Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. OP32

    OP32 Community Team Team Darkorbit

    Hello pilots,

    Hopefully you had had the chance to read through our dev blog (>here< if you missed it!) relating to this subject, there's a lot to read but it's quite an important topic to us.

    For the feedback please let us know what you stance is on the MCC, are you for or against, whats your experience with them in the past?

    The most interesting part for us is the discussion around potential solutions. As mentioned in the dev blog in an ideal world our aims would be to do the following:
    • Remove MCC.
    • Keep company activity relatively balanced.
    • Allow friends to continue playing together.
    Finding a solution that meets all 3 requirements is proving to be tough.

    What do you think is the best strategy to take? Which area of this topic is the most important to you and is there something we are missing / not putting enough importance on?

    We're excited to see the feedback!
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  2. well allowing people to change company without trade off for a week. Would work but combine it with the the limitiations if they still want to be mcc, cause like you said they will just make multiple clans and ally them but communication will always be harder. SO they can be punished faster and more easy by others for it. Maybe even limit the amount off ally's you can have with other company to a max off 5 or something so its really limited in how far this can go. Specially without any decent communication channel this problem will be half fixed like this. And if you do it after server merge population will be larger on the servers so the need off ally in other company will be less
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  3. Hi OP32,

    I have been on the receiving end of these groups. They pounce on you like a pack of wolves. I try to fight and run, but I die in the end. It is not one clan or one company too. It is several of each fighting as one. Sometimes I just sit there letting them finish me off. I don't bother to run or waste ammo. I figure is a quick way of going home. I would like to see a Player Shield only to be used during normal playing. Wouldn't work in special player vs player events. I would even buy one just to have fun doing my thing. The Player Shield would protect you from other players attacking you. So you could go out and have your own fun and not be bother by others. But if you attack another players you lose your shield. I just like to fight the aliens not each other. Mostly the people who attack me is always the higher levels and "I Die". Most of the time, I'm in battle and they pop up to finish me off. I think this is a cheep shot. One hit I'm done. That happens a lot by both companies, but MCC is my main killer/attacker. During Capture the Beacon, I always go after the MCC beacon first. I may not always beat them in a fight, but I feel better when I capture their beacon and get it home safe with it.

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  4. It would be awesome to delete the mutlicompany clans.
    At esp2 many people do that and send war to all noob clans and they are destroying the game's objective of work the company together against the others.
    Would be good if Darkorbit goes by companies or only clans cause this mix is very bad for new players and clans that are formed by friends who only want to play without messing with people who only wants to kill everyone.

    So please I really prefer to delete the multicomponent clans for the good of this game that I love and I started playing at 2009

    Thanks for reading me ;)
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  5. Its great that you have plenty of ideas to solve the multi-company clan problems. But just like after every single update with a major game changing change, some players will get upset and its impossible to satisfy every single player needs.

    I'm highly against destroying MMCs completely. Players will get really upset and it will hurt game the most. So i really hope that we are not going to that kind of route because it will separate great friends from each other.

    The funniest and the craziest one is free company swap period followed up by removing MCC. Even the craziest thing could be "Legendary Company Jumper Hour" which allows anyone to jump another company within an hour without loosing any honor. I really hope that this wont happen because it will destroy the balance with different companies.

    Instead, make the company jumping a rare case (just like it is now): after this change players could jump to any other company once without any punishment and after that they have to do exactly the same thing as now (Imagine this feature as a company jumper ticket; sounds weird but you should get my point). And which is the best case to introduce this feature to the game? Maybe during server merge, when all clans and companies will get huge changes?
  6. Hi OP, been playing for a long time now and far from UFE so I stull get jumped by these MCC's I would like to say however that point 3 made in seems a lot like overkill.
    3. Allowing MCC but introducing limitations
    The third option we have considered is to continue to allow MCC, however there will be penalties and limitations when joining them.

    These limitations could be passive, e.g members gain less EP and Honor or even have a shield debuff. Or it could be something like not receiving event rewards.

    Once again though these changes are likely to push players into multi-company alliances instead.

    You say you want these people to still play togheter because they have sometimes flown together for years but this STRONGLY discourages this and would probably break some friendships, I know I am not providing a potential solution because I frankly dont have one (I have thought about MCC's a lot) but I am pointing out that point 3 as I said would not be a good solution in my eyes.

    Predator176 (GE6)
  7. well like i said if you do just one off them it will never work but if you combine them like giving them the chanche to switch company before putting limitations on it like 1% less honor for every player not same company as the clanleader. Will still like give them a chanche to play together as same company or make a small mcc with like 5 players or just make multiple clans and ally.
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  8. Your idea is really good predator. no more event rewards like double gate rewards etc. any kind of nice goodies should be take out for them unless they take their company side. and maybe i would take off demilitari zone. if they want to be enemy of the company why they can get safe zone honestly.

