Multi-Company Clans Must End!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by G-R-U-M-P-Y, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. Qwsazxcde1

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    Even if i am a member of an MCC im replying without that bias. I understand where your coming from but all you're really doing is complaining. Even if said EIC in the VRU clan uses the DMZ in EIC maps, you can aswell. So really where is the disadvantage in that? The ranking thing you said i agree with sure but once again, if DO didn't want that possible they wouldn't have allowed it. One company can build up the exact same way the MCC does but getting their good members all in one clan. Even with all of this going on, its definitely not the reason for people leaving the game.
  2. The word 'doom', in this case, does not necessarily mean the immediate end or demise of the game... just that 'It' along with other factors may mean that noone will eventually want to play the game...

    try this for size...

    This is from a clan now known on US1 server as ..

    Clan name: Kill On Sight
    Clan tag: [K†ŁŁ]
    Founding date: 2012-11-13 16:53:46
    Clan-Leader: VĄΔИ★ЯÚ£ΞЯ★؃★§PΛÇΣ
    Number of members: 49
    Clan rank: 1
    Company: VRU

    Don't be fooled by the fact that it says Company: VRU

    :confused: they have 'All' companies in their clan and dominate (sadly) to the exclusion of noobs and, even, FEs that want to progress and eventually be able to fight this new Elite of UFEs (however they got there :p)...

    either you do stuff that most people wouldn't think of doing (I wont say what I'm thinking :rolleyes:) or you are popped, warred or otherwise abused...

    How can this be right??
    Surely it is self defeating... without new players coming up the ranks the game will eventually 'fade' (doom)
    because these new 'fantastic AND selfish' players will have no-one left to shoot except their buddies... end of story:(
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  3. It does ok this is how it happens.

    I am shooting a MCC lets call it HCB, ok so I am shoot an HCB VRU in 2-6 and then HCB EIC comes and helps them so yes i declare a clan war. There clan is bigger than mines of course because they have the strongest players from all 3 companies in it. Now this keeps happening and we keep being over whelmed after awhile I get frustrated and stop playing. Lets say a noob is playing he shoots the enemy from HCB and the one from his company also in HCB comes and pops the noob, that noob there for feels he has done something wrong and will no longer continue to shoot enemies or thus try but finally stop playing because of the frustration of not being help by his company.

    It lowers the quality of the game by pushing certain limits to the max. This was not a problem when servers were populated enough to force out multi co clans but not any more. They are using this as a platform to sit in each others enemy maps get free kills basically due to certain aspects and bases.
  4. that is about it...
  5. That's completely different. It would be better for that to happen than for an MCC because they'd be green dots but not clanmates, so they'd have to coordinate differently.

    Warring an MCC is definitely not the same as the clan not being in your company. It's only CLOSE to the same if every single clan wars them, which won't happen. And even then, they still get DMZs in your maps. Not the same at all.

    While I don't have a strong stance for or against MCC's, I take a strong stance against [removed] lol.

    And GRUMPY has ships on so many servers, and if you ever get a chance to talk with him about what he does across servers and how he likes to play this game, you'll come to value his opinion like I do when he says that they are ruining SERVERS. He knows about that, prolly more so than any of us.
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  6. The game was set up as a 3 sided conflict. This assured a constant source of conflict in the game. 2 sides might make peace but 3 sides are always at war. That being said, a 4th element brings chaos to the system and overwhelms the players and the balance of the game.

    I've heard it said on several postings if Dark Orbit had not wanted this they would not have allowed it in the first place. I have to disagree with that statement. I do not believe that Dark Orbit intended this manipulation of the system to this degree and to the detriment of the game. Many a government has passed laws or set up systems that have later been used to abuse a system. The same is the case here. The problem now is how best to correct it so that we as a game can move forward before any more harm is done.

    To that end I see no other way than to remove the ALL function to clans and limit clan memberships to only those players who are of the same company. Anyone wishing to join a clan based in another company will be forced to change to that company.

  7. I agree with the principle...
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  8. Thank you Cow Tipper,

    My concern is for the game as a whole. I'd love to see Dark Orbit become a legacy game played by generation after generation. That can only happen if we players express our opinions on the rights and wrongs of the game in a constructive way.

    Yes, I have many ships on many servers and there is a reason for that as the moderators and some of the players know all to well. Servers and players are like countries and regions. Each brings to the game a certain flavor or slant to the game play. Some servers have more older players and some younger. Some are all battle and some are more NPC oriented.

    I spend time in different servers because it's like a buffet and I get to enjoy the various people, the good and the bad. Not everyone is to my liking but we all bring to the table something we can all agree with. This stupid little game is FUN!

  9. I would like to ask the Forum Moderators - please DO NOT close this thread. This is an on-going issue and it needs to be addressed. Too many times we have brought issues to this forum as you have said we should only to have some Moderator here decide the discussion has gone long enough.
  10. I also have to agree with grumpy I came back to this game cuz it was a good game I had to start over from nothing and I as one wont give up but I don't even see new players anymore like I use to see I don't see ppl fighting back anymore or anything cuz players stoped cuz of thez cross clans taking everything away from use the old way was better but like I said im with grumpy all the way on this
  11. in order to make this work, they would have to prevent clans from having alliances in enemy companies as well. I agree, MCCs are not fair, especially if it is made up of UFEs who pop everyone else off of NPCs and let their clan members in YOUR COMPANY take them.

