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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SauronL, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. Let me clarify something. Most of these posts make absolutely no sense. First of all, boss cubikon has a 30 minute respawn time. Which means if you happened to solo it, that's a max of 16k uri an hour. Second, boss protegites would be hitting 80k damage, not 120k. Third, level 22 is a bit high, but anyone can reach level 17 just by playing a bit. Make it level 20 and access to enemy 6-x maps, level 21. Fourth, your arguments about ufes having unlimited ammo because of this map is ridiculous. Anyone who has 10 havocs will have hundreds of thousands of millions of x4. This map does not do anything to disrupt that or make them more powerful. Fifth, it would be nice to take some of the top players into a different area once in a while, and they would have a blast in there. It would also make the other maps slightly safer. Sixth, not every high level person is ufe so this map would help them a lot once they hit that level. It is a REWARD MAP and makes a lot of sense to me.

    I'd say ditch the green and white palli, but keep the cloud. There's no issue with bonus boxes and cubes and palli in the same map because you can't do all three at once anyway.
  2. That is a very good point. We do not need any new maps at the moment!
  3. sounds great. Admins please do it.
  4. SauronL

    SauronL User

    this map is as reward for players which reached this level

    i said it !!! if it will be for level 10 , lower maps will be empty do not make me angry i said it 50 times !!!!!
  5. Lol Sauron, some people need to get used to being opposed. For every idea you make, be ready to get negative feedback. I offered my thoughts on it, as did others. No need to get mad.
  6. SauronL

    SauronL User

    good to know ....
  7. What your supposed to do is take the feedback and then make a solution to your idea either scrap it or improve it.
  8. plaku

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    I like the boss cube idea , we definetely need more cubes and one in the middle of x-6 or x- would be great , i dont mind the rest either but have to be thought more carefully

    why are you comparing crazy cubes with boss cube idea is diffrent, on crazy cubes u get a lot of uri because u can kami normal protegits and the normal protegit die on second blast of kami. while boss protegits would die after 6-7 times of kami so makes it quite hard to get uri from them.
    The average time i found to collect uri from normal cubes is about 10 k uri per hour
    well equpied of course. this new boss cubes would not make much diffrence since the time of killing a cube would be 4 times higher so might get aroun 15 k per hour and thats it . do your calculation right boy.
    One more thing 70 k uri x 10 hours is 700 k uri not 5 milion . And i didnt understand the 8x 70k uri , what is the factor 8 referring to
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  9. Noo this really wont work its just to overpowered and cubes and maps are fine how they are!
  10. plaku

    plaku User

    of course its another thing not to like it , another thing to give complete miscalculations. if u base your judgment on wrong calculation then your judgment is manipulated. As i said if u think it right the only difference will be that we will have another 4 cubes concentrated on one .
  11. Hey, read the post's before you start talking. First post of the second page answers you're comment. And the "factor" 8 refers to 8 x 70,000, 70k referring to the average made in an hour on crazy cubes, 8x referring to the 8x rewards for the protegit (again, you didn't read the posts enough).


    hm.. i don't know man... I think we will have big laggs with all these things going on around the map.....
  13. plaku

    plaku User

    wow u need to understand the game because u have no idea what are you talking about. First the boss gives x4 rewards not x8 (which is uber) and secondly the crazy cubes have nothing to do with boss cubes
    crazy cubes send a lot of waves in same time while boss cube is same amount of waves as normal cubes but with x4 damage and rewards so basically would take u x4 time to kill them if not more because u have to repair more, and kami wont kill protegits so easy.
    3rd point is that u dont make 70 k uri from crazy cubes in 1 hour u make it while the whole events lasts, and ive done a lot of them with an average of 70 k uri in 3 hours and i asked a lot of people this is the average what they make .
    Please when u post u need to understand the rules of the game and not exaggerate just to prove your point
  14. "First the boss gives x4 rewards not x8" ​
    I direct you're attention to the very first post where it is posted-they give 8x rewards- not x4

    "basically would take u x4 time to kill them if not more"​
    You think? 4x the kami with an 8x rewards, still ending up 2x more then the original rewards, just more time put into it

    "3rd point is that u don't make 70 k uri from crazy cubes in 1 hour"​
    Oh so all of the sudden you know how much I make off the crazy cubikons? Don't think so buddy, I make 60-70k in 1 hour and if you don't then don't compare to me cause it's me, not you or anyone else.
    Please when you post, read the past posts...
  15. I very highly doubt you make that much in crazy cubes. Second, the boss cube gives x8 the rewards of a normal cube, but it respawns every half hour.
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  16. Is it honestly so hard to make 60k in an hour of crazy cubes..? I make over 100k in 3 hrs... I don't understand it... Just find cubes alone and book it.
  17. 100k in 3 hours is different than 70k in one hour :D I personally make about 60k if I'm lucky enough to be on the entire time. I lag so much that it slows down my income quite a bit.
  18. plaku

    plaku User

    You can argue all you want and try to convince us u can make 210 k uridium in 3 hours but from average players im saying and I asked a lot of players and personal experience on crazy cubes i made max 80 k in 3 hours , but mostly 70 k because there is lag u can pop and all .
    Of course there is other people playing so u are not alone so please sell that 70 k uri per hour to some1 else.
    Further more the opening of the thread is saying x8 rewards but u still cannot make the same as the crazy cubes because u dont have the same amount of prots coming out of cubes (and ususally u make the uridium from prots in crazy cubes not from killing a cube) here u will just take the x8 rewards if its not x4 rewards it pays more but its x4 hard to kill so i think its nice idea to have them around.

    So in total instead of making 10 k uri per hour u will be making 20 k uri per hour since u have x8 reward ( the time u are going to kill the cube its still equivalent to 4 cubes just the reward is double) but you forget one thing this boss cubes you cannot pop them on your own so u will need help at least 3 people so there u go the reward is reduced again
  19. Look at the last post, I said I make an average of 100k in 3 hrs, not 210k
  20. plaku

    plaku User

    no u said u make 70 k per hour dohh
    70*3 = 210 k uri

    Never the less even if u ever did 210 k uri whats the problem its better for us isnt it
    so we dont have to pay we can earn uri instead , more people npcing = more ppl hunting and so on the games gets back on track. I dont see why not