Multi-Company Clans Must End!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by G-R-U-M-P-Y, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. Omega

    Omega User

    lol r u blind or what ? I said we created the mcc clan after everybody left the server . dumbass . can't u read ? are u listening ? cuz bp sure is not . we became an mcc after everybody left the server ,after all the stupid upgrades and updates . cuz we had nobody to kill .this way ,we have players to hunt . since everybody shoots us now . with or without war , most of our server is made up of mcc clans . u really r blind . or can't read and just pick and choose
    PS we became an mcc after everybody left . because one company was completely empty . so some switched to fill in the gap . seriously u need to stop picking and choosing and read the whole thing -_-
  2. So what you're saying is what's left of you are eating what's left of you. roflmao. TY TY TYVM
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  3. Selfishness.. Greed and "I only care about What I WANT".. back to Selfishness..

    This is the Common Human Trait that BeGets Chaos.. left to continue Spells DEATH to ALL...

    Drug Dealers. Growers. Bankers .. Selfish Politicians and ALL the Businesses that GAIN from this Association Benifits .. But the Parent that Struggles to Raise a Child without Bending to the norm is the Persecuted "UGLY Child"..

    Life in Our World.. as it is.. Dont make it one that Is Enjoyable for ALL.

    We are PLAYING this Game to have FUN in the Confines that BIGPOINT and DARK Orbit based the GAME ON..

    3 Distinct Companies at WAR against Each other..

    MCC Clan have become the Selfish Strong.. and BASED on Econimics.. We DONT wish to Invest.. our Funds to Fight this Chaos.. it's Killing the FUN..

    Losing Perspective of the Purpose of TEAMwork for the MAJOR part of the Players..

    If Parents and their Children Play together on this Game.. what are We Teaching Them..

    If the LARGEST and Strongest UNITE.. Who can BEAT them.. Only Those that UNITE against them ..the Entire Server.. But Who is gonna Support this and Who will Benifit.. not a Company or any of the 3.. just the MAKERS of the Game..

    I have Suggested many times.. to make it Such.. that NO Shooting of the SAME Company is Possible.. :rolleyes:

    Imagine if any Company or Corporation permitted it's Divisions to Kill one another.. or a Child was Permitted to Bring an AK47 to it School and Shoot .. it's ClassMates.. what would the Athorities DO.. Someone will DIE.. in the END.. the Goal would be to END the Shooting Child's RAMPAGE..

    Benjamin Franklin Said.. " You can Please ALL of the People .. Some of the time, and Some of the People.. SOME of the Time.. BUT .. You CAN'T Please ALL the People ALL the Time"..

    Yes,, many will Dislike it. but What will we be able to explain to OUR Children so as to become Well Adjusted Adults..

    or Let's EAT Chaos.. Let's Log on and get Frustrated for a Few hours.. or.. Lets Find another PASTIME Activity..

    opps.. am I becoming GRUMPY.. hope so..
  4. sorry for contracting your wonderful comments (with which I agreed wholeheartedly) but the highlighted areas also I think bring us back to the point of the post that GRUMPY has generously offered for debate, and not before time that we speak, and if it is allowed to conclude and then the resultant volume be digested by those that allow MCCs (both ingame and above), whatever their reasons, as was said earlier 'if we were allowed to be party to understanding the logic of DO for letting this get so far....' then maybe we could consider again what our future has in their plan (DO)!

    Most, if not all, the people who are not members of an MCC (UFE on our server) will feel that the pressure of not having to beg for NPCs to kill, and that the enemy are generally 'just' the red dots :p will breath a sigh of relief...

    If DO want/need to change the rules we read and participate in when we join the game and sign their T+Cs then they will have to tell us and give us a choice! The new players joining the game 'potentially' need to see the truth cos they are not stupid and will work it out soon enough anyway...
  5. Omega

    Omega User

    idk . my server is full of mcc clans .most of them are mcc . so we just send war and make our own companies I guess , I don't shoot weaker players . no need to unless they shoot me .(rarely happens lol ) I just let them be .I kill my own npc . make my own uridium,they make their own . plus the clans we have war with are mcc clans also . even if we weren't mcc they would send war to us cuz they hate us xD lol anyway . if the game brought more players to its servers .there would be a much smaller amount of mcc clans . which first became popularized when paladium was introduced so they can collect in peace -_- and plus this is apvp game , players vs players .why can't we just fight and than laugh . its a game not an actually country that's at war with another , anyway , have fun
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  6. You may not believe me, but I agree with much of what you have said (highlighted), and 'our' clan adhere to certain/many of your 'principles'... but as has been said, many times in this thread.. GREED is what motivates some/all MCC clans -check last paragraph- (nothing personal as you're not on this server and have given your reasons) (and Ego, but that is a separate issue as it is personal and not up for discussion here)...

    as has been pointed out... some servers, e.g. US1, have been put under the 'thumb' of the majority of the UFEs in this server and there are/is/can be no real opposition(hiding, allied for 'fear', or 'buddyships' sake) we [clan] dont ally with 'MCCs' incidentally, nor are we MCC ourselves

    and thus they deter any new interest in the game from outsider/new players, who may otherwise be interested (previously posted in this thread), as they cannot progress without unspeakable acts :p and without new players the game will 'fade' until even 'we', the long term players that keep coming back :p wont bother... Browser games are 2 a penny!

    also as suggested earlier (at the risk of digressing) if there was something that paid questwise (EP/Honour/Uri or whatever) for these UFEs to do past lvl 20... you can see where I am going...I will post in a different thread as I don't want to change the subject
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  7. MCC is tearing the game down. Having people in all areas is unfair and impossible to play at all.
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  8. Cause and Effect: noting the relationship between actions or events such that one or more are the result of the other or others.

