Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. Well now we have MCC auto players in outfit with their MCC friends monitoring the afk one incase someone like me kills it over and over.
    MCC needs to go.
  2. This is how I would get rid of MCC :p

    Kicking everyone out every clan, leave the clan leader and change clan Company affiliation to match clan leader company.

    DELETE "ALL" Company affiliation from the drop down menu.

    Only players from the same company can join the clan, other companies wont be able to click on send app to the clan (button would be grey and unable to press).

    ^^ that would make company clans again only problem I see is Clan Diplomacy would need to be removed altogether because clans allying other companies would still happen, so this way every clan would be white tag with every clan but for people who like wars, im sorry :p

    Well this is what I would do to get rid of MCC clans but seems Bigpoint wants MCC and botters to run they game into the ground.

    Have Fun !

    Shadow :p
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  3. hello OP

    i play on more servers on europe and also on usa west, on all servers same issue with mcc.
    its good to delete mcc and to let the players change to other company wen ty will not leave the clan where ty in.
    best way to implant in the system that clans can not make alliances with other company's, on that way you get no problems that players from mmo can stil play together from vru, mmo and eic.

    this game builded at first place on 1 thing mmo, eic or vru ty fight against the other company's and not against the own company. i think on this way you can get also the game back on how it was at start that the hole own company fight against an other company.
    Best to drop also the clan wars, i now ty implanted at start for the reason to bring more $$ to big point, this with the reason people need more elite ammo ty need for that more gates that ty get from buy uridium. drop this also with this thing many little players leaving the game for simple 1 reason the big top clans making war with all little clans so that ty can push easy there accounts in pvp ship kils.

    best regards
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  4. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    I would like to suggest; If you are going to allow MCC to continue as they are, even if it is only until a "fix" can be found to limit their domination of everything DO.
    Kills on your own company during a clan war count toward PVP missions.

    Going into battle with a clan that has declared war on you, getting multiple kills, only to find most don't count toward PVP missions because the "enemy" has your company as members.

    *Little changes could make a lot of difference.
  5. easiest way. stop the MCC completely. give the option for the members to join the leader's company for free or leave the clan. that happens after logging in. cannot go on map until that is resolved. simple
  6. This thread has been open since Nov 7, 2017 ... Yet nothing continues to be done about the MCC. Why even make this thread in the first place if it's going to take the Development Team almost two years to respond to any of the ideas put forth in here?

    To everyone who is reading my comment, don't waste your time posting here, wait for OP32 to get on Discord and just tell him what needs to be done.
  7. Tried that 100 times too.
  8. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Sounds simple but isn't.
    The top clan on my server has all 3 Chief Generals in it - So, force them to all join one company or leave their clan, which ones have to give up their rank (the highest possible rank in the game)?

    Or as we also see on many servers; The top clan/s grow so much they split and create other clans. Top clan has 50 members, they create a new clan, allied to them - It has 48 memebers and then there is the other two or 3 clans the top clan puts members in to "build them up".

    NB; All these clans are MCC, they are all allied and compromise half of the top 10 clans. Force them to become single company clans - They have 4 or 5 very strong clans spread over all 3 companies..

    We as players need to accept - Company vs Company is dead and gone. The game is about clan vs clan and the sooner DO start fixing things, like pvp missions, the better the game will be.
  9. Problem with this game is there is a conflict in functionality as far as company and clan architecture goes. The game was developed with company vs company in mind. Later more diplomacy options were added and more clans started forming alliances with lesser enemies to target bigger enemies. Which then formed into straight out alliances to war the other clans. The game can not support both play styles at this current state and to make such a change possible it would require an extensive recreation on the games core pvp design resulting in wide spread game shut down to even attempt such a thing.

    So statistically impossible to achieve without wasting lots of $$ and time.
    Is this a mercenary or company based game? With company based gameplay it would be possible to incorporate clan vs clan tournaments along with top gun style tournaments and events.
  10. I've given it a lot of thought. And I actually think they shouldn't do anything to MCC at all. Instead, they should change these things:
    • Enemies cannot gain booster benefits through groups from other enemies.
    • Shooting allies who die will result in you losing honour if they are on your company even if you don't get the kill.
    • Increased EP and honour gained for killing enemies IF none of their allies have attacked them.
    • Clan Battle Stations are automatically at war with everyone if an enemy is in the clan (if it's set to all, it automatically wars everyone).
    • Level 22+ cannot shoot allies under level 16 (for example), unless they have attacked first.
    • Level 22+ does not gain mission partcipation for destroying enemies if they are far weaker.
    This is just a starting list, but I think this would be a much better way than just destroying MCC. You need to ease the game into it, so it's not too much of a big change of the stability of the game.
  11. Basically what would help in my humble loud opinion is that same company kills count towards quests.
    For example if a same company player shoots first and you kill them it counts toward the quest.
    I would go as far to say that if you kill a same company person at war it counts toward quests also but this update would get abused.
  12. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Ship specific missions and enemy "company" only count are major reasons new/er players get farmed by much stronger players.
    I've got just over 700 kills since starting my 10K quest, yet only 135 of those kills actually count toward it.

    If MCC are to be allowed to proliferate as they are, it needs to be taken into consideration for PVP missions.
    And in all seriousness, it wouldn't get abused anymore than getting quest kills off your own clan members - Which is more than slightly common place.
  13. Here's what I think we should do.

