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Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by -MADBALL-, Jul 28, 2020.

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  1. -MADBALL-

    -MADBALL- User

    Hi. I reached negative honor points for shooting ships in same company for some reasons. I didnt notice how big im losing my honor points and it becomes negative. How long it will reverted back my honor points? Thanks
  2. you have to earn honor though shooting npc and doing quests galaxy gates are a good source of honor
  3. GT_MustanG

    GT_MustanG User

    it does not revert back, you will need to accept the outlaw mission to make it go positive again. try joining a clan and sending war
  4. Honor mission.. An Honorable Mention

    You have to delete or complete all other open missions in order for this mission to show in the list. You will quickly get back to plus honor if you do this mission.

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  5. The big thing to remember is to stop shooting same company ships, unless you have war. The Honorable Mission will help but if you keep shooting everything that moves, your just going to keep digging deeper into the neg zone. Each time you shoot a company player, without war, a message goes up on the screen and in the log warning you about it. If you don't do that mission, just shoot npc and do those missions. Also picking up blue cargo boxes will make you loose honor as well. How long it takes depends on you.
  6. Mod-Rogue

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