    We collectively listen to our fellow players and report here as to why they are leaving the game. The "effect" is lost players. And in recent weeks the resounding "Cause" keeps coming back to MCC's.

    In a game like this I'm always brought back to the survey of the lion and the lamb. Ask the lion how are things going he tells you fine, he's about to sit down to lunch. Ask the lamb and the response is not so upbeat. Unfortunately 2 weeks later they were not able to do a follow-up survey. The lamb had disappeared and the lion starved to death. Cause and Effect.

    I'm well aware that lions will always complain. But it is the lambs that keep the lions alive and coming back.
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  9. JASS

    JASS User

    I get your point but people leaving game in droves because they are sick of all the clan wars. Either way game dying.

    Cattegrin in KILL clan now in EAST 1. People leaving game in droves so this MCC is bad for game and will end it soon if action is not taken.

    MCC are bullying and driving people out of the game for a while now. I have no one left playing when I started 4 years ago.Last 4 left this week because they are tired of daily clan wars and being bullied by MCC. They complained to support and support did nothing so they took their money and left.

    You miss the point. A war with a MCC clan means a war with possibly 3 clans at once. Most clans can't deal with that number. Plus the MCC have become bullies and until support does something maps will be empty and possibly gone before you know it. You statement is simplistic and does not look at what is really going on. People are po'ed and tired of it all with no help from support . So maybe if DO loses some $$$ they will respond and help the players instead of running to the bank.

    This Clan is what MCC and DO has created. Will not say what I want but do not believe a word this clan says. Thanks DO for creating a situation that does everything but promote fair play and a bully free invironment. You should be proud.
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  10. ŠİŦĤ

    ŠİŦĤ User

    I agree with a lot of the statements made here by most of you but the one thing everyone is over looking is Dark Orbit ruined this game 3 years ago when they introduced so many new things that a new player had absolutely no chance of ever becoming UFE or of even doing quests they reduced the amount of uri in bonus boxes then cheapened the rewards from special event boxes to the point where if you don't spend money you can't play the game. I myself got tired of the greed and with the exception of doing little things on my noob account have stopped playing. The fun in the game used to be building your ship up but they have ruined the game in they're attempt to get rid of the bots and other people who for some reason see it necessary to cheat on such a simplistic game. Even playing my UFE account is not fun anymore.
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  11. Xane_dg™

    Xane_dg™ User

    Well the fact of the matter is, USA East 1 is 1 of the biggest servers right now, as far as number of ACTIVE players. But when its already hard enough for new players to get started due to enemies attacking them and for older players to continue to grow, they shouldnt have to worry about blue dots flying up and blowing them up. When i cant fly around my own x-7 map and shoot BKs because someone in my own company is killing me because they are in ANOTHER COMPANIES CLAN, its just BULLCRAP!!! East 1 has gone from a fun place to chaos to complete CRAP where NOONE wants to play. This same crap is what destroyed East 2 and now its happening on East 1. There is NO sense of company loyalty anymore. Ive been playing since 2008 and back then, we had FUN. Now there is no sense of that word on East 1 anymore because everyone has to worry about dying to their OWN COMAPNY. The MCCs NEED TO STOP!

    Im behind you 100% G-R-U-M-P-Y
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  12. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- User

    Bigpoint did not create MCC you guys should take a step back and read the foolish things that are said here in this post. If you were not getting killed by MCC then you would not have any issues with them. This is a game people and it seems that the people who are complaining that this is a problem are the people who think there is a rule in the T/C of the game, or think that if we do not play their way it must be wrong. If Bigpoint wanted this game to be played like BSGO then there would be no possible way of shooting your own company, and no way of having the enemy ships in your clan. And I still say that if it was ok for you grumpy to start a MCC clan way back when , then why is it not ok now? what changed? Is it that all the people crying in this post are the ones getting their butts kicked? Where has it been put down on paper that we can not do this? Where is it on paper that we cant kill players in the X5 naps. Players seem to think they can tell others what they can and can not do. Now all this talk about the servers dyeing from MCC well this and most servers have had issues when this game took a turn for the money.....Anew player now will not have the same chance in this game as a player who started in 2009 there is too much stuff they need to acquire. If I found this game today and seen what i had to do to get my ship up to speed I would go play seafight or dora the explorer. Again stop crying and get over your self.....
  13. MCC just 'assist' in the kill (poof). Depending on which Co. you are in. You can't get first 'lock' on your own Co. Unless you have a WAR tag...then you FIRE away :eek:
  14. Its a P v P game.. this We have been Playing since 2008,
    Where is it on Paper.. I DO-Nut know the Answer to this Question because I only see this in Cyber-Space Text..

