New group gate (LoW gate) Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by PoseidonsFury, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. Omega

    Omega User

    it can't be done with a mouse recorder and you are one step away since you are getting everything faster and not wasting time . if u realyl buy uridium and don't know how to rank up,that's ur problem . its easy . also I can do 500k rank points in one week .. with 50% honor booster ( the one you buy ) just galaxy gates with 1.5 mill uridium . so cry me a river ,if they actually work for it they should be able to get everything you have ,and the game is free to play . before ,you didn't need more than 400 bucks to get everything now u need 1-2 k bucks .. so yeah some are gonna use bugs etc to get stuff cuz the game is not fair anymore and way to expensive for something you don't get anything in return . I spent 17 k on this game , and I just want to have players to play with . I wouldn't care if they use a mouse clicker or what ever to collect boxes ,I can get the kills from them ,and they are wasting time and boosters ,etc I just want to fight on the map . nothing more ,nothing less
  2. TheGlory

    TheGlory User

    * Kamikaze gear is not allowed in the new version of the group gate.

    Wow, go die.
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  3. Bigpoint has done a big mistake by remaking LoW gate and putting 4 battleray on 5-3 with less interceptors and smaller rewards, they will loose a lot of players and i think that is not in their interest since Darkorbit has lost a lot of players and is not what it had been 3-4 years ago.
    A very angry player.
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  4. The new redesign on low gate is a big joke to most players. My opinion is that you still have too many aliens and not enough reward for killing century falcon. It took 4 of us to complete it within a reasonable amount of time = almost two hours. That being said the old low gate had it's share of problems also. Both low gates old and new have too many small aliens that spawn too much. Take off about 50 aliens from the whole gate, give a straight 10k uri for each player that completes the gate and on top of that you get the crappy rewards for killing falcon. This would still leave plenty of aliens to kill and worth spending an hour in the gate and using ammo. As for having an outlet where you don't have to worry about pvp that's a given with all galaxy gates. The game just needs more gates and more maps. Look up my warp gates post in idea pool. You could also have 2 extra galaxy maps with many more maps. One galaxy could be totally non pvp - You just kill aliens in it, but make it difficult to open up the galaxy, like make it to where you have to find the parts for the module to build the galaxy map. The other galaxy could be 6-1 thru 6-12 all new alien/pvp maps containing a few new boss aliens, some aliens out of zeta gate and hades gate, and heck why not have the last two maps in that galaxy all event aliens!
  5. I know this is out of topic, but what you have written here should go to the Idea forum. It will be really nice to have more maps like this.
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  6. Čiriks

    Čiriks User

    yea yea. i was mad also when didn't get 100k uri for free. for couple of hours. Move on. lot of players? ok from low gate maybe, but on battleray sit only 2-4 players who farmed easy uri. So leave if you wan't! :p
  7. I know im late on posting this but we needed that pervious low... not for the uri not for the credits.NO we ( FE people ) need a map where we don't have to worry about being hunted by the all the players that are ufe just a place where we can gain exp mabe some uri or creds, I Know all the UFE might disagree but wouldn't you rather have a epic fight rather than a bunch of easy boring noob kills? me I like a good fight but hey if they wanna take away the one map we can get stronger in peace so be it just know you lost a lot of new players because they cant find a place to get stronger without being killed 24/7
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  8. I will Really miss the Old Low Gate.. I would DO that gate.. Solo.. just to Chill out, would Teach newer FE how to Solo it.. but Never would I try to kill the CF.. because the Reward was a Waste of Good Ammo, I would solo the Gate just to ReLevel my Drones after Repairing.

    Never knew there was an Exploit .. Uri Farming.. Did they get Uri from Carrots or what..

    why Redesign it..
    why not make it so It could only be Done Once per Week or Once every 2 weeks or once per month.. not too Difficult.. they Did Cut Down the Credits we could payout to Noobs..

    I guess the "BigPointers".. just DO-nut want New Players.. trying to Catch up and Stick around.

    and by the Constant Volume of Pilots on the Maps.. Seeing is Believing.. They are Shooting themselve or Us.. in the Foot for bean Loyal to the Game.. :mad:
  9. When DO asked for a feedback (before redesigning the gate) most of the players said to introduce some cooldown like 6-7 hours, so you can't farm the gate all day. I don't know why, but with the redesign they refused that..
  10. LEON...