    For the friend side..... why would it kill their friendship -.- they still have hades,1v1 and more stuff to come i guess
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  9. Hi OP32;

    l like this your decision , in my opinion "remove MCC" Also the "civil war" must be remove. Because this status is taking abuse the game.

    Wars should be among companies.

    Thanks for evaluate feedbacks.

    Good job !
  10. Gaining less EP and Honor wont matter as they are not what most of MCC are after, they are after ship kill count !

    Game was fine back in the day when there were no MCC the reason you have MCC now is not to fill up a clan its because servers are dead compared to say 2011-2013 . If everyone thinks back to that time period you would be hard pressed to find a MCC, and if there was one most all top clans in that company would WAR them and drive them out or dis-bann them because we did not put up with in company killing from a MCC. They do MCC now days to get clan rank and of course get the ship kill count the EP and Honor for a single kill is not worth much.

    I posted long ago in 2015 when I saw what was starting to happen to take away any EP, Honor, Ship kill count for any MCC. But another reason that lead to MCC is Low level players cant get anything done because they are just killed over and over so they flat out quit.

    I personal do hunt in other companies maps but if they are in our maps not matter the level they are fair game, killing some one off an NPC is cheap and means nothing as to your PVP skill.
    Unless something is done to give the lower level players a chance to grow with out getting killed over and over while out in the map trying to grow the same thing will happen after server merge; players will quit leading to dead server after merge. And yes I know its a PVP game but fact is fact.
  11. If they want to leave the clan to get event reward and then comeback again it should be patch in this way : when you leave a mcc you cant get reward back instantly. like in real life, outlaws got to work for the society (the company) before a full forgiveness. bigpoint could put some company quest or idk
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  12. Hi All,

    Here is another thought. Gave a killer/s (MCC mostly) large Negative Honor points of killing another player unless it is a sanction PvP battle.

  13. You are right onkyo when the server i played in was active i didnt see much mcc simply because they were minority and gets destroyed instantly. when i was a noob in 3-7 at that time the jump chip wasnt yet created and any enemies had to go from port to port. most of time we had a beef guy at the port and waiting for enemy to come.

    Noob were much more protect from enemy before
  14. My idea is :

    Only clans with members from same company can have 50 members.

    Mixed clan can have max 25 members and clans with 25-50 members the system split into two (2) clans ,
    random selection of players for each clan.
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  15. @OP32

    First i wanna say that the thread is kinda late right now. There is a thread since 3 years regarding MCC. ( I know its german but there are 1754 posts against MCC.

    Now my feedback:

    It is good that you wanna work against MCC because to be honest it was a company vs company game. It is good too that there will be the old structure in the future. The one problem is that empty servers had less players and every clan got some non-company-members because they were friends or something else.

    Well: To split the players is not the best idea especially if they are friends since years.

    The best way would be to allow every player to change the company for free without any loss because nobody wants to change the company with more than 2billion honor or more. ( I have 3.7billion and i will never change with loss. )

    And you can't force people to change the company because they have played a long time for their honor and people spent much time for the honor and their ranks and you have to understand that nobody wants to lose their rankpoints.
  16. *Rob9614*

    *Rob9614* User

    when servers merge just let people have a 1 off chance to move without losing any honor etc, then if they wanna be with mates they can be and then lock it down to company only clans
  17. Personally i think you should give everyone a time period to change company on the run up to deleting MCC! Without losing honor! If you want to play in a clan with people from other companies! you should be in that compnay! Understandable some servers you need to be a MCC clan because servers are so dead! Give people the oppotunity to move if they don`t tough shit!
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  18. Well if u remove MCC even if u allow ''Free company swap period followed up by removing MCC.'' will not be enough `cuz:
    1. maybe not all will change their companies (maybe they are on vacantion:)
    2. From a big clan will be 2-3 mini clans (maybe!!! if they miss the free swap) (one eic,one mmo bla bla) and they will do alliance , will be the same thing as now they will shoot flax guys,take events,ruin the game and for that i would add something to this point : a limit on the alliances between companies (maybe 2-3 )

    if someone put a game above a friendship then he is not normal:confused::eek:
    remember, u can always choose :)
  19. Being able to change company without losing honor for a week before removing MCC seems nice , im down for that :)
  20. dsfsf

    dsfsf User

    Hi @OP32,

    I have a few ideas quite simple :
    1- we can only made companies-clans and not MCC
    2- merge all the leaderboards concerning rankpoints, rankpoints will not be related with companies
    3- and as you said, make a free company swap period
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