New given 50% boosters (honor; experience) system: “Clan Battle”

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  1. Before getting into my proposal, i want to make clear few little things, i am one of the leaders of ЯΞКT clan, probably the nowadays biggest clan on this game.
    I think as many others that the multi company clan (as mine one) are one of the reasons which with the passage of years broke the game, because in every server basically big amounts of people regrouped in 1 single clan in order to take the daily benefits of the booster % given from bases and aswell to “dominate” the map events.
    This clans basically born and keep “solo” dominating servers because of their organization and especially the huge amount of players they have, that bring to a situation which the bases (that bring to a big compensation of honor/experience boosters) are owned and controlled 24/7 by those dominating clans which can bring a big amount of players at any give time and control the bases with the given boosters!
    So basically the “dominating” clans makes quit the other little clans from the game and keep grinding rank points, so they make quit huge amounts of players and aswell after the players of this clan get their “goal” rank status, without any motivation to play they quit the game aswell, so the system basically bring sooner or later everyone in leaving your game….

    My proposal:
    My proposal consist in changing the way of those daily booster gave by base:
    1 In order to don’t make the bases pointless, 10% ( of the total 50%) of the boosters will keep being given in the same way they work right now
    2 The rest of it (so 40%) would be based on “clan battle”, basically a kinda of “tournament” which will allow to participate only the top16 (based on rank) clans in battling each other to get those boosters (like that even little clans will have the chance to get it):
    • the “tournament” will be based as a kind of TDM, each of those 16 clans will be able to sign a team of 10 players (as in a classic TDM) which will fight other clans in 1v1 clans fight in order to keep advancing the the “clan battle”
    • the clans once they subscribe a team on it will be randomly jumped into another special map and fight between each until one of them win it, in the map everything about ammo/boosters/techs/pet will be allowed (despite dlb boosters)
    • the death of a player will mean his elimination from this round and obviously the last standing/s player/s will define the round winner, the losing clan will be eliminated while the winning one will keep advancing ( 16——>8——>4——>2——>winner)
    • the clan winner will gain automatically 40% extra experience/hon booster until the next “clan battle”
    • if some clans on the top 16 won’t have a 10 players team ready inside the first 15 mins they will automatically be eliminated (so the clan battling them will advance automatically on the next round)

    In conclusion: mine is only a raw idea, which of course can be upgraded/changed in order to make it better, but the main point remain to try to base the rewards in terms of rank/game objectives in pvp fair fights, which will allow “everybody” to try get it, without the need of joining the “dominating” server clan!
    How the system is based right now will slowly bring all your players in stopping the game so i hope you will take at least in consideration the fact of changing your actual system!

    Example of the new “clan battle” :
  2. 400 views, not a single answer and only 12 votes? Wow, impressiv are you all scared because he is from Rekt?:oops:


    I see, you guys are craving for some challenge aren't you? :D

    I totally understand that. GE5 doesn't put up much of a fight anymore for you guys (I guess that is the reason why I see you on GE2 now aswell?), so wanting some kind of "forced" pvp to be able to still enjoy it is natural.

    But why with the Boosters?
    I mean why even care about your Honor anymore?
    The game is full of Bots, so Honor doesn't have any value at all anymore in this game. And everyone who is still trying to "rank-chase" is in my eyes an idiot (sorry for the word, but this just how it is).

    If you want people to do some pvp maybe try and win them over with something that actually has some value. Rank and/or Honor is useless nowadays, everyone who still gives a rats as's about that is a lost cause.

    But I have a different proposal:

    You are saying:

    So how about stop dominating and stoping with the MCC?
    So why not just let the other ppl have bases too?
    You guys (Rekt) have 3 clans and around 120ish accounts in those clans, why do you need all 23 bases under your name when only 15 of them are of any use to you?
    Why not just build 15 bases and leave the rest for the other clans?
    Why not leave the noobs alive instead of 1-shoting every new player imediately when they are in sight and therefore making them leave the game?

    This whole post reads like this:
    Oh we dominated the server for years now and drowe everyone away from the game, by making their experience miserable from the first day a new player would join our server, now we don't have anyone who is challenging us and we are bored.
    We want pvp again, so we propose to give you boosters (which, like I said are useless due to the bots) for some fights.

