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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SauronL, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Hello , im playing DO for a long time and its very good game but its still same .
    Im thinking about new map for the best players and

    6-1 , 6-2 , 6-3(depends if you are VRU , EIC or MMO)
    All companies will have their own map
    They will be available from level 22 (1o 485 76o ooo EPs)
    If you want to go to enemy maps <-- for example --- You are VRU(6-3 your map) and you want to be in MMO(6-1)
    or EIC map(6-2) you need to get level 23(20 971 52o ooo Eps)

    This map will get new port in 1-8 , 2-8 , 3-8 to 6-1 , 6-2 , 6-3
    This map will be big like 4-4 , 4-5
    This map will contain the following :

    On bottom left will be base as in x-1, x-8
    Next the base will be Nyx(Quests)
    This map will contain special palladium field
    This map will contain cubikons and one boss cubikon
    This map will contain agressive npcs and some unaggressive NPCs
    This map will contain glowing boxes as in lower battle maps , 4-3 , 4-2 , 4-1

    Palladium field

    Palladium field will be at top and top left , way to this special palladium field will not be easy , it will fringe debris and in debris will be hidden pirates(normal strong as in pirate maps)

    Pally field will contain fog like in 5-3, not including debris
    Pally field will contain more palladium than in 5-3 and it will be denser too
    Pally field will be big like in 5-3
    Pally field will contain normal blue palladium , green palladium and white palladium
    Special green and white pally will get respawn in 10 seconds

    Blue palladium
    Normal blue palladium will be normally in field , like in 5-3.


    Green palladium

    Green palladium will be hard to find , you can find here just 1o Green palladiums in this map . Green palladium will boost 2x your collecting palladium for just 1 minute.
    If u will get two in a row you you will get one more minute
    so if u had 5o seconds of pally doubler you will have 11o seconds of them.

    White palladium

    White palladium will be very hard to find
    Here will be just one on the pally field
    White palladium will boost your collecting palladium 3x for just 1 minute


    *If u will collect green palladium and white palladium in 1 minute both in a row you will boost your collecting palladium 5x
    So if you will collect green and 2x boost will have 50 seconds left and after that u will collect white palladium 3x .
    Your 5x boost will be just 50 seconds , after 50 seconds u will have 10 seconds of 3x boost left.


    They will be all around map , not including palladium field
    You can find here 1o cubikons , normal like as in x-6 maps
    At midlle you can find one Boss cubikon
    One cubikon will have 5 min spawn rate
    Boss cubikon will have 30 min spawn rate


    Boss cubikon

    Boss cubikon will be at midlle of map
    BC will have 6,4oo ooo milions of HP
    BC will have 4,8oo ooo milions of Shields
    BC reward will be 8x better than normal cubikon
    You received 4,o96,ooo EP.
    You received 8192 Uridium.
    You received 13,1o7 2oo Credits.
    You received 32,768 Honor points.
    BC will have boss protegits

    Boss protegite

    Boss protegite will shoot 4x more than normal protegit (around 4k)
    Boss protegite will have 4x more HP and shields than normal protegite[60k HP,50k Shields] (24o ooo HP , 2oo ooo Shields)
    Rewards from Boss protegite will be 8x better than from normal protegite.
    You received 51,2oo EP.
    You received 128 Uridium.
    You received 1o2,4oo Credits.
    You received 256 honor points.


    Agressive NPCs

    In this map will be pirates - just around pally field
    In this map will be Interceptor.- just around pally field.
    In this map will be Saboteur.- just around pally field.
    In this map will be Barracuda.- just around pally field.
    In this map will be Annihilator.- just around pally field.
    In this map will be normal Kristallin.
    In this map will be normal Boss Kristallin.
    In this map will be normal Sibelonit.
    In this map will be Boss Sibelonit.
    In this map will be Lordakia.
    In this map will be Boss Lordakia.


    Unagressive NPCs

    In this map will be Kristallon.
    In this map will be Lordakium.
    In this map will be Cubikon.
    In this map will be Boss Cubikon.
    In this map will be Streuner.


    Glowing Boxes

    There will be normal Glowing Boxes like normal maps.
    Reward from boxes will be boosted 50%.


    Negative -

    They will must release it and working on that one or more year.

    Positive +
    A lot of people will want get better level , so they will buy uridium on 50% days or they will buy booster or designs for that.
    Game will be funner and it will not be still the same as now.
    More people will catch leveling and they will play DO more time.


    Negative -

    It needs High level

    Positive +
    Better stuff for us .
    Free cubikons for all.
    Free palladium for us without enemies(Not many peoples just reached lv 23, so just pirates)

    Neutral +-
    Some of peoples will leave normal maps and they will go to 6-x map
    Lower maps than 6-x will be still full , (cubes or pally too) , because more than 95% of people still not reached level 22.
    Peoples which reached level 22 arent noobs . So we will cant get more stronger.