    I will Continue to Play this Game Until they Close the Server Down or Some Paramedic Tech Prys My Old School TracBall Mouse from my Cold Dead Fingers.. however Attrition Is taking its TOLL..

    Adding Kill numbers to those that Way out Power me is Not Why I Play..

    Perhaps I should Change my ScreenName to Dr.BOO-Hoo-DO-Who..

    To Post what we see Happening is FARSCAPEing from Crying..

    Damn Lag.. Just had lost another Galaxy Gate to LAG.. in my UFE..

    Grew up on this Game Supporting the Building of my Company and those that Play in it.. Now it's Foundation is being Under Mined and I have Received a WARNing NOT to Support My Company of Choice or Be a Perminent Target.. lol..

    I have Alway bean a Target.. but What is Harrassment, what is Fair Play.. BOO-Whoo.. I still have a Choice I can Play Solitare with Spiders from Marz.. and Beat Every Game.. and enjoy it.. without a Browser Cookie Collecting constant need to Maintian my System.. for Free..

    Check back later.. my Liquor Store Clerk has Notified me that the " Cheep Beer is On Sale..
  15. its kinda like cheating and getting away with it dang DO thought you didnt like cheaters
  16. GRUMPY im with you, ive been playing along time and today had 2 hundred dollars to blow on this game ,well no to that it went to World of Tanks insted till they fix this game it will be free for me i can box a mill uri a month no biggy just like EAST 3 went to heck is why all us evil and KOR members left was because of this mmo having vru or eic in it , just like RPM has EIC in it just not rite and the new people trying to play dont know who is good and who is bad,,,,hate to see the game die....
  17. Also... you guys should not be complaining about a MCC clan such as KILL. Only 50 members they have, and there are a good 400 other people in the server... 50 v 400, its not that theyre killing the game by forming MCC. It's just that everyone else realizes they suck whenever they get 1/2 configged by a known member of KILL and therefore quit. Cry more peasants.

    oh yeah, naw
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  18. A multi company clan diminishes the companies structure by having members in a company of a multi company clan you say its ok for those members to come on your maps and kill your company members I dont like that idea
  19. Soooo I just wanna put this out there. No one plays cuz this game costs 2 much to be uber. 4 years ago it mighta cost you 300 bucks to have a full FE it takes thousands. Drone designs and LF4s are awarded by chance...meaning any given individual could spend thousands without ever getting a fully uber account. You want a reason why the servers are dying? I just gave it to you.

    Now on the subject of MCC. I run KILL clan with VAAN. We play with those individuals that share our mentality, which is that of complete and utter domination. Let me learn you all something.

    1. This is a PVP game.
    2. There is a clan war function.
    3. You can accept members from any company.
    4. Pirate maps = PVP maps. Just like every other map in this game.

    We are one clan. We have less than 50 members at the current moment. Are you all suggesting that 50 players can hold an entire server hostage? Because that is just ludicrous. What does it matter if our members span all 3 companies? It makes the game a lil more interesting. Here is my tip to you all. Learn to fight, otherwise get off my game. Thank you!
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  20. It seems to me that if the MCC players were so confident that there was no case against
    them then they wouldn't be calling people 'peasants', but we all know how they work... If they cant bring you to 'heel' or you answer them in a way they don't like, within chat rules of course, then they or their UFE friends, those that they have well trained and in their clan, will abuse you and make the game miserable for you until you go against you own principles and follow their rules!

    and this is a factor, but when you are being popped and spoken to like you dont deserve a
    place on the game then it will also work against the MCC model (the comment of GRUMPY about the Lion and the Lamb) without the new players, or even the longer term not yet UFE players the game must fail eventually..

    and as to this little repetition of previous posts by MCC player here in this thread

    1. yes it is a PvP game and when equipped and skilled players can work to improve their skills and work to better themselves with/or without cash(slower option)

    2.Yes there is a Clan war function ---- but as you pointed out so many times... 'your' MCC is only looking for total Domination... and even the biggest clans are backing down as all they are doing is giving your UFE ships kills (even in their 'noob' training clans as you war them too to quell the masses you seek to dominate) which is just what you were looking for in the first place :p SO ally and hope for a better future..

    3. yes, as it stands, you can accept members from any company and this only adds to your Domination theme... and anyone who disagrees, clan or individual will pop... I look forward to see how long the game will stand that sort of thing

    4. and also yes the x5 maps are PvP as are all maps... but there was/has been an unwritten rule that they should be peaceful, until the 'new' quests were added... but even so some honourable players will notify in advance of their intention to do a quest in the 5xs

    all in all the MCCs are self perpetuating and if ALL players left (temporarily) their clans then, they (the MCCs) would find shooting their own company a little less savoury!

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