    LEON... User

    The low gate was primarily for new/noob players. My idea would be this.:

    1) Should have kept the low gate as it was and have kami allowed too. It would be a lot easier for less advanced ships to complete the gate.

    2) Loww gate with 3 or 4 players that all must be in a team and they all must be in the target zone for the gate to start. (like the hades gate)

    3) Have a "mini galaxy gate" spin system for people to enter the low gate for a low amount for like 15 parts and only people with the completed gate spun can join the loww gate. This low amount of spins is friendly for the less equipped player and will help opening the gate easy.

    4) The rewards could be of an amount that would benefit new/noob players, but not so much worth it for ufes. (to avoid farming issues)

    5) A less equipped player would happily shoot aliens for uri and/or box for a short time to get enough spins for the gate. The gate would need 15 parts which is low enough for low level, less equipped players to earn and would cost approximately 10k uri to open (give or take) unless gate spins are boxed for.

    6) The gate rewards could be 10k uri plus alien uri on top. Ammo and log disks and experience and honour. (which is good for all)

    7) cargos dropped by the low gate npcs should be able to be collected too so credits can be obtained by selling the cargos of the npcs.
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  11. dani

    dani User

    waste time yet what point u pay for prem if its limited to why so sudden increase npc HP?????
  12. *Boots*

    *Boots* User

    Great, now I have to get other people in this Group gate!! and can't use kami!!! NOOOOOOo oh well..

    Guess its cubes delight when I get premium from now on:) until then. pally till my hands fall off!!
  13. =Richie=

    =Richie= User

    Really giving in on this game, unable to get to next rank, get within 5k then overnight its 40k away, too many bugs to work properly!!
  14. Rank.. playin for RANK is just rank.. I come n play just for the fun of it.. Ive lost 40 spots since I stopped chasin the RANK thing, dont do quests anymore.. and I just DO what ever I feel like.. now i think ive started to Gain some Weight and im sleeping better..:rolleyes:
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  15. LoW gate is easy. The hard part is Getting a danrn group together. It was great (hahaha) when it was only two and the other ship poofed out (hahaha). Easy uri and credits. Now you need 4 or more craZY morons that just circle. You don't need to circle - just click the NPC and then hit the other side of the map. YOur just wasting mouse battery power. I am watching a movie. Next NpC.
  16. rockZX6

    rockZX6 User

    1.One of Premium Member's perk is to use Kamikaze without penalty (you dont pay for pet repair). So i pay for a service (Premium Membership) and i cant enjoy the full package (cant use kamikaze in LoW) ... As my understanding goes- kamikaze was disabled in LoW because there was a bug allowing some players to get Uridium using that bug. IF this is the case- instead of fixing the bug, you decided to punish ''Customers paying for Premium Membership'' by disabling Kamikaze in LoW (which is one of the reasons why i am buying Premium Membership)................................................................2. Why LoW Has to be Group Gate? Why I need 2 more people in group to enter the gate? Why i Cant play this LoW gate solo if i am capable (UFE ships are capable of completing it solo)?... I think i should be able to enter LoW Alone or With group. I should not be forced to search for 2 aditional players to play LoW. ###Overall old LoW was better than this one.
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  17. huh.. Mouse runs on Batteries Damn and I thought they Ran from Katz..

    I need to get out more, the only Technology Store Left is RadioShack and the Internet is Threatining to Shut em o_O down too.

    Let me Buy a Mega and Ill back up Radio.. :mad:

    If you dont get it .. It's cause you DO-nut play on the West Coast.. MMO..:cool:
  18. `Luke

    `Luke User

    I agree, this is pathetic, this is the 2nd time Darkorbit removes a feature instead of fixing the issue in the first place. They removed sending cargo to skylab, now they remove kami from LOW gate. This LOW gate sucks anyway, but without kami it sucks x3. I use to do LOW gate when cube maps were taken, now I just play another game :/
  19. Simply if its to be a group map, then make it where 2 or 3 players at least are required to run the gate.Allow kami as its an essential part of the game to save ammo, make uri or even just make smaller npc run faster.And maybe even make a "Hard" stage of LoW for better geared players to run in a group of 3 or 4.

    So instead of hitting jump and going to the map you get a selection window of standard or hard versions of LoW to be started by group leader.
  20. the gate is so bad, we can hardly get groups together to do quests :/
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