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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by SauronL, Jan 28, 2014.

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  1. The event is 3 hrs. and I only stay for about 2-2 1/2 hrs. = 100k. And again, I said 60-70k, 70k being maxed out cubing, 60k being average/hour.
  2. Guys, it doesn't matter. We all know you don't get that much Pain, so don't bother. I wonder how long it took to think up/write out this idea, but it had a lot of work and I hope it's not in vain because this would be an awesome map.
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  3. ***N!NO***

    ***N!NO*** User

    Why are you upset? I dont understand... That lvl 22 guys need to work for uri and palla, like the rest of us, right?
    Let them work in regular maps, where they can be attacked. In that maps you want to create, nobody can disturb them...
    They will make huge uri and ammo to come and kill everybody. After that they will go and hide in that map...
    Nobody can go there to revenge, just for the simple fact they dont have THE lvl. They will be always and forever in advantage!
    Why??? Just because they are lvl 22 ?!!! No thanks
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    i agree
  5. MeF_ioza

    MeF_ioza User

    i like the idea, we need some new maps and new harder aliens to kill, there could be a map where you would be on your own every player for himself, truly death match. Or they could make an option to fight whatever player you want like jackpot arena when ever you want, you would just send him request for fighting or something like that
  6. I agree to this idea, SauronL chill man, its just a game bro.... +1 from me

  7. ..You said it Taser....

    But NINO makes a good point above as well.
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  8. Napsie

    Napsie User

    No just no, go away, you are meant to help the newbies not the UFS !
  9. Next-Rise

    Next-Rise User

    No, the pally idea is way too overpowering as many people at level 22 are ufe and can easily gain ammo and gates through this way. The palladium field is fine as is. And that would be pointless making a map with combining x-6 and your new map because then people could farm cubikon a while keeping close to the base. Revise your ideas a bit.
  10. Sounds like an idea to boost the UFEs even more.

    No from me.
  11. What the heck is wrong with all of you...I guess you'll like this idea when y'all hit level 20+, but for now as I said before, your arguments are irrational. "Power the ufes even more" And like I stated before, not every level 22 is a ufe. We need a reward map like this to keep the older players going. I know many who got really good and then left because it got boring for them.
    Once again I will state, if you're ufe, you will have had to have done hundreds of gates. That means millions of ammo. They have no shortage on ammo and probably don't need a palli field anyway so what is y'alls issue? I'm not even near level 20 and I like the idea.
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  12. I do not believe this is a good idea because if we do have a new map that can effect everything in the game like your palladium idea would not be good because people would go AFK and still get boosters for the pet, also the new map is a good idea for new npcs but I do not like the level of it it should be level 18+ and boss cubikons would not help out beacuse people would milk it just like they do with the battle ray so it will give them more uri casue of the prots. The only good thing about a new map is new npcs and new hunting places.
  13. Anyone can get to level 18 so I say no. Level 20 sounds fine because the quests give massive xp rewards.
    Pet boosters?:rolleyes: People already go afk in palli, what is the difference?
    Good luck milking something that does 80k damage. Comparing it to the b-ray is dumb because this has far more health and far more damage. The prots would take 8 kami's to kill(4x hp and sp) so you really wouldn't be getting much and the cube respawns every half hour. I think everyone keeps missing that.
    Good thing about this map is it rewards older players as well as takes them out of our maps. It is good for noobs when less people are hunting them.
  14. Ok i Like this idea but i think there should be a few changes. Remove the pallidium field and lower the level limit to lvl 18 rather 22 or 23 only the top handful
  15. Compromise on level 19? xD. I think 18 is just too low for a reward map.
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  16. I like the Idea, however i think it should either be placed in an all PVP map, or it should be available for lvl 21 players. lvl 23 is too far fetched

    lol make it that the player loses 1 hp per second (like this map is a weak radiation zone, however, just enough to keep life supported in the solar system). yes i am trying to make it difficult for players to repair unless they are an aegis.
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  17. What is the point of that? It just forces you to have an aegis, or be in an outfit with one...
  18. I think lvl 21. Because it is a reward map but hey It is not for us to worry about, DO will think of the lvl.

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