Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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    when I open this topic I only see that started in 2017 and from then until now quite a lot happened, but nothing about this problem and probably nothing will happen, just those of us whom do not like ,will stop playing. the biggest problem is that you do not know who the enemy is for peopole in MCC there is no negative honor .When there is such a great inequality in such a structure, this uncertainty will have consequences.If they think they can afford that this can continue no problem, but most likely without much of us.In my opinion, nothing will change and the outflow of players will continue
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  2. @OP32 We're still waiting for a response, all of us on this thread would love to know if anything is ever going to be done about the MCC's .
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  3. As with the 'special thread to get us to shut up and take it' over in speakers corner this was nothing but players talking to the wall. If you want anything done about the major issues with this take your money, smash it into wall as hard as you can and you will get as much back as we have gotten from them on this.
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  4. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Unfortunately MCC is a difficult problem to deal with.
    On one hand everyone has the right to team up with whoever they choose to play a game.
    On the other hand, MCC on some servers have become very destructive to the game overall.

    Simply stopping people forming MCC will have little effect other than the possibility of many players just not bothering to play anymore - "If i can't play with my friends i won't play at all" or they would simply form clans in each company all with the same name and with a decent teamspeak server or Discord, continue on as if nothing happened. Instead of xxx clan being in the number one slot, xxx clan would have the top 3 slots

    The biggest problem we face is the lack of direction and goals in the game - It is supposed to be a Company based game, VRU vs EIC vs MMO. Instead what we have is, TOP CLAN is all that really matters and if having all 3 companies in that clan to get to number one is the easiest way, that is how it will be done.
    On the back page we see Top players and Top clans but where is the Top Company?

    The Dev team have several options open to them to get the game back to its roots [Company vs Company], all of which would reduce the impact MCC have on the overall server/s but these type of changes take time.

    As i have said in previous posts - DO need to get the focus of the game back to "Company" first. This on its own would severely reduce the impact MCC have on servers
    1/ There needs to be rewards for players who choose to fight for their chosen company.
    2/ Company events, when was the last time there was a TDM that actually had anything in the results section? Invasion, needs to provide some sort of incentive for players to participate.
    3/Company killers including those who assist someone from another company need to receive harsher penalties, whether they get the kill or not they should be penalised for shooting at their own company members.
  5. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    You guys need better scripts or something, cause I'm seeing one, two, and three-star players botting every day, and later on they're in the top ten clans for gates. It's ridiculous. How are we to compete?
  6. Multi company clans are killing the game, do something...
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  7. test123

    test123 User

    Please remove MCC :)
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    ŹÀPHØÐ User

    totally agree, been away for months. MCC still active, so i wont be restarting. Sorry devs, no matter how many new ships or weapons you come up with
  9. okti

    okti User

    The problem is not that it's difficult to remove MCC, the real problem is that they just don't want to do it
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  10. Ok so Mcc's are still here and naff all has been done yet so why not allow bigger clan numbers in non-mcc's to compensate coz 50 against the possibilty of 150 is a tad unfair, esp on events. This last event has been a joke as it's been monopolised by 1 clan completely, you try to get anywhere near target zone and your bullied back to homebase.
    Lets be frank, BP has no intention of helping us with this problem or it would of been dealt with ages ago. The game was based on company against company but when clans are all 3 it's pointless to try and do anything.
    Why has Bigpoint allowed this to go on for so long?? It can't be the money as so many players are running scripts either on maps or in gg's, honest players have no chance of catching these people up.
  11. It has been disputed many times. OP32 did say that there isn't much they can do easily about it which is why they have been avoiding the problem in return of releasing useless things that are ruined anyway by multi-company clans.

    The main problem they have is they have to think about how many people will stop playing because they are colonel and cannot play with other colonels from their old clan who they made great friends with in the past. Personally what do I think? Tough [REMOVED]. It's a game that's designed to fight other companies, if you don't want that move company.

    I did suggested a free company swap period, but then one company would just be way over populated and would basically just be in the exact same situation.

    Likewise I completely agree that Bigpoint avoiding this is just a piss take and that company vs company is not a thing any longer on the vast majority of servers.
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  12. Ok I've been giving this a bit of thought where it comes to events....
    1. Make all events pve not pvp so everyone gets a chance ..... or
    2. When you have completed the event make it a no go zone so players actually get penalised for being there after they have done their quests. The players could be fined by losing ep , honour and all prizes they gained from the events.
    The game needs to be made playable and achievable for all not just a few select players.
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  13. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Funny you put it the way you did.
    In the last few months alone DO has had 2 opportunities to put Company vs Company back on the agenda and chose to hand both to the MCC.
    BL maps and the newest event could both have been Company focused.

