Multi-Company Clans Must End!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by G-R-U-M-P-Y, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. And you think that justifies your banning together all the biggest ships, across company lines, to attack and demoralize any new player try to get started?
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  2. You claim there are no enemies of course their ar enon for they our your clanmates. What since does it make to join MCC because their are no enemies why would you shack up with the limited amount of people you already want to hunt that makes no since, because they are no players for you to fight wha? At least you do not kill noobs It does not matter when like the other 49 of your clan mates do it and enjoy them selves immensely. The top 60 clans? for what purpose do you have war with any clan not in the top 5 when you get paste the top 10 the clans get massivly weaker on every server so your gonna be poping clans with like 20 people in it cause you could not find any enemies so instead you joind a clan that suppose to have the enemies your looking for? the hell This is the whole point we are making MCC are not fighting = matched players or clans etc. You players or UFE want evenly matched people we cant match you players unless you help use gain the things you by supporting us in forums or In game which you do niether, forums you stop any action because you feel you had to work so force everyone else, game you destroy anything without the slightest merci, then you also want = matched fighters not possible if regular polayers non ubers or free players can not win on any assistance front.
  3. BlazeIce,

    LOOM clan was created for new players level 1 to level 11 as a clan for new ships from any company to learn the game and equipment. You cannot possibly compare LOOM to the mega UFE MCC's we are seeing, which you are a party to.

    A hot dog vendor and a drug dealer are both selling their product on the street but do not try to compare them to each other.
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  4. I am done: No Uber Full Elite in this Game wants a perfect match for himself. You all want easy kills in as quick an order possible to garnish your own private set abilities. You want to control the servers as much as possible as a dictatorship, forcing other clans to try to adapt to having to fight a multi company clan. I have seen arguments where players say well 400 vs 50. That 50 normally wins when they have probably almost all of the strongest PvPers in the clan its self. Some UFE claim they do not shoot noobs well it does not matter what you do personally, if you support a clan that does you just as guilty anyhow. MCC are starting to reduce the enjoyability with the game.

    Personally why do we have companies if we can just join a clan that is has the other two in it also it makes no irrefutable since that a cooperation would allow his worker to help or work with the enemy when both companies are militarist in function.

    You have all made the argument this is "Purely a PvP game" which is Cow Poo Ghost Recon Phantoms, is a pvp game, call of duty, is a pvp game, Battle Field is a pvp game, Let me tell what a PvP game is. a PvP game is not a game that happens to have it in the game Like darkorbit, it serves as the main Function in said game. As in when your "farming" your doing it by killing other players, NEVER any npcs.

    Everyone has nostalgia and wanted to go back to the old dark orbit, but the point remains BP is making money off this massive gap between players.

    I have seen the argument of because their is no enemies on the server: SO you solve this issue by letting UFE from other companies join you is that NOT counter productive, what are you hoping they might pop out UFE eggs to replace them as a kill?

    You want to make easier to win events such as Hitac, and like I said easier to get kills in enemy maps, hey lets build a CBS in 1-6 but we are EIC but we dont have to guard the CBS we can just let the MMO in our clan do it for use ETC.
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  5. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    There is a issue with MCC's, and that issue is that no server is the same.
    I'll explain the two scenarios that I have experienced and been a part of a MCC.

    First one was on GB2, my clan (VRU) was about 15 people and this was early 2012, we had about 75% of the UFE on the server in our clan of 15, our only competition was a MMO clan, who then brought over EIC members for the pirate hunt and let them stay, so we were outnumbered about 4:1 and slowly they were gaining the equipment to rival ours. We then made an alliance with an EIC clan who had previously had war with the EIC who had joined the MMO clan.
    The result was two MMC's, both existing purely to fight each other, it was good fun and the wars only involved those who wanted to be involved.

