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Dear forum reader,

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    Dear DO players,

    I'm tg, a little kid from the middle Europe. More likely a former kid... So I grew up as my ship did right next to me. Slowly.
    So I'm really into three different things: Coding that I've been learning/doing for 5 years. Basketball that I've been playing for 15 years. And girls of course... :) for a long time as well.

    And now, the game. I have such a weird nickname that I got to start with. The 'tg' came from a tag that I'd used as my first nick. The "9" was my jersey number that time. It was too short so I put in a couple 0s to get the 8 characters. So I started as tg90000 back in 2010, but soon failed building up that ship because I was 11 and didn't know anything about the game. So as I figured it out, started a new account, named it tg90000_2.

    I played years on the Hungarian server, then went to Scandi 1. I made a couple friends there in the Hungarian community, and then - in the awesome cry clan - I got some friends from all over Europe soon.
    Many players moved from that server and it became totally extinct. I moved also, to global 2, where I've been playing for 3 years now.
    I've been active on forums since late 2011 with more than 7k posts. Unfortunately Hungarian forum just barely has players these days, so I decided to move here.

    That's my journey so far. I always prefer fun over the game.

    Take care and have fun! :)

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