New group gate (LoW gate) Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by PoseidonsFury, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. Please use this thread for any discussion or feedback related to New group gate (LoW gate)

    Here is the official announcement> Group gate (LoW gate) redesign

    Have fun :)
  2. Really, really bad rework. This gate is too hard, not worth doing it unless you are UFE. It was better to introduce cool down to this gate, as all have mentioned on the previous feedback.

    Like this, FE's can't get some decent amount of uri now. What we got left is: boxing on PvP map and farming Kristallons hoping some UFE's don't feel themselves on rampage mode and keep camping all the maps cause those"noobs" that were doing the LoW gate before, now have to farm uppers.

    Sadly, but that's the truth. I think that most of the players hoped for the cool down thing, rather this new type of LoW gate. Or even better, you could introduce some "uppers" LoW gate that have this characteristics from the reworked LoW gate. And, you could possibly lower the uri from the Falcon on the "old" LoW gate.

    -1 at the moment.
  3. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    So I with 3 clanmates only fe we did the gate in like 2 hours ( with x1 and without seprom ) in 2 aegises and 2 goli's . The gate isn't that hard but it's very boring because you can't use kamikaze . You are circling npc-s over and over again . After that the falcon appears and you kill the vagrants and start killing the falcon . With 2 aegises is pretty easy because you just switch , and a goli shoots while you rep . However after managing to take down the shield entirely it was bugged again like in old low ( so the bug isn't solved and you may try to bug it from start like in old low ) . For that we received ~10k uri for a person for 1 gate ( ~40k uri per gate entirely ) . The low gate is the same as old one almost . You only have x3 npc-s while the bugs are still there , so that's why we can't use kamikaze anymore ( middle bug ) . Is enjoyable probably for the first 20 minutes but after that is so boring and after all that work you realize it doesn't worth anymore . Probably we won't do it again in this stage . This group gate should be a good source of uridium for those who play in a group / clan but it isn't .
    I don't want to say -1 , but it's the truth at the moment .
  4. ŚίMΘŚ

    ŚίMΘŚ User

    Congratulation for changing LoW gate to a [removed] one! You will recieved the same like when you banned so many players for bot-ing! This game is too expensive, nobody will pay for it, and now you removed the only 1 uridium possibilities. So most of us will stop the game! NICE, and thumbs up!

    A colonel from GE1​
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  5. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Its a big waste of ammo for nothing , bad update ...
    LoW need atleast 5x better reward than its now and still it will be waste off ammo
  6. Give us back the old LoW gate.Pleaseee

    This new one is so bad!!

    Thanks and have a nice day!
  7. Who the heck circles an NPC o_O just go backwards, till change...config and you are safe :p
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  8. bobmyself

    bobmyself User

    Haven't actually bothered to do the gate myself but just reading off the announcement leaves some easy things to point out.

    The old gate had become solo-able since it's release due to the development and growth of player ships. While it was a problem that a "Group Gate" could be done solo (even without exploits), it clearly wasn't the primary concern.

    I don't think it's any secret that the old LoW gate could be bugged and easily farm-able for the Century Falcon uridium, even by sub-elite ships that could take a rocket from the CF every few seconds. This yielded an easy 20k+ uridium per hour and led it to become one of the best ways to earn uridium. And according to post #3, this wasn't even fixed, making the redesign somewhat redundant.

    If the original gate had to have all NPCs destroyed before a CF spawned, then no issue would've ever even arisen. The gate would've been just tossed aside as an unused game feature in favour of better game progression methods.

    The original value that the gate had without use of exploits was not that high. By adding restrictions/limitations to the gate as you have done now, it is of even greater difficulty to complete so I don't believe the X3 scaling to all values was enough to compensate for simply adjusting NPC values.

    With the figures given in post #3 as they are now, 5k uri/hr for an FE can be easily earned by solo means and that is much more efficient than having to group up. To encourage teamplay, I think even going as high as X6 of the original reward values wouldn't be out of question. In context, this would equate to 10k uri/hr per person - not too bad for FEs using X1 with no sep.


    Being honest, for something that has been on the drawing board for over 5 months, this 'redesign' is rather lackluster. You've essentially turned an 'Alpha' LoW gate into a 'Gamma' one and necessitated 3 or more players to do it. I hope it wasn't just a lazy edit for the time being while development for the 'Skylab-operated special gate' mentioned in the December post is underway.

    Overall, it's not so much a bad update as it is a redundant one. Since the gate is such a minor part of overall gameplay (completely isolated map and not required at any stage of the game), it's hard to balance it in such a way that it's worth doing but not so much that it becomes a primary means of game progression.

    What's happened now is that the gate has been turned from a primary means of solo farming into an actual group gate (which is good) but in turn, the rewards that it's currently offering is not worth the time, making it a completely un-viable or ineffective means of game progression.

