New drone design?!

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by «XION4», Jan 6, 2014.

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  1. very interesting indeed. Okapi32 since when you been an admin ? lol personally i think he messing with you guys. he probably got bored one night and thought you no what why not do some trolling on darkorbit and decided to make this video. darkorbit this is a threat if i see any green drone designs or any new drone designs for that matter i will not be responsible for my actions =p
  2. YES, but the color is 'in' blue' - get it? It matches EIC colors, make mine MMO (Orange) and VRU green.
  3. He's no admin. I know how he pulled the whole thing off, but I'm not sure I can elaborate without getting a ban. :(
  4. Omega

    Omega User didn't know they have been there for so long .. lol
  5. Oracle

    Oracle User

    Bigpoint said that there would not been any new drone designs nor lf5/Bo3..This is fake or just shot on a priv server. BTW X formation/ mosquito formation were here but never implemented.The 2 new tech items were a rumor that was going on on 2011.Now owning has implemented both of them in a private server.Easy as that.Anyways nice priv server owining :)


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  6. Hmm interesting ; looks good ;)

    I found a picture about this drone.

  7. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The 3 new tech are in the same boat as Mosquito and X drone formations, they exist in the code of test servers but never actually made into the real thing.
    Speed leech became DCR and kamikaze tech because P.E.T. Kamikaze.
    As for clinging drone impulse, anyone's guess is as good as mine as to what that was intended to be.

    It was actually done on a real server, I think doing it on a private server would have been more challenging and would gave ruined the hype that is created :p
    The Green drone design, or "Thor" as I named it in my videos that started this whole thing off, is fake.
  8. Okay okay i photoshoped dat drone :D

    Anyways hope this design will came out. It's awesome :O
  9. Haha.... nooooo, im still having bad luck with hercs, 16 kappas 4 hercs.. Some have it worse but still I don't need a new design lol.
  10. whoeva

    whoeva User

    4/16 is not bad luck - sounds about right to me. Yes, some people are doing much worse than that but 1 in 4 is about average I would say.
  11. 4 Kappas:

    0 LF-4
    0 Herc

    So I stopped doing kappas :( and doubt I ever will :mad:.

    Took 30 zeta for havocs so that is dead on average so I am happy with that. If another drone design came out, fine let the gullible idiots buy it but I wouldn't :p

    And nice work owningpeeps, a very convincing fake, judging from above :p
  12. Was this your reaction to it?

  13. Yep :D

    And also like this

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  15. 1: Learn to spell.
    2: Lose the caps, their not allowed, like that.
    3: We already established it was fake.
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    ok sorry .. but i was hurry sorry again
  17. burkey

    burkey User

    Ok so why is this thread going on still when it's been deemed a fake? lol ;o
  18. Because we have nothing better to do with ourselves other then randomly rant on LOL jk, the thread maker needs to request it closed and a mod will do it.
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  19. burkey

    burkey User

    Both true :D


    ok but you are not an admin stop to imitation them
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