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Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by 99-to-life, Sep 11, 2020.

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  1. 99-to-life

    99-to-life User

    Why do you guys encourage us to use a new client when it's so buggy. Not only is it buggy as hell, you can rarely even get into the game screen without being kicked off. Tried it on 5 accounts, same thing every time. I doubt anyone will ever complete the bonus calendar, because you have to log on 700 times in 1 day just to get your bonus since it never works. It's not just me, it's everyone on my Discord.

    Fix your bugs, then maybe people will wanna play.
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  3. Hello, my client keeps redirecting, says I have to clear cookies. Tried clearing cache both in the client and on my Chrome browser and its still no go. Its good that my faithful chrome still works might as well kiss the new freebies, one can only pick up new in new client, goodbye. Got any ideas on how to solve this problem?
  4. memrix

    memrix User

    and when you actually get it, it somehow removes all your keyboard-shortcuts and doesn't allow you to go full screen mode, and constantly gives messages ingame complaining about how shortcuts don't work thanks i get it
  5. Bibulus

    Bibulus User

    Its not been to bad up till today when it just wont load, when it does work there's a lot of lag
  6. Full Screen is a crutch. However when the client goes back to the signin screen, that is really a pain. Sometimes several times in a day. Funny how the flowers know if your using the client or not.
  7. Cannot play game. Every time I click on start it goes back to the LOG-IN page. What is going on with this new update?
  8. Yes it does the same thing to me, however when i was on backpage by some miracle i must have missed it but it managed to reach on the space map but always saying connection lost and whenever i click new connection it just repeats connection lost
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  9. I can't get into Forums using the new client!!!
  10. @НØNØЯ50 - From the download client, I clicked Forum and it auto-opened my default browser and gave me full logon access to the forums. Possibly needs to have browser set to open multiple pages/tabs. Something to check anyways.
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  11. Still often having real problems getting into map. I counted the number of times I had to click "Start" yesterday before the map would load. 57 times. Been trying last 5 mins and it just keeps going back to the login screen. Boring me now.
  12. **silver**

    **silver** User

    The new client is really a junkyard of dark orbit....nothing good
  13. I have found its best to close it and open it again after a couple tries.

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