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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Silvanito, Jun 19, 2015.

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  1. .Wagon.

    .Wagon. User

    Sounds good. But don't you think it'd be better if the 3rd short cut bar remains active until you press Shift again (or any other key), so you can use more than one item during a fight quickly?

    Or I think better add the above feature and your feature together. So the players can choose in their settings whether they want to make 3rd bar invisible after using 1 item (or shift) or they want to make it invisible only after pressing shift again and can use more than 1 item together.

    This would give more control of the 3rd bar to the players. As some players use keys for 1st bar and mouse for second bar. So I believe most will use mouse for 3rd bar too. After all who'd remember and use 30 keys for 30 items or 20 keys for 30 items :D
    So this eliminates the problem of key bindings. If 1st bar 1-9, 2nd F1-F9 and 3rd could be Num lock 1-9 or certain letters.

    Those who don't have or want to assign Num lock could simply use your method.

    Another thing I want to bring into your attention..

    Quickly changing item in shortcut bar should only be made possible during config. mode. Or maybe if we try to drag them forcefully, then only in normal mode. [Like it was 2-3 years ago with previous client]
    We should be able to use items from the main menu along with 2nd shortcut bar with mouse during a fight.
    Right now, if we keep the main menu open, the shortcut bar is hard to use as the items drag along with the mouse click instead of being activated. This feature needs to be turned off.

    So can you please work on this too?

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  2. Silvanito

    Silvanito Dev Team Team DarkOrbit

    Makes sense to give that option to the players who want to use the 3rd bar on that way. We will look to implement the option to activate and deactivate the auto-hiding before the feature is released on the test server.

    About the question that other user made: if this 3rd bar will be premium. Yes, it will be premium. We were discussing this and the final decision was to add the 3rd bar to the premium feature to increase it's value. Making the oposite would have devalued it.

    We want to be honest and transparent with you, so you will get the answers to any question related to the 3rd bar feature. But I would like to remind you that the thread is about the functionality of the 3rd bar, and not about if it is monetized and how. The decision of adding it to the premium features isn't something open to changes. But if you still feel you need to give your opinion on that decision please open a different thread.

    Again, thanks for all your feedback!
  3. HaHa! Decisions like this being a new premium bar is why ive got the experience I do in this game, timing is everything so normally hotkeys were never enough and the 'Tab" feature was always on.
  4. Instead of a new bar I'd like to see some of the more core items/abilities moved to a more permanent place.

    For example:

    • Ship abilities/skills displayed in the "Ship" window.
    • Tech items moved into a window of their own.
    • Drone formations moved to a grid-like window, with hotkeys on Ctrl+n (where n is a user-defined key).
    My reasons behind these:
    • There's already a config change option to control a core-feature of a ship. Why not buttons for their abilities too?
    • The tech items are seldom used. Most of them have long durations/cooldowns, so you rarely need to see them. Why put them in a "hot"-bar then?
    • There are too many Drone Formations to justify trying to cram them all into a 10-cell bar (especially with the release of new ones). It's like trying to fit 20 people into a car.

    Just my thoughts on the whole shebang. I can explain more if anyone needs it, with fancy photo-shopped pictures and what-not.
  5. whoeva

    whoeva User

    How about just increase the hotkey bar to 15? This would still give 5 more hotkeys to non-premium compared to what they currently have, while the 2nd hotkey bar for premium members would have the extra 10. In other words, premium members would have 2 x bars of 15 hotkeys. You could even put in a setting so if a hotkey configuration was selected as "shift + 1" it could be toggled to either require shift to be held down during "1" or simply pressed once before.
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  6. Azarameus

    Azarameus User

    Is there really any need for multiple key presses for an extra bar? Just reduce the size of the existing ones by 33% then the new one wouldn't take up any valuable screen space, surely?
  7. .Wagon.

    .Wagon. User

    The current quick bar is fine, reducing its size might create problems for some players and I think it'd become quite weird to play with so short icons. And not to forget many players use their mouse clicks to use quick bar items (like from the 2nd bar).

    I think the best way to compensate the space required by 3rd bar would be to completely remove some unnecessary icons that blocks the screen. Making an option to make some icons invisible / visible with a key might solve the problem.
  8. chixonator

    chixonator User

    great idea!

    and.... how long until this would come out? a few months? with these new drone formations i think the sooner the better :rolleyes:
  9. chixonator = 1 fig. :) Revival out.
  10. moooooar hotkeys
  11. Oh man...I got five fingers on me left hand and I am from Earth. You weird space aliens with abnormal growth, year after year have grown :oops: a few more lazy twinkling fingers. I knew a player that also unitized their legs (I don't know about the toes o_O) for more keys to hit and yes, under the desk for a Grand total of four more below :eek: Must have ADD to play DO :rolleyes:
  12. Hi there.Any chance that players can use those new hotkeys without premium?10 isn't enough for players who dont want to buy premium,especially when they use elite ships(abilities).
  13. -Corex-

    -Corex- User

    Agreed, hell, at least make free players have 5 extra hotkeys and not 10 lol
  14. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    Find this a very bizarre discussion. When I play, I use the hotkeys for stuff I need urgently. So that is, when I'm being attacked, or in a fight. For most other actions, you have the time to select it with the existing tools.

    An extra bar does me no good. It just takes up even more screen space.
    Does the quest window, the pet window really have to be framed that big around the usefull information??

    In my book, It just want a list of all functions, and the option to assign any keyboard key or combination to them. The stuff I use regularly now, like jump a gate, or change config, I have no trouble remembering by heart. I don't need an extra bar for that. Maybe it's just because I'm "old school"

    Last time I looked however, a lot of functions are not available to assign a key to. I'm thinking about, pet AIs and so.
    Would appreciate it if you could work on that in stead.
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  15. Personally, I think there's plenty.
    I was hunting before with just 10 slots, and I managed like it was nothing. When I had some free premium, I didn't even bother using the +10 slots
  16. chixonator

    chixonator User

    well thats why your a noob :D
    extra keys will be very helpful, i cant wait til they come out
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  17. I still manage to use more than enough for PvP :^)
    I can easily manage to switch between Hellstorms, rocket types, laser ammos, mines, ISHs, etc fluidly.
    I guess I just got so used with it, that I'm not even gonna bother whether they put in more :D
  18. All-in-all, I'd just like the hotbar back the way it was; Not being able to move any of the slots unless you open config mode. The amount of times I've gone to switch Formation and it's dragged instead of clicked... I can cope with having to click all over the place. I don't think I'll be able to cope with 30 hotkeys.
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  19. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    30 hotkeys? Are you trying to map every single command to your keyboard??


    just bought all the new drone formations today. I have a really hard time with 20 hotkeys. I'd LOVE more hotkeys to be implemented and if people don't like having all these icons on their screen, maybe give us more hotkeys that are not visible on the game screen though.
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