    It feels a bit like OP32 put this thread up, read all the feedback given by players over the year and decided to do exactly the opposite to what was being suggested.

    Personally i believe this thread should now be closed and archived, it is obviously an exercise in futility on players part.
  14. MCC's aren't a problem, back on GA1 we dealt with them with no problems, even if they aren't multi company they will still continue to dominate as a group and literally nothing will change, you shouldn't penalize players for grouping up and taking over, it's a PvP game, and the powers do shift, unless it's a dead server, in which case, removing them does even less, the server being dead is the main problem.

    Companies on some servers have already gone through domination features. For instance, on GA1, back in the Day EIC own the Pirate maps while VRU owned the Battle Maps and MMO had nothing (being the smallest company).

    I think multi clans bring more interesting aspects into the game, and some of us don't want to stick to 1 company, I have lost an absurd amount of Honor on my main ship because of company switching, it gets boring as hell being in the same damn maps and seeing the same damn people. If you remove or try to punish MCC's, be warned, you will, without a DOUBT, damage this game even further, and even though much won't change with who is dominating and who works together as you mentioned in your original post, many players will still be upset with the forced changes to their gaming lifestyles within DarkOrbit.

    So why bother trying to tear down something that has been around for ages? The real problem in this game is the bots and the cheats, MCC's are nothing without an active core, and most people? They cheat...
  15. What I like is the lovey dovey attitude as I kill people in pirates from MCC clans. Like why you shoot us lol we are on a quest they message.(Suprise I am too Sunshine)
    I found one MCC clan outfits with its bots in 5-2 and comes to their rescue after a couple kills.
    MCC must go. You want to be in a MMO clan go to MMO.
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  16. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    How exactly do you see "you dealt with" the top 10 clans on the server, all of which are MCC, most of which are allied or napped. Doesn't leave a lot of room for anyone else when the top spots on a server are dominated by those who bully and harass anyone not in their overall group.

    I have an account on your server, in the first month of playing it I was killed 76 times, 57 of those by members of a single clan, 16 times in one day by a single player from the clan [yes i started to keep track as it seemed to be the same clan killing me (as a 1 week old player) over and over].
    I stuck it out as i had previous knowledge of the game but for a brand new player it is very different - This type of behaviour is why server merges were required and if things keep going the way they are, there will need to be more of the same OR the game will just be left to die an unnatural death by Bully Boy tactics of Dominating Clans.

    The MCC do NOT need to be removed to address the problems they cause - Something called "fair play" could be introduced that would limit the current overwhelming power projection of these dominant clans.
    Problem; Whether you have war or not, whether you are in a clan or not - You attack or get attacked by an enemy player in your companies maps, you will die to all members of his clan that are present - many of which will be in your company. There is NO penalty for killing your own company with your MCC clan, as long as you don't shoot first.
    Changing this on its own removes the ability for MCC to bully and harass using a single member of another company to dominate maps, events, and everything else.

    I'm MMO and really tired of getting into fights with EIC or VRU in MMO maps and getting killed by their MMO "friends".

    I don't understand how these guys (or game management for that matter) think it is fair to defend their lvl 24+ "clan mates" and "friends" from enemy companies against a few lvl 18 guys trying to do missions in BL1.
    Sure, the higher skilled players will simply say, BL content is for UFE players, not for new/er players but that ISN'T how the content was introduced but simply how the lvl 24+ ufe see it. BL content requires lvl 17 to enter, I don't know how many lvl 17 UFE players there are on other servers but i haven't seen ONE on the 3 servers i play.
    BL content could have been so much more balanced, it could have had a company vs company component had DO management and Devs bothered to take ANY notice of the feedback in this thread - The same goes for the newest event (Plutus) that ended recently.

    And seriously, IF DO were to ever "get rid of the bots and cheats" which sector of the game do you think would lose the most players?
    [one server i play] Last night (my time) there were 2 full groups from the same clan in 5-2, none of these players (out of 16) reacted to being attacked in any way other than to run for the base. I wonder if they were bots all from a top 10 clan?
    I play at odd hours due to being pretty much house bound after a major accident - I see many of the same bots online for 8 or more hours, then later see those same names running around in packs shooting anyone they can. Many of these don't shoot the multitude of bots in maps as they are from clans they are allied with. In fact i've even seen players who i saw were obviously botting hours earlier come to the aide of other bots if someone does bother to attack them.

