Multi-Company Clans - What to do?

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by OP32, Nov 7, 2017.

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  1. Lithinir

    Lithinir User

    This this this.
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  2. test020

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    so what did happen in until now?

    nothing eh? bigpoint remains milking their cash cows that wasted too much money to propely detach from the game, less and less new players to a point they had to install a PVE server that brought back a couple of players/spenders.

    yet MCC still exists. HA.

    i think flash player will die faster than MCC's.
  3. alot of us want to see the knew client a success before we start spending ie a smooth operating game with lack of constant issues ,i also know alot of player have said if it works properly they will return here .with covid and all the crap which has been going on we need be little bit patient i guess as long as its not another ten years lol i hope the team sort game so we can all start having fun again main issues is the cost they really need to drop it and lose these top players who bot all the time som dont even play its kinda wrong.any way happy new year fingers crossed it be ok
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  4. Well at least make a start by changing it so that people can only join clans from the own company!!!!
    I mean do something at least.
    Forget all the moaning players saying that want to be with their friends this is nonsense, make the first move and stop allowing people to join clans from the wrong company.
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  5. Anyone complaining about multi company clans just isn't good enough to stick with the game. If they have been a thing for over a decade, do you really think they're an issue? You're just making excuses for losing. If you're going to complain about fighting your own company who helps their clan, might as well have war with them anyways. Stop crying, they get rid of multi company option, it actually increases the odds of people leaving the game. You DO NOT take away something that has been around for YEARS. It's also Illogical to even say Clans shouldn't be able to have multi company in them.
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  6. If you need to be in a clan that is in a different company then you have got issues. grow some balls and switch company and lose honour just like in the old days. Only players who are moaning are the bitches who are scared to move company. No reason what so ever for anyone to be in a clan from a different company. The feature should not even of been in the game from day 1.
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  7. I've moved companies tons of times just out of sheer boredom. You're only making an excuse because you're trash at PvP. Stop crying, don't like it, quit the game, MCC has been around since the beginning. Git Gud.

  8. You sound like a typical player who only thinks about themselves, its nothing to do with pvp you plum! MCC has NOT been around since day 1 so get your facts straight. MCC is ruining the core basis of the game which is 3 companies against each other. If people need to hide in their own maps under the disguise of an nme clan then maybe its THEM who need to get good at pvp instead of sneaking sly kills off their own company!
    No reason what so ever for an MMO to be in a VRU company!! Its bollox and those who do it only do it to save them having to change company and lose honour. SIMPLE.
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  9. they took away crazy cubes,,,,,,,, and if you think its to do with pvp, your deluded, theres too many cheats now to bother with pvp,
    multi clan companys use them to dominate events, and keep legit players from them,,,
  10. Literally all I see is a pleb crying he can't do anything because he's not good lol.

    Sounds personal, I find entertainment with warring top clans and just going at it in 30min fights, sometimes longer.

    Literally you kids are doing is complaining, and I guarantee you're just scrubs who have no presence.
  11. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    We would like to say Thank You to all who have provided feedback on this topic since the initial request! The game team is aware of the feedback and we'll open this back up if they decide they need more at a later date.

    Closing for now.
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