new boss:cubiking

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by deathlykiller45, Jan 2, 2014.

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  1. No way man. 70mil hp and 100mil shield?o_O Would be on that thing till my arm got tired. Also, you're never getting into the cubikon graveyard.
  2. thats what a grup is for and its a 1/100 chance o any1 w/ a ajp can do thi plus if 1 roup member is in the cube graveyard the others can teleport tobthe one in the cube graveyard
  3. You cannot get into the cubikon graveyard with a group. Also, the advanced jump cpu does not put you into the graveyard to my knowledge. It is the JP-2 cpu that does it, the jump chip to x-1 map. It is also, I believe, a 1/1,000 chance and not 1 in 100. By the way, did anyone tell you about the uber protegites with slow-down rockets when you get there? Your group would not stand a chance.
  4. kk ill scrap that

    why am i not suprised by your negativity
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  5. I'm sorry but 123m hp and 145m shields for the thing? You realize that's just about more hp in one alien than in a gamma gate right? I honestly see no way this could be viable

    BOSS~ADAM User

    Maybe come up with a better idea and I won't be negative.
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  7. it is NOT that much read the acual post

    BOSS~ADAM User

    It's kind of hard to read the post...
  9. It is that much according to your own post....and ..I...
    ....QUOTE :
    "this is a new boss that is actuality hard and it has 3 phases an can give you its abilitys
    health 20mill (phase 1) 45mill (phase 2) 58mill (phase 3) [ = 123 million HP]<--I added
    shield 30mill (phase 1) 55mill (phase 2) 60mill (phase 3) [= 145 million shields] <-- I added "......End quote
  10. you dont have to do every phase at once like ggs when you want to take a break from the fight you can leave the exit port at any time and continue at any time you like
  11. ship5678

    ship5678 User

    The Idea behind the alien and the rewards are good. However the alien has WAY to much power for it to be worth attacking.
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  12. This idea is ridiculous in all honesty. The emperor kristallon only has 14 mil hp and you want to make this cubiking thing? No way. It would be either impossible to kill if it did a lot of damage or just take all day...literally.
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  13. I'm confused as to if this is a gate or a NPC?​
  14. ok ill weaken it

    a gate
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  15. it takes about 5 mins to kill an empor bk so t kill this boss it should take 1 hour tops
  16. Damn a whole hour for one alien, ridiculous.
  17. an hour is the higest time it would take it might take a ue 20-30 mins
  18. Ya if they use RSB and whites.
  19. The cubikon in x-6 is regular. A boss cubikon would be x4. A uber cubikon would be x8 the regular cubikon. A joker would be - hehe :p. A queen cubikon would be x16. A king cubikon would be x32.
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  20. This is a terrible idea. There's nothing you can revise, other than scrap this entire idea. What kind of idiocy do you posses to come up with such a ridiculous notion of a "cubiking"?!
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