    The other is going on right now on GE1, I'm in a mainly EIC clan but includes some MMO and has alliances with a clan that contains a few VRU. We have lots of war, around 40 I think right now, the reaction from the war clans is to make an alliance against us that spans across all 3 companies. The result is big fights that you would typically only see in 2010 and 2011 and 90% of these fights occur in battlemaps, where the people who don't want to be involved can simply say "ok I won't go to the battle map where they are fighting". So again the end result is more action for those who want to be involved.

    Sounds like the problem you are experiencing is something that only occurs on a few servers, not all of them. Seems weird that East1 players have complain about clans like this on and off for a few years now, most other servers would have sorted out an allaince to sort the unwanted clans out if they were indeed in the majority in how they think the situation is.
    Best of luck solving your situation, but I think it is important to know that MMC are not the same in every server.
  6. Please refer back to my example of the lion and the lamb. You just proved my point - again.


    I read your response, twice, to make sure I understood it completely and I would like to thank you for it, but...

    Your point of view is from that of a larger more experienced player, not that of a new or up and coming mid level player trying to build up. I present to you that although your viewpoint may be correct from where you are seeing it, the view from the lower ranks is not so friendly to the MCC issue.

    I'm a level 20 ship at my high end. But I have ships from level 1 on up spread across a lot of different servers. I spend a great deal of my time working with new players and players just trying to complete quests to level up to something in the mid-teens. More and more are giving up the game and very few are coming in to replace them. And the number one reason keeps coming back to MCC's.

    Eliminating the MCC's would do nothing to the high end players. They would still manage tons of kills using the 3-company system. But it would slow the wholesale destruction of new and mid level players that is thinning the herd to dangerous levels.

    I urge you and all high level ships to support me in this. For the sake of the game.
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  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I understand the situation you are in, my point was that, from what I see on the forums and what I hear from people who play East1, the case of MCC on that server seems to be almost unique. In most cases that I have experienced MCC's have existed for one clan to gain an advantage over an other in a war and the other clan usually goes MCC to compete.

    However, yes, you are right in pointing out my point of view is very much different from yours - I see them as fun and good for making big fights and I personally don't do much group hunting besides the big battlemap fights, so I do not go helping another company kill my own company, but I can understand that it is much easier to do that when people are in MCC and it does happen. On a server like GE1 there is no fun from killing smaller ships when there is so many others with the same equipment as myself, I can see this being a problem on the smaller servers where finding equal ships in the maps can be hard.
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  8. PPL of the servers and the game.. do we/the minor players like being treated as children and not worthy of these UFEs?

    sorry but I couldnt resist...

    either we like the way the game is going or we dont... I have said what I think...... other scenario... we dont care!

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  9. I've seen entire cities or neighborhoods held hostage by group of less than 50. You don't see it because you're the one standing on the pile of dead bodies ignoring what's below your feet.
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  10. You guys really are hilarious. The fact is if you could handle the fight you wouldn't be in forums crying.

    Now that is just ludicrous. Anyone that knows me know that I go into the battle guns blazing no matter what the odds are. NFG can attest to that this summer during the domination event in battle maps. I would go in 1v20 and come out with 5 or 6 kills and not one death. I look at it as a challenge and I love finding someone that puts up a good fight.

    I'm sorry but when I read this all I am seeing is a bunch of non uber kids crying because they are not good enough to survive a PVP game. Kill a few bks, buy a few cloaks, get a few emps and learn to protect yourself, instead of wanting protection handed to you.
  11. Levels mean nothing. Rank points mean nothing. Unless you are willing to buy them uri, which is what they actually need, you are doing nobody a real favor. Woohoo you helped 2 kids kill a few bks. Wow they sure are gonna be able to use that 300 uri to get some havocs and LF4s! Save it Grumps. You obviously don't know how this game works. I've avoided targeting you just out of respect of a person who can't PVP and is my elder. You pose no threat to me. I do not purposefully target you. But when you start whining and complaining in forums about my clan, about my friends, you make it very hard to turn a blind eye to that tasty citadel of yours.