    We all want darkorbit better and funnier ....
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  2. no i dont like the pally idea as u are giving ufe all things in one map they can go afk in pally while farm uri from box and cube endlessly and these ufe are already too strong so i dont support this idea
    a new map is ok with some harder npc and for higher level but giving all things in just one map is crap
    -1 from me
    and one more thing this will start wars also
    as 1 ufe clan will just war others and dominate the whole map for their own purpose
  3. SauronL

    SauronL User

    As i said , this map will be for peoples level 22
    1/ They cant go afk because in palladium field will be pirates which will pop you
    2/ 1 ufe clan will not war others for dominate this map , for what? Not many players will be in this map because its just for ufes
    If one UFE want cubes , he will get all 4 cubes in x-6 map , 6-x map will remove them from lowers and noober players will have free map
    I thought base as in x-8 x-1 if u not read it , so nobody can dominate this map , boss cubikon will be like normal cubikon 4 years ago , how peoples did them together
    They will must group up for it

    As i think , you arent ufe or u arent level 22 , thats why u posted it as dislike.
    Im level 19 and i really want map from level 22. It will inspire me to get more EP

    So u will really envy level 22 , if someone will have it and he can be in this dreamy map...

    Peoples in this map which really got level 22 are tired and bored from still same diference of DO , so new map will catch them back into darkorbit and leveling too , so DO will not lose many players

    6-x map will really represent only UFE map

    Thats why i used this high level
    If we will allow this map from level 20 , maps like 5-3 , x-6 will be empty , and we dont want it .....
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  4. i am close to level 20
    but it will only create the gap bigger between high level players and low level players
    so its just a bad idea
    and ufe can go afk in pally as one ufe who is activ can take care of the pirates and other can go afk
    and in this map invaders will be very very less so its a pointless idea
    and the players who pally in 5-3 will just have a much more hard time as ufes will be in 6-x map lol
    and in 5-3 will just become a killing area
    giving one map everything is just a bad idea
  5. Hmm, seems okay however, the rewards are wayy too much. lower them down abit. :)
  6. This will help noobs because all the ufes will be busy pallying or cubing.

    So your saying that one clan can control all 3 maps?
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  7. u know the most intesting part of this game is hunting and dominating the game
    this game is not made for farming npc
    its made for pvp
    the heavy spenders dont care about pally and cube they just hunt
    so 5-3 will just become a killing ground as ufes will be on 6-x map
  8. SauronL

    SauronL User

    As i know , a lot of peoples are ufes and they arent level 22
    as u said , its PVP game
    And i little agree with you , peoples which reached level 24 are on our server is just one which reached level 24 and one is close
    so ill change invasor level to 23

    I got 700k shields with 320k HP with full nanohull with diamond formation
    I just went afk for maybe 5-10 minutes and i got pop from annihillator
    So it isnt easy as u think

    Which rewards?
    Cubikon and all other aliens are still same reward
    Just Boss crazy cubikon will give 8x more than normal cubikon
    I think , nobody can kill thing which shooting 120k per second with max accuracy and shoot down 10 mil hull (shields and hull)

    BCC is group cubikon
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  9. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    Level 22!? People have a hard enough time getting to 20/ 21. It would take forever to get to level 22 and no one would want to go because of how little people could go in.

    Level 17 and up seems more reasonable.
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  10. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Lol , i said it ! If it will be opened in level 17 it will be full of peoples , and this including empty maps in lowers - like 5-3 3-6 , they will be empty all the time , just one map will be full
  11. No they don't , especially now that there's a new quest system. With help from the new quest. Some people managed to get from level 18, to 21, in a space of what, 1 week or so? (Obviously they had exp boosters)
  12. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    But still, it would be very empty due to the low number of people that are actually that level.
  13. SauronL

    SauronL User

    That will do this map very important and very funny
    It will not be as other maps , other maps like 3-6 or 5-3 are still full and boring
  14. Therefore leaving the noobs in other maps alone.
  15. but at one time if u are not spending money u will need pally then u will get killed lol
  16. That's why you go to 5-3 while all the ufes are busy killing each other in 6-x. :p
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  17. Nope pally and cubes in a same map is just lazy please nooo -1
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  18. SauronL

    SauronL User

    I thought peoples level 22 just poping peoples in pally
  19. I do agree on adding maps. Should be some gg aliens though and everyone should be able to get in.
  20. I like this map just for the Cubikons... However, the rewards are just....silly (idk). ME: Crazy Cubikon: 60-70k uri in 1 hr... 8x 60-70k uri... Sweet Moses man, that needs to be set to normal rewards. 10 hours = 5 million uridium (never gonna happen)
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