Multi-Company Clans Must End!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by G-R-U-M-P-Y, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. I think that no-one has said that friendship was not a part of this game... the only difference is that, within the current guidelines, this game has a 3 company format, friends are above and beyond that and if you want to play together as a Clan then it would fit the game format as you were in the same company and clan...
    the idea of the game as it is stated, when ppl join the game, suggests that we are enemy with the other companies...

    until there is more clarification the game will suffer! It has to... ppl will feel that they are drawn on a false pretext!
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    DJXL.SA.TX User

    You must play in East 1 lol

    No matter what server, if a syndicate clan is controlling the server that is just wrong... What I mean by this is one Company that has many Sub-Clans, enemy ships, and Allies to help them kill players they don't like... Also One Company such as MMO or any company that has enemy ships with Clan tags on them to kill their same company if they don't obey syndicate this syndicate clan get a way with this by warring all company clans if they don't join their syndicate company fleets. Using enemy ships to kill same company so they don't get Negatives that is a from of bullying - Example: Same Company player may have beef with one syndicate member in same company.... Same company can not kill this player without getting them negatives, so syndicate clan will use their Enemy ships with Clan tags to take this player out he will now have the fight the entire syndicate, server for that matter no mater what map or company he goes to this player is now on a server hit list.... So Server controlling should violate Dark Orbit rules...

    I do remember writing about this topic some time ago and was deleted by forum Admins for some reason or the other... Maybe they don't want you all to know what's going on.

    many players have quit dark orbit because of this reason

    By Dark Orbit not Allowing enemy ships to have enemy clan tags will take most this problem away
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  3. The discussion should continue until we hear something back.
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  4. You know the only ppl thrashing out in this thread is those members of kill and rpm. And it just so happens they are also the only people apposed to mr grumpys idea. So just look over there actions in this thread and then you see the attitude that is placed into the game. Ant then you can see why its a big issue. Not only are you trying to hijack his thread you try to hijack the game. Its just a matter of time and you all will be on the short end of the stick just like last time.
  5. As someone pointed out, when a new player is enrolled in the game the first decision that is made is COMPANY. Why? Because the entire game and conflict system is based on the 3 company model. MCC's break the very foundation of that model.

    Larger ships need to decide ... will that stay in their company and fight everyone there or move on to another company and take the hit to their honor and rank. You cannot live in both worlds.

    If I was an employee of Google, Inc. and decided I wanted to go to work for Microsoft I do not get to keep my office at Google. Sorry boys and girls, but it don't work that way. If you want to play with the other side, pack up your pencils and MOVE!

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    As long as Dark Orbit keeps this tagging system the way it is then any company can employee enemy ships in to its clan.... If you try to kill a syndicate enemy company ship then you will be hunted down and killed and put on their hit list, don't matter if you change the name of your ship, syndicate clans keep track of all enemies. This means that you can not play the game without getting killed or do your quest.... LOL... there will be 20 ships or more waiting for you to get off the gate...

    This guy that use to play this game had the same problem with clans like this... So, you are not the first person to post this up this is an ongoing problem that has to be taken care of. However, this guy could not even play the game in peace without being killed he could not do quest or pally.... They had him on a hit list he moved company and they were waiting for him there too that is what I am talking about syndicate clans... He ended up quitting the game...

    With clans having so much power for them to decide who plays and who goes on Dark Orbit on their sever...

    This has got to come to a stop
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  7. I agree clans should be 1 step below company sistem.
    We must be in MMO,VRU or EIC, but clan is optional. It's unfair to ppl who like to play without clan and take punch of their own co only because they can hit them with their clan friends from enemy co's and don't have to pay the price of negative honor for doing that. After some time this game start causing stress and is not fun to play.
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  8. I will assume, this thread has not been removed for a few reasons.

    1. They do want to hear what the players think if it's done in a constructive manner.

    2. The number of LIKE's to this thread represent players from all 3 companies and from several different servers. This makes them think there may be something more than one old man complaining.

    3. We're making sense. Some of what was said years ago when clans were created and wars and alliances allowed for the ALL function, those reservations and warnings are now coming home and the new leadership of the Development Team is seeing this issue in a new light.

    This thread will closed shortly, in a few more days, when all the views on it have had a chance to be expressed.

    Last night I had a very long conversation in Teamspeak with the members and leadership of one of these MCC's. I do not agree with their conclusions. They do not agree with mine. I see their viewpoint. They do not see mine. But I respect their right to their opinion. As I told the leader of the MCC (he's 19 years old), if we could come back and have this same conversation 30 years from now his viewpoint on the subject would be different. The difference between him and I is wrapped in the fact that I've fallen off of most of life's cliffs and I now know the dangers and pitfalls of his young actions. He, on the other hand, has not learned those lessons yet, and is willing to jump off that cliff and take himself, his friends and fellow players and all of Dark Orbit with him.

    "I told you so" after the game is dead is a bit like tears at a funeral. Sad, but the dead are dead. If we wait until death it's too late for any action. So I will stand here and take the slings and accusations from the other side because there's still life left in this game and I still see time to fix it. But that time is running out.