    And the number one reason isn't MCC. It is the inability to quickly and effeciantly get to the point where every other uber is. Like blazeice said earlier, If I started the game now, I wouldn't. It's almost impossible to get from peanut to UBER without swiping that credit card very frequently. So don't blame us, blame the creators of this game for getting greedy.
  12. It's this "I'm here and I don't give a damn" attitude that will be the death of the game. You've given up. There's no one left coming in so you're hell-bent on taking out as many as you can before we all go. Some of us still feel this is a game worth saving.
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  13. Omega

    Omega User

    what okapi said is what I meant ,can't sum it up more than that
  14. Omega

    Omega User

    we don't kill noobs . why the hell do you guys think we would kill noobs . most of the people on our server are freaking ufe as well, we are just one clan with a few alliances and everybody is at war with us . and guess what .they are mcc clans also . it results in great fights that only took place a long time ago in darkorbit. and you think ranking matters ? you have no idea how many clans are low on points but full of ufe .. dude u don't have to be a colonel etc to be ufe ..-_- just read what okapi said .that's the same point of view I have on it .for the most part .and read my posts .and you will see that I've said before that I help noobs , I want this game to be easier for them .that I don't just hunt noobs . here's one of my recent ones ,and also we have war with almost everybody cuz they send it to us .we send it to them etc so we have fun . we r not the only clan in my server that does this .
  15. I have seen it time and time again. Like i said before you might not but others do.
  16. Omega

    Omega User

    maybe on other server .not that much on mine .mainly because most are ufe and if not they are close to ufe the rest I just let them go .and I tell my clan mates not to shoot weaker players that have just a few irises or flax etc
  17. I now have 6 pages of likes to this posting. Based on those numbers it's currently 99 to 1 in favor of doing away with MCC's.

    What we need now is for a Forum Administrator to forward this along and to hear back directly from the Development Team if this change is even possible or probable.

    Customers are dropping like flies. This issue cannot wait.
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  18. Its just a gamie.. MCC or not its all for fun :D RPM and KILL clan will always be on top regardless of MCC or not.
  19. We all agree on this! but I would go back to my last post... and previous.. TOTAL Domination does not allow for the 'Inclusivity' that this game requires to survive, both financially and within normal bounds of friendship and the correctness that this game and games for younger ppl expect/need ...

    and other servers may not have the same problem as US1... and that is fine but as also stated by a number of posters there are alternatives to create Alliance and thus make 'your own server' as you like it...

    And this is going past the idea here, maybe a joke but, not necessary... Forum is for all to speak without prejudice... .. we all have a point of view and GRUMPY, the OP, has now suggested that this be considered by the 'powers' above... this needs to be done, if GRUMPY agrees, and close this before it gets silly!

    certain servers may not have an issue, from an individual standpoint of the individuals that have posted, but some servers are having an issue!! and a resolution is necessary...
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  20. All this sounds interesting but there is big problem, during you play this game, I personaly play this game more than 4 years, in this game I get a lot of frineds and with some of them hang out in real life. I dont care who is where, also problem happen if you start to play on mmo like me, I get friends there, my friend had general on MMO i want it also, I go on vru, get general but we still say friends and play togeather, I think friendship is more important than company in this game. This apart ppl on company can destroy friendship and this isnt good, how in game also and in real life. But yes true is that isnt easy but if you have for example 200 ultra elite ships on eic and 100 on mmo and vru, mmo and vru cant alone fight against all EIC they must work togeather and this is beauty in this game how ppl cooperate togeather, dont make difference between ppl. Also in real life isnt normal slip male and female, homo and hetero, you must accept this ppl and thats it. Also here company split ppl and this isnt healty, but how times going you dont see this difference and players from other company start to be your friends because of some reson in personality or because you use them, doesnt metter but because of it happen "MCC" and this start to be normal for me.
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