    Remove the clan company affiliation. That way they can't choose if they're looking for MMO, EIC, or VRU.

    Secondly, script a code that scans the members tag and automatically assign a company based on the more dominant company.

    Players not belonging to the dominant company will then be given an offer to switch companies at a higher rate but the honor loss is forgiven (honor is the major reason people won't leave a company).

    Players that elect not to switch companies should be marked outlaw by their respective company for allying with an enemy faction, this'll attract attention.

    Then we also need to rework democracy.

    We currently have Alliance, NAP, and War. We already reworked war to add longer times than 10 days, so let's rework NAP now.

    Alliances -> only allowed to be sent to clans of the same company as detected by the script

    NAP -> works like alliance except with other company. NAP lasts for 10 days and will need to be renewed.

    War -> remains the same

    This both fixes the MCC issue, introduces an update to the clans we've not seen since the CBS came out, and prevents multi company alliances (players will eventually get tired of having to renew it)

    It was the MCC players idea to start allying enemy players and companies and taking over events, so if they get angry, tough. Other players have been angry for years of not playimg spaceball, scoremageddon, even JPB was ruined at one point by entire UFE clans going in and wiping everyone out and that's how we ended up with JPA now.

    Trust me, none of the non-mcc players are gonna care how mad the MCC's get. They irritate us on a daily basis
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  14. I say make the penalty for MCC more severe lets say a MMO help a vru/eic killed another mmo in the past he would not get -Honor nake it that he gets the -honor and also the reward that the player that shoots first gets is also deducted from the mmo player this will quickly solved the MCC issue and still leave a high level of PVP and friendship and the penalty goes to all same company shooters in the MCC
    Also multiply the penalty by 4 so first offence is x1 next time you do it in a 24/H period the penalty is x4 and if you do it again x-8 then x-16
    Also you can keep track of there exploits lets say they wait for the 24/h to elaspe and shoot a same company again then the penalty increase to x-1.5 then x-4.5,x-8.5 after a while there will be no reason to be in a MCC except to complete NPC quest

    And for the smarty pants that will drop the clan tag and still fly with there MCC friends the same penalty or even more severe penalty is given since they are now openly company killers
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  15. Game should revert to how it was . Your company is who you fight for and any invading company is to be destroyed. Noobs had far more protection from the company pilots back in the day. Most clans assigned a top player to school the noobs the right way. Seems the pride and honour of fighting for your company is totally non existent and hi-lighted even more so with MCC VRU killing VRU becuase VRU was killing and EIC/MMO of the same clan as the other companies. TBH it's a joke and makes the whole premise of companies absolutely pointless you might as well remove the company tags as they no longer mean anything. Getting shot off cubes by your own company because you are not part of their 3 company clan is game controlling and you ask yourself why servers are dead.? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out MCC is unnatural in a 3 company entity with the lore that goes with it. Remove MCC or watch this game die a slow painful death.
  16. IhaveSonar

    IhaveSonar User

    I am a strong advocate for eliminating MCCs.

    The game was originally designed around 3-company gameplay, and the territory system complements that. MCCs effectively make the territory system pointless; your own company maps may very well wind up being more more dangerous than those of the enemy companies. It is not at all consistent with the game's core design.

    Moreover, this problem is particularly pertinent to true noobs of the game. Back in the days of company-centric gameplay, noobs could trust their own company to defend them and fight for them. Now, noobs can't trust members of their own company, since those members in all likelihood care more about their MCCs than defending their own companies. Eliminating MCCs would indubitably defend the noobs of the game.

    Now, the question is how to implement such a change. My thoughts:

    1) Allow a one-week free-change period between companies and then eliminate MCCs by kicking all members of clans that are not the same company as the clan leader. After this, you can only join clans assigned to your company.

    2) Add greater, company-wide rewards to events like spaceball and CtB. When your company scores a goal, everyone in the company playing at the moment gets 250 uri (that reward can obviously be different. That incentivizes people to actually give a damn about their company and not just their clan.

    3) Add some quests that reward you for helping noobs in your own company. These could be defined as "kill X sibelons in x-4 while being in an outfit with an account less than level 14", as an example.

    4) Invest in advertising in the game! One of the reasons MCCs became so predominant is that there aren't necessarily enough people in a company to fill a clan. Get more people playing the game!

    These are my thoughts. I do appreciate that you have this discussion; MCCs, more than any other problem the game has, really irk me. Thank you for listening to community feedback.
  17. Situ

    Situ User

    we can nearly celebrate the one year anniversary to this topic
  18. in my opinion "remove MCC" must be remove. Because this status is taking abuse to the game.Being able to change company without losing honor for a week before removing MCC is a good one thay can do alliance not the same company Wars should be among companies and not the same company like eic vs eic, mmo vs mmo or vru vs vru but eic vs vru,mmo and so on and friends can play in group ,mission ,event lots to do o and it well be nice to change or switch to a server you like to go to
  19. If they allowed you to switch servers don't you think players would abuse event's and such that way?
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  20. Get back to the basics. 3 companies. Want to be in a certain clan move to that company. Simple. Make announcement to all players allowing a week to make the move to different company with zero penalty or cost. (this week notice can be a week from first time logged back to the game for those who are away)
    It's called the K.I.S.S method... Keep It Simple Stupid :p


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    more about the largeness of your commitment and the depth of your excellence
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