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  9. I want MCC to stay !! >.< thats the only fun thing in our server.
  10. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    It is not about what you want or what I want... It is about what the community wants in general. So far GRUMPY has presented a good argument in this forum that needs to be reviewed by the Dark Orbit community to see if there is cracks in the windows that need to be sealed : ) You are also part of the community, it is important for you to express yourself, and say why you want the MCC in the game to stay as it is... Right now we know that the MCC is working as it is intended to work. If there is a problem with this the Development team will investigate this matter and see what needs to be done to fix it. If MCC involves Bullying Players in any way and making players quit the game, then there is a problem that needs to be fixed.
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  11. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- User

    Bottom line here and I will ask the question..... Was it or was it not a MMC ?
  12. -
    and Im sorry if you dont like the question but...

    the post here is not against clans or ppl being ppl..

    the total DOMINATION theme is getting to the point that the ppl who want it will end up shooting each other as no-one else will bother and will look for another game... and yes we all accept that different servers have a different issue.. but certain servers are sustaining loss of new players as the game seem to be now in-surmountable
  13. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- User

    Well..... Last night was a good night for DarkOrbit. I have seen players on that have not been on for a good time now. Wondering why that is? well that's easy.....WAR......Seems to me that there was a great deal of fun last night on east one because of the so called game breaking MCC. If any one involved last night says they did not have a good time then they need therapeutic help because they have forgotten this was a game meant for enjoyment. Many clans were on in force. I seen MMO clans fighting alongside of EIC clans ( weird to me because if you spent any time in GOD clan ts you would not believe how much trash they speak of other company's and other MMO clans). say LOOM was a low end clan for all companies....well bottom line it was a MCC.. You my friend are a hypocrite, it is plain to see that what was once ok for you to do is not ok for anyone else! You also said that LOOM was no threat to the server....well by your argument listed above it is still wrong threat or not.

    Another think I have noticed while playing this game is how when you are at war with another same company clan and that clan can not hold its own they bring in the help of another company. How is this any different? These enemy's while in your maps are killing everything, not just what they were asked to help with. ( talk about no regard for the noobs).
  14. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- User

    ummm what the hell are you talking about? The post is about MCC, get with the program....
  15. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    As long as they remove the enemy MCC ships with same clan tags, they can stay on top...
  16. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- User

    So you have spoken to a young clan leader.... they say the youth of today is the leaders of the future..

    seems to me this young clan leader is having fun on a video game that he likes to play, who are you to tell him how he can or can not play it?

    You say he is naive because he is only 19 years old. Who are you to judge him on the basis of his age? You don't know him on a personal level. I am 47 and I do not agree with anything you are saying because it seems to me that you are a old man still trying to get his way no matter how you try to spin it. I am sorry that you failed in life so many times but I never had that problem I understand that for every action there is a reaction. So by the existence of MCC clans there was a reaction of players having a good time on both sides. It has given the PVP players something to do again, look at how many players were on last night, tell me they did not have fun. Or is it all about the players who just kill NPC all day?

    STOP trying to blame the decline of dark orbit on the MCC, this game has had thousands of players on back when it was young, but over the years it has dwindled down to what it is now. The chance of a new ship is low because of all the equipment they need to have a fighting chance. If you don't have the money to hang with the big boys then you don't stand a chance at all.
  17. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- User

    And what will this solve? The alliance will always be there your still in the same boat
  18. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    Okay you have fun with MCC look at it like this now if you were facing the shotgun barrels that would not be so much fun when you can't even get off the gate cause 20 or 30 ships that are waiting to kill you in other words you can't even play the game without getting killed and no matter even if you change the name of your ship, or the company you go to they are waiting for you. Cause you are now on the MCC hit list.

    There was and is a lot of players that have quit Dark Orbit because of this problem.... Okay, let's say I was to go to a MCC server, lets say like East 1... Say I am MMO.... I see an enemy EIC or VRU ship with an MMO stamp on it.... What am I going to do?

    There is an enemy ship on MMO grounds with MMO tag on it... Of course I am going to shoot it. It is an enemy ship, I am going to shoot all enemy ships even if they have our company tag on them...

    Now the party starts here... You kill this enemy ship now the MMO clan decides to jump in, you just shot their EIC ship down. Now you have to fight them all MMO, EIC. Now you have to fight them all day in and day out this gets old and not fun. Okay, you are not in a clan but they can still kill you because they have enemy ships to do the dirty work for them. and the MMO don't get negatives, There has been many complainants on this issue... So, right of the back they decide who will play Dark Orbit and who will not... This is an issue that needs to be corrected there are not a lot of players that are Good ol' boys, the go along get along type.... I know I am not a good ol' boy, so I would be the type that may have to fight the entire server.
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  19. -BlazeIce-

    -BlazeIce- User

    You need to create alliances with players who feel the same way as you do and fight back...Is that not what this is all about? What is this MCC hit list you speak of? I have never seen it was it included in the declaration of war ? Is there really a solution to the question that will make everyone happy? You can please some of the people some of the times but you can not please all of the people all of the times.
  20. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    I am a SOLO type. I don't believe in clans. Though I will help my company 100% and if I see a enemy ship even if it has Our CBS tag on it... It will be shot because it is an enemy ship.
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