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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Juturna, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. Lazgrane

    Lazgrane User

    is ga3 a baby server?

    I have seen a lot of servers but all auction house look the same to me

    B02 shield & lf3 for 10-30m, iris for 100-200m

    compare to the average rate of credit farming it sound reasonable enough for me

    that didn't count leonov and most CPUs are like free

    can i inquire which server are you playing that the price are so ridiculous?

    I want to take a look.
  2. Yes compared to GA1 and GE1 it's a baby server.
  3. Definetely Baby.
  4. Good.Will

    Good.Will User

    Patchnotes - April 2014, Please rethink the clan tax restriction. We need to be able to give alot more than max credits
  5. How about no? I'd rather not have the people who hacked billions of credits boost noobs or their other ships or their own ships by placing over the limit bids. Stop being a noob and make some credits, i have no trouble running my clan in the credit department and we have a full scale war going on.
  6. Omega

    Omega User

    lol r noobs really crying about credits now . that's really idiotic. credits are so easily obtained , and the people say that we don't want to help them ,they never say how lazy they r . perfect example of them just wanting everything to drop on their ships . I'm so sick of them . want credits by doing nothing ? go in 5-2 let ur pet collect cargo boxes and sell it
  7. On a populated server like GA1, people using credit hack make it impossible to get bids, and no one is going to dish out HARD EARNED credits to compete against a 50mil single cloak..
  8. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    I got a solace from the auction for 900 mill creds. I had to farm like hell for 5+ months for it, cause I'm a noob and not High and mighty like you guys. I worked for it just like you payed for it.

    Some people actually worked as much as (or even more) to get creds for those designs as those who payed and some people didn't even work for it.

    What I'm saying, there's two ends of the spectrum and you have to acknowledge both.

    (This is only me and my opinion)
  9. Why even? In that period you probably could have gotten two even 3 solace a amount of uri
  10. Yeah Foo, but as he said he was a wee noob at first , and ALL that uri he earned (while earning his credits for the Solace), most likely went to upgrading his ship...(lasers, gens, bio, upgrades, drones), so he couldn't have just gotten it with uri, as that uri was used to get FE+ .
  11. Touche
  12. I'd say the easiest is to skylab a ton, log in a ton, watch videos a ton, kill a ton of aliens, play a ton, and have a clan that can at least boost 20-30 mill. easiest to get anything that way, making about 100 mill a week and going to school full time. i mean, i use it at different times so yeah, but if you have full lf3 and bo2 then, do that.
  13. jani201

    jani201 User

    as a feedback to auction and its features, id like to have a favourite list or similar where you collect items that you want to buy at the moment instead of seaching each one separately.
  14. completer

    completer User

    New auctions are nice, but I think the ships from hourly auction are better at daily auctions because too many times leonov, veng ships can be gotten when you just want to and so many times for way less than buying a credit ship. The Goliath can be gotten many times, too, but can still be in the millions for it at times. There should be better bidding for the Goliath, though, if it stayed in hourly and there wasn't the leonov and veng in hourly to bid which would mean it would be a truer auction, again, for the Goliath. If those ships are taken away from hourly, though, just reduce their price. Dark orbit has made collecting uridium through the game a lot easier and more plentiful that it's not too difficult to take the time to build up your uridium to at least 20k uridium so a veng for like 20k, and leonov for 10k seems like that function would be better and put a lot of integrity back into people using credit ships for what they can accomplish as much as any ship, especially for the first levels in the game and even way pass that if they take the time to max them. I think it's time.
  15. Take your whack idea back to your own thread, NO ONE...(Noobs AND UFE's ) wants to make it "harder" for anyone to get Lenovs and Vengis in the auction....Why do you? From some out of place idea about "balance", but that does not make sense.

    You already show you don't really get how this game works, by saying "just make the Lenov and Vengi cost less Uri"....DUDE ! NO ONE buys those ships with Uri anyways, that's what the auction is for. Now you want to take those two ships OUT of hourly....and lower the "Uri" price....God I wish you could see the light man...geesh.


    To be fair: I (think) I agree with you in principle, that you want a wider variety of ships flying around, more balance. That's a nice idea, but the way you are proposing to "create" that balance is one of the worst ideas me (and many others) have ever seen.....In effect, you are ONLY making it harder to get a good transition ship that NOOBs need (Vengi for speed, and Lenov for Lowers firepower). I REALLY hope you can see your idea would hurt noobs..AND AND AND make there be LESS variety of ships in the map......THINK... if you take away access to Lenov and Vengi for creds, will there be more or less of those ships on the map...LESS !!!! SEE!!!!
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2015
  16. Hi,

    He did not suggest take Ships completely out of Auction, if you read properly. He suggest put them in Daily trade, i do agree that's a bad idea but it also has some good perks within doing this.
    Everyone has there own ideas bad or good. There's not need to use Capital letters (shouting) at him, for his idea's.
    I personally think this is a bad idea, due to the fact Lower Level'd Players will have weak ships. But maybe if Leonov was 5,000 Uridium - 7,500 Uridium this could be ok, when players start now after starter quest they'll have 15k + Uridium.