    It may not be possible to prevent the verbal, unofficial alliances where one clan says,"ok. we're not going to shoot this clan in their company maps. " but the official green tag with clans that are in two different companies can be eliminated. I propose that Darkorbit get rid of the "all" option, and only allow alliances with clans that have the same affiliation.
  12. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- User

    I believe any clan from any company has the power to affiliate itself with any company they want, its right there on the clan leaders setting page. So if it is possible to open your clan up to an affiliation with all company then there is no reason why you should not be able to have a enemy player in your clan....Who started the rumor that this was not allowed in darkorbit anyway? the same people who started the no shoot rule in the 5 maps? Keep your friends close and your enemy closer. The art of war tells us that “It is easy to love your friend, but sometimes the hardest lesson to learn is to love your enemy.”
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  13. I don't believe that's a valid argument against this thread. It looks like just a reciting of the current gameplay. My questions to BP would be: What was their reasoning for instituting this change in the first place. What was their thought process? What was lacking in game play or what was the demand from customers that created the need for this type of clan to come into existence? I believe that if we get honest answers from the right employees at BP then we will discover that their motives are financially based rather than customer satisfaction. A near sighted decision in my opinion, because it will help only in the short term but will hurt in the long term... Short term gain... long term pain.
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  14. Interesting response but I'm not sure if it's germane to the discussion here. The question is about the 3-company system and whether or not it's being thrown a-kilter by the formation of MCC's.

    The 3 company system was the basis for conflict here in Dark Orbit. Later, much later, Clans or Associations were added. What was not foreseen in the adding of clans was the possibility that the largest and most powerful ships on a server would join together to create something that dominates well beyond the 3 companies itself. It appears now that the ability for players from multiple companies to join together into a Super Clan has now become a reality that is ruining the very foundation of the 3 company system.
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  15. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- User

    There was no change, it has always been this way. Looks like you have no idea what your talking about.... get over it and play the game...
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  16. The ones all for the mcc clans are the ones IN the clans or whom are UFE and live to farm noob players for more and more kills. Have noticed a lot of my in-game friends throwing in the towel, sick of the predatory environment the selfish ones desire.
    The no shoot rule in the 5 maps was actually a pretty nice thing, where you could co-op with folks from other companies. But then the selfish minions ruined it. This whole thing started with us east 1 clans like Cattegirn and has progressed through KILL clan now. US2 has em and a lot of other servers too. I could barely get close to a Hitac due to the mcc clans hogging the damn things and shooting everyone off.
    The future of the game are players progressing to being strong enough to survive but mcc clans do nothing but take over maps and farm the players in those maps for kills. And many of the key players in the mcc clans are ones held in great disdain for their tactics and "unusual skills".
    The mcc issue is just one of the issues driving this game into that long list of games that were once great but ruined by bad game management and miscreant players.
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  17. I remember thinking to myself near when I started the game "huh, what would happen if the top 50 people from the leaderboard all just formed their own clan..." And me-oh-my, that is basically what has happened here, neglect the numerical rank. It seemed so unrealistic when I thought about it, which make me agree with GRUMPY in saying that when the clan system was created with very few restrictions, the formations of MCC's like there are was unforeseen.

    But let's not get crazy here. Clans should be able to establish diplomatic relations with whomever they like; if not, that can be up for debate later. Stay focused with the topic at hand: MCC's, not MCC-like alliances. The rank and size recognition that comes from a whole MCC is worlds apart form that of three splinter-MCC groups of different companies. And I'm not going to argue this, but while I think rank is just a number (a high one in my case), switching companies does nothing to hinder your strength or skill, but if individual rank is valued above the rank and size of an MCC, hooray.

    Reading your post sorta reminded me of some documentary I watched last year. I can't remember a singe damn name in particular, but it was about the legislation surrounding the emancipation of slaves in 19th century America. The main legislator was to give the speech that would sway the people to vote to free them or not. He thought, however, that they deserved completely equal rights and wanted to say that, but that would not have been nearly as favorable as just setting them free. So in the end, his speech just said how they should be freed and the rights and stuff would obviously come a hundred years later.

    Point being, that if we want to convince some of the pro-MCC players to change their minds for the wellbeing of the game, we can't be too radical and ask for too much.
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  18. I have to agree. Let's focus on this issue. If months or years down the road other issues have to be addressed we can address them then.
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  19. Omega

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    u know why I'm part of an MCC ? no enemies . what so ever . no players nothing . so we just send war to everybody . most of the players are ufe that we fight against . we don't ( at least I don't kill noobs unless they shoot me , other than that I shoot what I think will be fun to shoot and actually have a fun battle , if they had more players . our clan would go back to being one company ,like it was before . and shoot different companies . since we were all vru than some switched to mmo since the company had no players (literally the general had 2 mill rankpoints -_- 8 mill below the vru and eic generals ) so they switched to fill in the gap . we have war with most of the top 60 clans . before we would hunt only other companies .but since the game has like what 30 players at a time on my server and maybe more on less depending on other servers . what r we suppose to do ? plus its a pvp game , players vs players so egh as long as I'm shooting another players and having fun doing it ( by which I mean an actual adversary that is equally matched ) why would I stop . I don't care about rank point top places etc I just wanna play with more players . when bp will bring more players back . than mcc clans will not be such a big "problem" even though its not since they mostly became a thing when paladium was introduced ...
  20. [
    Thank you thank you thank you very much... You just PROVED every single thing I've been saying. Your server created MCC's and quickly KILLED off your server. And now you have no one left to hunt or play against.

    HELLO! Bigpoint? Are you listening?
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