Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. Fam, aren't you the same Be Scared from GA1? That was in my multi company clan? Until you went clanless after hopping to CST at the wrong time and they got war spanked. XD
  2. This game will never be sorted now that the chinese own it. MCC, bots, etc. They know they killed the game along with the americans when they purchased it, but at least they banned the cheats. The aim of a game like this is company vs company, no mcc or naps with rivals. People, and I mean legit players, the joke's on us.
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  3. This thread is a waste of space as it has servedno purpose.
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  4. AVIT

    AVIT User

    hi dev...any recent news on ending multi clans ?? ..everyone still waiting 2 yrs on for you to get rid of them ..
  5. Don't get your hopes up it looks like they're here to stay
  6. The funniest part about this is, does anybody here realize ending the multi company capabilities in clans wouldn't stop the groups that still do it?
    You'll just see several types of the same tag, split in companies, all allied, all warring the same people, all working together.
  7. AVIT

    AVIT User

    in reality tho that never works and they end up warring each other as they are a different company ..just as its supposed to be :)

    and also ending multi clans ,would stop a clan from having all the biggest players from different companies being in one clan ,it would end there clan rank too.

    also ending MCC ,would make events more meaningful ,for company rewards . no one does the events anymore because of MCC
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  8. It would help with whatever the glitch is that certain players use on bases. I go to attack a base and it wipes me out in a few hits.

    We had bases recently and players in certain clans could sit on the base and shoot it and us with no problems. Had one guy park and fight us dead center and the only way to get him was to mine and venom him.
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  9. Well bases hit like trains on steroids, i logged in the other day and as soon as i went near a based it punched through my chase figs 650k and bombed my hp, i didn't get to switch figs.
  10. Don't know what server you're on, but alliance blocks don't work like that. And ranks are already ruined in this game, they will still take top spots within their alliances, ban every single botted account and ranks will straighten up. But they can't do that because the game is already dead and if they ban 90 percent of the accounts it will END the game.
  11. Noob hahaha :p

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  12. Wanna find an MCC, just look at who is winning space ball and who is parked at a gate waiting on the next hitac to spawn.
  13. Okay well, since we are all having a "Here's my opinion about this" discussion; Here's mine: I've played this game off and on for quite awhile. I think back to 2010 and that, to me, was when DO was at it's prime. For TOO LONG has this issue just been ignored by the developers. The MCC issue, that is. For anyone saying "I'll quit the game if they get rid of MCC because MY FRIENDS". That is utter Bovine excrement. Everyone knows MCC have the advantage in just about every aspect of the game and to hold onto that... they try to play you for a fool and make you believe that it's because they wanna play with friends. That's a crock and you know it. Tell me this D.O., when you created the Company system did you intend for it to end up this way? Hmm? Fix it already. You're YEARS behind the curve here and I'm not really sure why. I mean... probably to keep profits in tact but... that's speculative. Anyway... don't get me started on the zombies.... that's another problem that needs FIXED but... profits will always be the deciding factor here.

    Personally... you're not going to be able to please everyone but SOMETHING has to be done about it and it should have been done years ago, quite frankly. The fact that it's STILL an issue in 2019 is just plain laughable. If people wanna quit because they can't play in the same company as their friends... going around doing things in the "Grey Area" then so be it. Let them go be friends somewhere else that doesn't involve Multi Company Clans that undermine the original concept of the way it was supposed to work. I used to enjoy this game. Now... I log in once in awhile to check vitals and to see what's what. Do I play anymore? Not really.
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  14. MCC issue died a couple of years ago. Players cared about it, but DO does not. For DO, it is ok. Just like other things are ok now, like zombie ships and 3rd party programs. Nothing has been done to correct these problems as far as I can see, and it looks like nothing will ever be done.

    Meanwhile new things get added to the game as a distraction, like upgrading enhanced lf-4 lasers and prom lasers, new b03 shield gens, etc... and at the same time the game breaks because you can't send ore to ship if you used the bonus code DO gave out, lol, thanks so much.

    No sense in complaining, no one on the business side of this game is listening, and they haven't listened in years. This thread should be deleted or archived, it serves no purpose. We don't care anymore either DO, just like you don't care. This used to be a fun game, sadly, no more, it's not worth your time.
  15. Probably why people stop playing, but the grinders are still going after ABR and stuff to upgrade. Tbh I don't think the game is dying out yet, but it's not surprising every new player only plays for a few hours then never touches the game again unless they got money to spend.

    MCC is always going to be an issue, this game isn't even about company wars anymore, just about who has the most ranking because they will be in the same clan as others with big ranking.
  16. yup , iam getting shot down by my own MMO planet player.
    We have no wars but they helping the Multi clans.

    The clan tags look like the same, but iam never let me shoot down without a war by my own planet.
    You can't even trust you own planet players … its a big shame.

    Iam trying to make a list with those players but they change names very fast.

    Where is the respect of those players ? and be proud on your own planet.

    I hate the multi clans they have to much power.
    But also by making a new clan you can make a choice to be VRU EIC or MMO or ALL why is that option there ?
  17. Make a clan.
    War them all.
    Shoot their bots.
    Catch them at weakest.
    Thats a few things to begin with lol.
  18. The game wasn't always like this. There was a time people stood on company portals to defend their company, but now it's gone and people only care about clan wars and shooting anyone who awards experience and honour. It's sad really, game went to the ditch because of it and PvP instantly died. During the last PvP on my server (the busiest one) like 5-6 people actively engaged in it, the rest were either pushing the event or ignoring it entirely.

    Even 1v1s isn't fun anymore because you never know if someone has some random strong booster or more level 4 pet protocols than you, which isn't a decider in fights but it's very noticeable if they are equal strength to you.

    It's just sad, hopefully they will fix MCC but I doubt they ever will, they only care about money that's why they keep releasing these useless ships and cosmetics.
  19. Couldn't agree more. well said. Years ago there were many new players, now I hardly ever see one. Remove the MCC . Naturally the MCC proponents won't be happy. They won't be able to come in and kill all the noobs on a low level map. If you decide to keep MCC then restrict them to only PVP maps. That will take care of the problem permanantly.
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  20. I disagree with the thought that friends will not or can not play together that's just not true.
    What I want to see stopped is the ability for an enemy company to use a "friendly base " (friendly to me). That removes the safety of a friendly base on your home maps. Nothing more distressing than running to a friendly base during a battle and realizing your enemy has immunity. If they want to have a base on your map , then let it show as an enemy base. I mean REALLY , what's the point of having a friendly base on a map if your not safe there .Or at least relatively so.
    Players of different Co. still can outfit together they just would not be allowed to enter an MCC base that's of a different co.
    Green is green,blue is blue and orange is orange .And that's the way it should be.
    When I first started playing , players would rally together when an enemy co. came to your maps and would destroy them.
    Make the co. tags and not the clan tags dictate who can approach the base safely.
    You wouldn't wear a bullet proof vest if it didn't stop bullets and you wouldn't wear an oven mitt if it didn't protect you from the heat.
    The only other alternative that I see, would be to dissolve companies altogether so there is no MMO,EIC or VRU and just make it a clan wars game. Because at this point that's pretty much what it currently boils down to anyway.
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