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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Juturna, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. Juturna

    Juturna User

    Please use this thread for any discussion or feedback on the new changes to the Auctions, as experienced on the Test Server.

    Details can be found in the Official Announcements section - we will keep you updated as we receive more information.

    UPDATE: This feature has now gone live. Please continue to post any feedback on the feature in this thread.
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  2. well for one the test server don't load certen maps.. eic or vru cant log in what so ever and i dont agree with showing what people bid.. and formations and pet protocols should be in it 2
  3. for me its good move from darkorbit overall i like it
    juts a little disappointed as pet gears and protocols were not added
  4. LordOfFire

    LordOfFire User

    Guys if you read what they put in the announcements, at certain times there will be things added into the auction on "events". My guess gears, protocols and Zues/Apis at times aswel. This is just a guess though :)


    I was a little disappointed that there were no drone formations in the auction but overall it looks like a great update. Keep up the good work :)
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  6. amby105

    amby105 User

    Overall, I liked it. Only thing I didn't like was that you could see exactly what the top bid was. I'd rather have that be the way it is now, so that it is more of a guessing game
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  7. armandark

    armandark User

    Overall, it's a very good system, but I feel in one way you may be helping ubfes more as they can bid higher. Though after a saturation point, only I think modules will be the main hit. Designs are one time bids. I love the new system of filters and hour/daily/weekly. Only thing is we can exclude pet protocols and gears cause that makes the game too damn easy. Other than that, I think drone formations should be included (or atleast the ones for 75k uri)
  8. I posted something like this in my other post.
    The drone formations should be included as well as the cool down boosters.
    I think it should be level related.
    For example you can not bid on certain items until you have reached a certain level.
    For example if you have stuck around long enough to reach level 16 then you can bid on elite designs.
    Level 18 you can open the bid on modules.
    20-21 you can bid on Aegis and such.
    It is a good idea but stings some thinking about that 250,000 Uri I paid for for a design.
  9. · During certain events you will also find special Event Items in the auction house.
    this is what has me confused are they going to put out other items on auction?
  10. Full_force

    Full_force User

    Don't like people being able to see how much the bid is.
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  11. in real auction you know how much the highest bid is..

    i like it, i hope we can see drone formation in it soon and shared boosters
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  12. Full_force

    Full_force User

    You do know there is many diffence types of auctions right? Some of which do not state how much the highest bid is but hey overlook this for that right.
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  13. If it will keep new players playing then I am for it. I already have most everything that is offered so it doesn't affect me much.
  14. Mr-Sticks

    Mr-Sticks User

    i'm glad that the auction is getting new items, but i think that people shouldn't be able to see the highest bid. i also think the cooldown booster should be added into the auction as well. i mean, if the other boosters are in there then why not have that one too? just my own thoughts though :) i'm excited to see this happen!
  15. plaku

    plaku User

    We were promised all uridium items would come on auction for example what was missing and really needful is : Drone formation ,Pet gears ,pet protocols,
    cool down boosters.
    Finally dont show the players bid on auction and show the real time on auction running not static , so we dont have to refresh all the time to see how much time is left.

    I hope you guys take this in consideration
  16. Jedi9521

    Jedi9521 User

    Sorry I missed the test. I hope to see the new auctions up and running soon. As far as PET gears and Drone Formations...leave them out I say. Can't make things too easy. I look forward to seeing the new auctions!
  17. hopefully soon all none paying noobies will have all the same stuff as all the people who paid over 3k for theirs...Well done indeed Bigpoint for finally whacking the last nail into this games coffin..where do i send my reciepts to for my full refund?
  18. My one and only problem is the fact that we can see how much someone bid.. this is make bids way too ridiculous....

    I also hate that i spent 250k uridium 3 different times on 3 different skill designs, just to see noobs can now get it for credits...

    yeah well in real life, people don't have hacked money or botted money do they?

    I somewhat like it, i would hate to see formations out as people should work for them... but if there was a level thing to it, it would make the game a lot more logistical
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  19. Full_force

    Full_force User

    Its not called that but it is not got via legit means.
  20. I think its a very good move by Bigpoint and they should keep up the good work and bring us more updates as good as this one. I hope to see it be released into the live game now.
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