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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Juturna, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. A lot of us worked hard for the uri we spent on the skill designs we bought, a noob like you has no right to tell us other wise.
  2. Ok i am not going to bother insulting you by calling you a noob, but your working hard, whats the differance then sir if i have boxed for 24 pilot points and new player comes and buys 400$ worth of uri on mega, do i complain about how hard i worked? you think the people biding upwards of 3 billion credits have not worked hard? and it is my right to tell you other wise that is why this section was made. Stop acting like you own the game and forums
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  3. Omega

    Omega User

    since I started playing 2 weeks after DO came out .I;ve spend 11k dollars plus on this game.. just last month 300.. so yeah it matter its paying players that kinda kept the company going since not a lot of free players played or most used bot .. so yeah it matter and u should give a crap cuz I don't think you will like to buy a tv for 2k dollars just to see it next month for 150.. just an example
  4. Exactly that was your choice to spend 11 thousand dollars. Just cause you spend money do not mean you "own" the game. And saying free players were the only ones botting dont start with that
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  5. Omega

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    you are such a noob. where did I say only free players used bot ? you are the one that's getting so fired up over somebody's opinion.just like a 5 y/o, I just said most of the players that used bot didn't contribute to the game they just ruined it for others.. and I love the fact that you completely just jumped to conclusions and just avoided my last question .. or statement . it was my choice .just like your choice for example to buy a car for 11k . yes nobody made me buy it .. but would you like to see somebody the next week or month or year to buy it for cheap ( by cheap I mean 2,300 or lower)? no I don't think so .. but hey what ever floats your boat..
    PS: I just stated that most used bot. not that most free users used bot. paying costumers also..
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  6. This game used to be good, the good stuff that didn't increase power was paid for, we all got something.

    I have put $500 into my account over the years, 80% of it is premium and 1 rebate...

    DO adds more and leaves a lot of players with out the choice considering the bots got it all free, no one could enjoy the game because those players now have it all.

    Yes, was their choice, but this game demands some money to get somewhere. Now the noobs get what most of us worked hard for, and at a much cheaper price. i paid 250k for each skill design i own EXCEPT for the lighting, which means i paid 750k uri... now worth nothing. I BOUGHT the saphire design when it came out... now its worth 2mil in auction on some servers 150mil on my main...
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  7. Once again i will not degrade myself by insulting you, you do that well on your own
    "so yeah it matter its paying players that kinda kept the company going since not a lot of free players played or most used bot .." This is a quote of you saying free players bot you inferred that all free players used bot by stating that most did not play and thew few ones did mostly used a bot.
    I paid 46$ for a sentinel and now its in auction and booty boxes but i am not complaining because i PAID to get it faster and before anyone else not BECUASE i would be the only one to have it. As far as the saphire people paid for that design right before they changed the way Goliath looked and enforcer came out so its a design without any boost what so every so people do not use the design anyhow.

    Everyone keeps telling me its your choice to pay yet anytime i suggest something come out for credits or in auction to say no because they took there choice in paying. We told people try wait on the skill designs because WE knew they were gonna get added to auction you people wanted items first so you paid
  8. i saved up uri each time for mine. so quite a waste, but then again, 5billion credits for each design is even more difficult lmao.
  9. Omega

    Omega User

    ur more and more like pacman everyday ... ur the one that accused me of saying something which I didn't .. and how about this .word for everything just like everybody else did .. even if I used real money. do you think that grows everywhere .you have to work for that also , if u really want to have everything easily .join a private server and fight all that .. hell I have one of those 2 if u care
  10. New updates:
    Since yesterday you were able to decide if you get mails of auction or not.
    Second you are able to look the last 2-12 hours auction now. Earlier you weren't able to do this.

    I don't see a feedback thread for the "Clan Payout" so since yesterday that was also a new update
  11. Yeah i saw the message update, and instantly turned that crap off.
  12. New auction is good, but they need to finish it. They didn't put all uridium items on it.

    Ftr, I saved for three months to get my aegis and a few more weeks to get the veteran design for it, but I'm perfectly fine with it being on the auction. It's like pre-ordering a game for a truckload of money and then complaining when it sells for $30 a year later...doesn't make much sense.
  13. Not ALL uri items were going on it. I don't want to see drone formations or pet, as they make a major difference in game play.
  14. I was led to believe that from the DO roadmap introducing it a few months back. At least put the cooldown booster and the pet cpu on there then...but I'd rather have the pet gears, protocols, and drone formations(even though I have a lot of them)
  15. Well don't forget this is a FREE game, DO has to make their money, and like i told everyone else, and the admins plus Rick said. NOT ALL URIDIUM ITEMS would go in auction, they thought it through and out what was right, but adding drone formations, which you should work for, considering the difference they make in battle. Plus pet, is something you should for sure work for including its gears, it makes a difference in battle, and in economy so...
  16. I guess I just don't understand why they'd be fine with putting the citadel and modules up there but not pet stuff which is so freakin expensive(45k for one salvage protocol:eek:)
  17. Hourly:
    P.E.T. Fuel Buy Assistant CPU
    P.E.T. Fuel (1,000)
    Gears (level 1)
    AI-Protocols (level 1)
    Booty-Key 100 [green] (2)
    Apis-Part (1)
    I think that is able to come into the new auction. But you think: thousands of players need 35,000 weeks so that all of them get 35 lf4-weapons.

    But I think can come into the auctionhouse because you get it in galaxy gates, pirate-booty,...
  18. There's enough hacking going on in this game, we don't want them boosting for these too.
    base modules are useless only the big clans or the cheat clans get somewhere with them.

    And you seriously aren't crying about gear price are you? When this stuff first came out, it was limited to max 60 days and it was way more expensive. and you bought them multiple times.
  19. Lazgrane

    Lazgrane User

    I like this auction system. Most of the basic stuffs are easily available for newcomer, allow omitting early farming chores
  20. lol obviously you come from a baby server.
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