    Maybe if the top-clans on all the server had thought about the consequences of their actions a couple years earlier, it would not have come to this. :rolleyes:
  3. anduril

    anduril User

    Well said. OP32's post from 2017 announcing nothing would change regarding MCC is still here to read in the forums. And as many of us suggested, this would be the outcome. So thanks for admitting as much, hades, and don't expect any sympathy or support from the rest of us.
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  4. There is always a clan on every server that dominates it is not the players faults for killing noobs I mean its a pvp game we all went through the noob phase... as long as the game allows for Multi company clans to dominate they will because if people can take over a server with their clan why wouldnt they?? people are not going to stop killing players because in 2 years all the players who were killed could possibly quit and thus the game will die
  5. Bases are kinda a crucial point in clans activities, and my point as a leader of a dominant clan it's to give to every (even little) clans the chance to measure themself with also big clans in fair fights, thats all.
    If you guys cannot see the true point than i guess we deserve (as community) all this lackness of upgrade/changes that the games require
  6. Bases are only important if you care about your rank.
    If you don't care about your rank then bases are one of the most useless active features in the game. ( Not including the passive features that are useless like the new Emotes and such.)

    And you are doing that by taking all the bases for yourself?
    Because I saw that multiple times already, all23 bases being under the REKT-Tag sometimes even for multiple days. And like I mentioned before more than 15 Bases does not benefit you at all, because your 3 Clans can't have more than 15 Boosters combined anyway.
    Well good job then, I guess? :confused:

    You are right, the community (or let's say the majority of the community) deserves everything they get. Because it is the community who ruined this game in the first place.

    Overloaded servers -> caused by the community using bots to spam hundreds of gates on Weekends -> all the lag is deserved, because people are to stupid to play fair

    Lack of players -> the mcc clans aswell as the general top players or UFE players just kill the noobs all the time -> lack of players deserved because the existing community makes the experience of a new player miserable.

    Lack of PVP -> when ganging up on everyone and drive them of the game (to avoid a pushban) or just to not feel like wasting time e.g
    when killing a noob (trying to build himself up and possibly be a challenge for you later on) who tries to kill a boss kristallon for 5 min and you shot him down maybe even steal the boss kristallon from him -> after 2 or 3 times he will just give up and log out, possiby never come back (kinda the same point as the first one with making the game experience miserable). -> lack of pvp deserved

    (Not to mention the usage of auto-locking tools, which is ruining the last bit of pvp that is still left aswell :rolleyes:)

    Lack of content -> using a bot and getting all the new content (e.g the Prom lasers) within a couple of weeks instead of months or years is of course gonna make them feel like there is a lack of content. BP can't just put out new stuff every other week because the bots botted everything and are now bored again.... -> "lack of content" deserved.

    Do I need to go on ?
    I think not, it should be clear that (most, not all of) the community deservers every little bit that happens to them.
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  7. So when an UFE is killing a beginner who just started 2 or 3 hours ago it's the beginner's fault?
    Please explain that logic to me, because I seem to be to dumb to understand how a beginner can be at fault for being killed by an UFE.

    And that has nothing to to with wether or not we all went trough the same thing, because we did not!

    I started in 2010, back then you had 30-60 People of all kind of progress range from a complete noob, to what is nowadays called "old FE" on every map. And hunters were either alone or 2-3 people at the same time.

    Huge battes with 50-60 people were a thing back then too but they were not nearly as bad for the players as they are nowadays.

    Nowadays you have 1-2 people on certain maps and 20-30 bots on other maps. Hunters are always at least 2 just in case they do find another active player on the map.

    Biggest difference is obviously the DMG-output.
    Back in the days you could have 2 or even 3 hunters shooting at you and still make it to a gate, possibly even jump trough.

    Nowadays if you have even just 1 hunter on you as a noob you are dead in 1 at best 2 or 3 hits.
    With 2, you can just stand there let them oneshot you and start back ant the base or the portal, there is not even a reson to run, if fact trying to run is nowadays only a waste of time when you are a beginner. Nothing more nothing less.

    Back in the days due to many more players being online at all times you were even able as noobs to turn the table around, when 10 noobs fought together they were able to driwe away a single hunter or even 2 hunters.

    Nowadays if you have 100 Noobs, they can't even take half of the shield of 1 out of 2 configs from 1 single UFE player before all of them died.

    Do not tell me we went trough the same, because it is (absolute bs!) absolutely not true. (We wanna be nice ^^)
    We (everyone who played 2006-2012/13) went trough nothing compared to what the beginners have to go trough today.
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  8. tonka-toy

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    in 2010 if i wanted to be in a clan in another comp i woul;d have had to change comps and lose half hon so mcc appeared all you have to do is delete the -50% hon for changing companys as honour serves no purpose at the moment
  9. memrix

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    On GE3 i feel like there is a 'balance' between Rekt and UNS and Roma (and some other strong clans), so at least rekt isn't the all powerfull entity there that they seem to be on other servers.

    honestly i don't care about which clan controls the CBS, they are already over powered, so by all means have the darn CBS and their abundant bonusses

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