    What should've been achieved was making it a secondary method of game progression i.e if you met the time/players restrictions, then it would be worth doing.


  9. yeah what he/she said :)
    been trying to think of what to say and this hit the nail on the head
  10. Too little too late just like everything else. The amount of money I spent over the past year just to get blown out the water by free playing noobs who sit in low gate 24/7 is preposterous.
  11. K.I.D.S

    K.I.D.S User

    Still can do a bit of low gate without others btw, you have 4-5 minutes to go before the gate is closed if you do not have 3 people.. guess it's still ok
  12. Omega

    Omega User

    the game is free to play , you chose to spend money , and money doesn't dictate how good you are , I spend money also . but that's my choice , the game is after all free to play ,so if somebody wants to get the same stuff as you , when you just buy uridium and works for it , that's fine

    the low gate ? hum ? guess what ? the servers are as dead as ever now . so many players have quit . you don't realize that this game needs a new income source of uridium where players can get a substantial amount of uridium since now it costs so much more to become ufe than before . don;t u greedy people realize that ? now u took away another source of income , the npcs on the map are worthless , so you should double the reward if not triple them , and also you will see that if you don't make the game enjoyable ,eventually you are gonna close it like the 2 other games that just didn't produce enough revenue anymore . cuz nobody will spend anything if they have nobody to play with , so gg , you possibly just made the game worst ,you guys "fix" something by patching it in a spot and leaving holes somewhere else , one thing I know ,lots of players will eventually just say " I'm sick of this " and quit , especially since now you can't even hunt because of the stupid ice rockets
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  13. K.I.D.S

    K.I.D.S User

    ^ If there was people always doing low gate, then wouldn't there be more people in the maps because they will not do low gate, so it can actually be better in a way?
  14. Low gate was boring to me but those that i know that liked it was because it gave them somewhere to play the game without having to watch for hunters. Some people like to have a laid back game experience too heck one guy I know sees MHH and hes gone lol. I guess back in the day there was so many ships that FEs even sub FEs felt they try to progress themselves on the maps even with hunting parties out there. now they just meat waiting to get butchered.

    My thought change low gate back to what it was but make it where you have to kill all npcs to open beacons (will slow down the falcon farmers that was the true problem) also a countdown timer once complete cant join another for a period of time i would say 2 hours. Would make it still a source of making uri without the 20 k an hour problem from those just killing falcon.

    Lets face it without places where people can build their ship other than very few actually farmable npcs on the maps that just become a pen to roundup kills for UFEs and sub UFEs. There is no way most people going to stay let alone spend money on the game.

    edit: and those UFEs that are going to say they should have nowhere to go we had it tough when we were getting ours. There wasn't quite as many UFEs and sub UFEs running around with nothing left to do but kill newbs cause its cheaper ammo then fighting someone your own strength. I'm not UFE or sub UFE yet but getting there and i do run when i shoot 30 k and someone attacks me hitting 40k wouldn't be in my best intrest to hang and fight but once i catch up i got no problem standing toe to toe. I for one will progress my ship on the map but let those that can't handle it have a haven even if its limited. sorry for my grammar just a carpenter here writings not part of my job description:)
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  15. Damn those Ice Rockets.
  16. Omega

    Omega User

    nope it would be better for them to do low gates so they can buy ammo ,etc idk about u ,but I actually wanna have good fights not free kills
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  17. K.I.D.S

    K.I.D.S User

    That's just depends on who you are, can been seen in both ways
  18. "Stay one step ahead of your oponents and buy uridium!" - How am I staying 1 step ahead when bug users are able to sit in Low Gate and farm uridium and rank points at an amount much larger then galaxy gates? I don't care how people are able to make uridium. But it needs to be harder. Back when I didn't spend I had to grind every night killing BKs or cubikons to make headway. Don't misconstrue my point; I did countless amounts of galaxy gates and spent quite a bit of money on uridium, and free players were able to make MORE rankpoints then me by abusing a system put in place to help free users. IMO people need to stop being lazy and start utilizing the NPC maps rather then sitting in one place with their mouse recorder going.
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  19. Jurjstyle

    Jurjstyle User

    You think that old low gate can be done with a mouse recorder ? I'm sorry to say but you are a bit silly . Even a automatic program with a lot of functions could hardly doing well in old low . You are talking without knowing anything . The gate implied a lot of variety of factors ... It was more than random . You should be upset of bray farming which is actually a mouse recorder activity . Cubing is a faster way to make uri than low gate , pvp with doubler too so don't be upset of what you don't know .
  20. That is what I am referring to, although I believe that you can collect boxes with mouse recorder to; hense: "people need to stop being lazy and start utilizing the NPC maps rather then sitting in one place with their mouse recorder going" (a.k.a the average activities of pretty much everyone it seems nowadays).
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