    DarkOrbit is NOT and never will be a "fair" game but it can be balanced to reduce the current - Not in X group you don't get to participate meta currently seen.

    Don't try to "remove" MCC, just put the breaks on their overwhelming domination of EVERYTHING.
  17. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    ROFL. Oh thank you, you just made my day..
    You say MCC aren't a problem yet at the same time you let us know your once top clan is now all but inactive (and MCC to boot). Seems MCC might be a bit more of a problem than you are prepared to see.

    Personally from reading your recent posts, I don't believe you actually play the game anymore. Or you play in such a way you don't come into contact with the game or other players itself, you don't seem to have a clue about how the top MCC operate (or you are friends with them so just don't see it). This is even more evident looking at the server you are on.. GA1 has the single most bullying clan out of the 3 servers i have accounts on. Actually they are 3 clans + allies working as one, when they aren't botting they are hunting anyone not in one of their allied clans. I will add, the overall bot problem seems far more widespread on GA1 than my other servers as well.

    MCC as I've said over and over, aren't the problem in themselves. It is the way they can and do dominate everything DO with such risk averse game play. If a member of an MCC from eic is in mmo maps with mmo members of his clan and shoots a member of MMO, unless you have war with that clan you and your friends can do nothing really to defend yourselves without risk of losing honour.
    This all on its own could be addressed and within weeks would reduce the risk averse way many MCC go hunting and dominate the servers overall.
    These MCC start losing honour and EP for shooting their own company (regardless of whether they get the kill or not) and they soon stop shooting their own company.
    The ONLY problem i have with MCC clans is the fact they can and do dominate the entire game by using members to kill their own company.
    Fix this and MCC can do as they choose.

    I'm sorry you are too lazy to read someone else's point of view, it does show why your lack of valid comments on the subject are laughable though.
  18. If you just send war to these MCCs you wont have to worry about losing honor. Some people need to think out their complaints instead of just blaming MCCs. My clan is not multi company, and I dont see the problem with MCCs, actually have green tags with a couple and war with many others. It is more about choosing to ally with your friends and shooting those that are not your friends.
  19. Sgt_Ocker

    Sgt_Ocker User

    Nice in theory, sadly not so much in practice.
    Not every clan can fight clans made up of level 24+ players and have any hope of success. Declaring war or having war declared can and usually does equal, your clan ends up inactive or disbanding.

    On what 'was' my main account for example, I joined a single company clan that had an average of less than 1 billion EP per member, one of the new guys (around 300 mil EP) was cubing with others from our company when an EIC member of the number 1 clan on the server started killing them off it, he told them in global the 1-6 cubes were his and they should leave or die. When my clan member had the audacity to shoot back (not that he had any chance of success) This number 1 clan declared war on our clan ranked 166. No amount of diplomatic interaction could get them to end the war - Their only response was, this is our server, you shoot on one of us we destroy your clan. We now have probably 3 or 4 active members out of 26.
    Not only has it destroyed a clan set up to help new players - there is 20+ players that will likely never return to DO.

    On another server I play my account is all but UFE and belongs to a single company clan with 12 members about half of which are active - We got sent war by three of the top 5 clans, who are all allied because we tried to do BL content in our company map. In a message from one of their leaders we were told we were not to enter BL maps as they belonged to "----" clan (his clan) and their "friends".

    My third and now main account is all but UFE (not sure what UFE is these days but i only have 22 Prom lasers so class it as "all but") I was lucky to find a clan that, not only spoke English but was happy to have me as a member, we are ranked number two, we have close to 70 wars mostly due to our battles with the number one clan on the server. We hold our own and even win against the No1 clan, at least until they call in their multitude of allies. We are slowly gaining ground as their allies get tired of being used as fodder in battles and drop alliance with them, good for us - Not so good for other clans that can't stand up to these bullies who prior to the recent merges were no1 on their server for over 6 years with no-one to challenge them.

    While some, usually more established older clans, have lesser problems with the bully boy MCC of their server they are in the minority. For the average player/clan without "connections" DO can be a dark horrible place run by *players* who have absolutely no regard for others.
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  20. Wow MCC isn't fixed yet? Good job developers. New player friendly? Yeah right, own company will attack you as long as their clan member is an enemy.
    It really just defeats the purpose of a game when you make three companies but your allies within your company will attack you just because an enemy in their clan does. This is just an exploit that you don't want to fix with this game.
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