont know why you said that GB1 doesn't have this problem?

    After all, who needs enemies with friends like that....:D
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  11. With MCC's comes a break down of the 3 company system set up at the beginning of the game. Yes, an MMO clan can create an EIC or VRU offshoot clan but that can be dealt with in the normal course of game play. The MCC however is a monster that cannot be dealt with.
    There is only one solution. Remove the ability to create a clan for ALL players and remove the ability for a player from one company from joining a clan based in another company. Clans aligned with clans from other companies can be warred like any other outlaw. This will restore the balance between the 3 companies.

    The clock is ticking. Servers are dying. Bigpoint, you must act quickly if you intend to save this game.
  12. Qwsazxcde1

    Qwsazxcde1 User

    MCC's arent ruining the game at all tbh lol.. People want to be in a clan with thier friends, regardless of company. All you have to do i war them simple. And MCC's have nothing to do with the game dying, its the cost and the lack of free player assistance (meaning it takes too damn long to get ufe w.o money).
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  13. The MCC's are also a way for players to boost their kill counts no matter what map they are in. A MCC in an EIC map has the EIC ship scout for them and then helps shoot the other EIC down. As long as he doesn't get the kill and the negative honor..all is good. If the EIC maps are dead or they are getting beat, they just move to another company map and repeat the whole process. Same with the MCC clans and matter what map they are in, it is a win win for them. Warring just helps their kill count.
  14. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    They don't appear in the open. I help MMO and VRU out all the time yet they AREN'T in my clan. So does that make me part of a MCC? No it doesn't! (Had to answer the rhetorical question as you probably don't know what that is).

    I had an MMO in my clan but they were inactive. I figure the same applies to your clan and don't deny it. It may be a noob account or whatever. None of the top few clans have players from other companies chilling with them for the most time. And just so you know RFTA isn't one of the top few clans. So the exception is goddess. But even they will get war if 'she' helps the other member whilst in that acc.
    And so that you know. She doesn't whilst she's eic.

    The BEST solution would be to disallow MCCs.
  15. I'm with grummy the MMC have got to go, it undermines the basic princable of the game. they could just make it so you only credit for kill of enemys from companys that are not in your clan, so if u had a clan that was all three companys the members would get negitive honor for any kill. or lets say there was a eic and mmo clan then that clan could only hunt vru for positive honor. that would stop multi clan forever.
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  16. It is apart of the reason why the game is annoying they want to fly with their friends let them join the same company, multicompany clans make all 3 companies unstable
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  17. ...KIDZ...

    ...KIDZ... User

    multi company clans are no where close to ending the game. the game is dying becasue DO is selfish, they only want $. there are few people that play on the severs, alot of them are friends, multi clans are still a clan. any clan can be trouble. multi clans are kinda nice, can call them in to kill my company im in so i dont take neg on someone being stupid =)
    so quit whinning, the problem is DO not multi company clans
  18. Qwsazxcde1

    Qwsazxcde1 User

    Seriously, I don't understand how you all relate MCC's to the game dying. Its a completely ludicrous idea to think that people from different companies being a clan kills the game. If you war them its exactly the same as that clan not being in your company. It doesn't effect you much differently than having a war with any normal clan. Yes they can hunt in each others' maps, but who cares? It would have happened had they not been in a clan together anyways. People make friends from other companies and don't always want to lose honor to be in the same company as that friend. Its barely a disruption let alone the cause of the game dying. If DO never wanted things like MCC's to be made in the game, they wouldn't have made it possible to do so in the first place. Stop complaining and just kill them.
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  19. For example:

    1. An EIC in a VRU enjoys a DMZ within your EIC maps that the VRU does not. That's a tactical advantage for the MCC and a disadvantage to the one company clan.

    2. An MCC can recruit to it ships that would otherwise be forced to change companies and lose honor and ranking. That's a ranking and recruiting advantage and a disadvantage to the one company clans.

    3. The system was designed as a 3-company model. This creates a hybrid not intended in the original concept. It upsets the balance of all three companies.

    4. The ability to concentrate the highest level ships into a massive and dangerous force and dominate all 3 companies is something that is happening right now. And as a result fewer and fewer ships are continuing and more are giving up the game.

    I can see how you, as a member of an MCC would find no problem with it. But the game is suffering as a result.
  20. I do not have the Doomsday theory that these clans will be the end of the game, but the ability to war on all 3 companies while in the same clan almost seems like "Pushing". However...our clan just waits these MCC clans out because they all implode due to the ego's involved in getting all those high ranked players involved in 1 clan. For is Cattegrin doing on East 1 these days?
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