    Fly safe, regards
  17. You're right Secret Finger, that's why I added the "edit" to my post, to show I DO agree in principle about wanting to see more variety of ships on the map....But that poster already has an idea thread going where he said the same bad ideas already. I ALSO would like more types of ships on he map, but the idea he proposed to do this is absurd, and would have the OPPOSITE effect.

    If we want to see other ships flying around , Dark Orbit has to make them worth flying again (which they just did for Yamato and Defcom )...NOT make access to them "harder" moving from hourly to daily. Honestly I don't think that Completer even knows what he wants.

    Jesus, now I'm hijacking the thread to explain how the thread was hijacked -_- ugh I'm dizzy.

    OH and Secret, if YOU read my post more carefully, you would see that I fully know that the ships would be moved to a different auction, not removed completely, I clearly showed I knew that.......perhaps you didn't read my post fully :p !

    This is the part I don't get. So Completer what you're saying is "Since Vengi and Lenov can be bid on for a lower credit price in hourly auction than say the BigBoy costs in the shop, we should take away Veng and Len from the hourly because they should't be cheaper than a credit ship. Furthermore, if they were in daily, the price should go up some, as there would be less supply, and as long as a bidder pays MORE for a Lenov or Veng (in credits) than a BigBoy, you would be happy??

    Sounds like you have been burning credits buying a Bigboy over and over for a long time, when you could have bid on a Vengi, and now you don't want anyone else getting them, because you're sad you didn't know about it. ( It really seems like that)
    Last edited by moderator: Aug 19, 2015
  18. BigBoys are more expensive, on the sever i play i can get any 3 ships for under 100k Credits, i thin putting the in daily trade would make them go for more. Make then harder to get, more of challenge.

    Players on my sever like level 5 and under will be flying round with a Goliath that got for 100k Credits which is good, but also bad.

    Personally i agree with the owner of this Thread, put the 3 ships in hour trade or put a minimum bid of;
    • Leo - 250,000
    • Veng - 500,000
    • Goliath - 1,000,000
    Many players will not agree with doing this, they want everything cheap but it will make the game more challenging so not everything is just givin to you.

    Also this has nothing to do with Ships. but on my sever Iris's go for under 5,000,000 Credits, this is not good players get powerful to quick (which is a bad thing) they get to bigger maps before they know how to circle, hunt, defender the self's. This means that they'll beg UFE's for help which annoys some players ( i personally give noobs as much help as i can offer ) If players can get 8 iris's within 2 weeks how is the game challenging? it's to easy which makes the game less fun.. i hope you understand what i'm trying to say.

    ((Sorry for not reading correctly i'm not on forums much at the minute so rushing my reading and writing))

  19. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Ridiculous. You have no idea what you are talking about and have no perspective on what its like to be a new player.

    If you honestly think a player having Iris and a Goliath for cheaper than we used to get it means this game isn't challenging for them then you need to rethink what it's like to be on a noob account.
    An account with 8 iris and full lf3 in a goliath hits around 20k x4, an UFE can hit 90k x4. Yes I'm sure that little noob with 8 iris and a goli is way too powerful /s.

    I urge you to go and make a brand new account right now, spend 1 week playing on it and see how miserable it is to be a new player, nobody gets anything quick.

    Why do I ask you this?
    I tried it very recently, on none other than GB1. Average Iris is 10mil creds - not 5mil as you say - , same goes for LF3, 8 iris and 31 lf3 is then 380,000,000~ credits needed just for a new player to get their standard FE damage equipment only to find they still hit like a sponge whilst being about as durable as paper and getting destroyed in 10 seconds by a UFE.
    You want to know how long it takes a new player to get 380,000,000 credits? Months and months, they can't even be given it by their clan because of how the credit system in clans work (first week is max 5mil creds, second week is max of 15mil creds etc).

    I will say it again, you have no idea what you are talking about, you are trying to make the game so much worse with suggestions like that and you have no idea what you mean when you say its not a challenge for noob players.
    Try it out for yourself.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2015
  20. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Lets keep to the subject matter at hand please :) This is for feedback on the auctions in particular

    Thanks^ ^
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