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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Silvanito, Jun 19, 2015.

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  1. Maybe let the players choose what they want on the 3rd bar, if they want to leave it just a third bar to access it however you decide or if they choose to have that bar full of cluster keys they can have that if they want. Or even if they only want one cluster key per bar they can choose that also.
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  2. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Should be an option in client settings for that, if it ever gets implemented.
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  3. okay after skimming through some of the input on the first page I decided I wanted to spit my idea out on here before I go to bed really soon:p I like one of the player's idea of having a third bar but then it takes too much room on UI, well why not make some kind of shifting mechanism concept in which you have one key to press and this activates the 3rd bar and deactivates the second bar or vice versa with 1rst bar and 3rd bar.
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    I had a hard time setting my hotkeys up with infection ammo and the healing extra. Adding to that the new 5 drone formations I don't know how to set up my hotkeys in order to have myself covered in different situations without having to go to the general bar with the entire menu. I for myself find that frustrating enough to just stick to another game and wait for the release of a 3rd quickslot bar.

    Like I said before I wouldn't mind, no, I'd actually even prefear it if darkorbit would implement hotkeys direct hotkeys that aren't even visible on the flash player. In my idea you select from all the actions you have avaible. Using different formations, different ammo, rockets extras ect. ect. and select for every action it's hotkey, 20 of these can also be selected on the flash player, just as we have it right now. Hope we'll more hotkeys soon....
  5. Open all the 'Icon's and see how much space you have to play DO :oops: Need a'more control of view space :rolleyes: I need to know who is 'on'...'group invites'...'chat'...'missons' - tabulated ;)...'FPS'...'Re -Memory me :p'...'refining'... 'User or loser :confused:'...

    I could go on, but I want to play D.O. :rolleyes:
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  6. Silvanito

    Silvanito Dev Team Team DarkOrbit

    Hi guys!
    I just wanted to tell you that the extra action bar is almost ready and it will be available for testing on test server soon (among this week and next week).

    I have been playing with it already and feels really good but we will need your feedback once it is on test server. The final date for the test will be communicated by your Community Team members and through DO accounts in social networks. So, stay on tune.

    How it works so far:
    Expands with shift or pressing its icon and contracts automatically after selecting (with keyboard or mouse) an item. This is by default. But from the game settings you can make that the new bar ("Pro Action Bar" is the final name) stays always open, reacts or not to short cuts and so on. So, its functionality is fully customizable to cover all kind of needs.

    Again, stay on tune. We are looking forward for your feedback.
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  7. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Is it for everyone or only for prem users?
  8. .Wagon.

    .Wagon. User

    Yes, probably only for premium users as said before by Silvanito. Don't think they changed that.
  9. Could we not simply have a hot bar for Timed Items so when the item is used and in count down mode the button dissapears entirely from screen? these timed items theres about 5 or 6 can be placed in a hexagonal design and can be placed anywhere

    DCR, PLD, HellStorms, RSB, (add a kam ibutton pls), EMPS, SMartbombs, insta shields, ship abilities, Tech items etc

    when there in timout mode they totally dissappear from the screen revealing the screen back again
  10. for premium players we have 3 quick bars after this and just like evolution of the game, free users have the old 2 quick bars.

    I am premium but i think this could bring in more free users.


    ummm I hate the pro action bar....I was really hoping for more hotkeys not two ways of using each hotkey. Can you PLEASE just give us another hotkey bar or at least choose in the settings if we want an additional hotkey bar or this action bar?
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  12. Oi Oi all this debate about simple hotkeys. Just add the 3rd bar smaller then the other two or make them all smaller. Put it in settings for peeps to run 3rd bar on and off when they want.
  13. Link the pro action hotbar to those keys you never use on your keyboard otherwise :) that's what I did, working great so far. Pro action bar for me is basically an ability and tech tray, which imo shoulda been seperate things from the beginning but ey not complaining lol
  14. OH MY GOD the pro bar is linked to my main hotkeys wth is this and it wont fiix....


    you don't seem to understand my issue here, I need more hotkeys that are easily available. If I need two items I have on the action bar I need to press 4 buttons to do two things. I just CAN'T do that in a fight, let's say I have some drone formations I need on the pro action bar and I need them during a fight, while I change formations I have to switch rsb and whites probably pld, or emp and cloack and dissengage the attack. There are so many things you HAVE to do and now there's a good chance you have to press to twice as many buttons to get to do what you want to do.
    I'll make a list of things I need on my hotkeys....

    1. x1
    2. x2
    3. x3
    4. x4
    5. rsb
    6. sab
    7. infection ammo
    8. cloack
    9. antidote extra
    10. EMP
    11. Insta shield
    12. Smart Bomb
    13. PLT 2021
    14. 3030 rockets
    15. PLD rockets
    16. Ice rockets
    17. slow down mines
    18. Pincer Formation
    19. Diamond Formation
    20. Chevron Formation
    21. Moth Formation
    22. Heart Formation
    23. Crab Formation
    24. Dome Formation
    25. Drill Formation
    26. Ring Formation
    27. Wheel Formation
    28. Bat Formation
    29. Lance Formation
    30. Veteran Formation

    oh and adding to that I didn't even mention up to 4 ship abilities, tech center stuff nor mines except for the slow down mines.
    I could go without the smart bomb, the 3030 rockets or the veteran formation and get ship abilities on my hotkeys. But I do need to have 1 button for each of the actions above and if I only get 2/3 hotkeys easily available I don't even feel like playing any more... because another hotkey bar was something I needed badly since infection ammo came out and the outcome is just embarassing to see.

    I don't think whoever had the bright idea to come up with the pro action bar does a lot of PvP in darkorbit.
  16. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    STILLWRONG I'll take the bait since I'm guessing my suggestion had at least some influence on this new hotbar.
    I'll first point out that I'm 4th on overall ship kills on my main server and had played 800 rounds of TA with a 92% win rate on my GE1 account prior to the season rankings, so I do enjoy a bit of PvP, both solo and in a group and I would say my numbers would suggest that I'm at least fairly good at it.

    I would say you are overrating. The list you gave of thinks that you would want to use in PvP is ... a joke maybe?

    You listed x1, x2, x3, Bat formation, Veteran formation as things needed for PvP - they are not by any standards. If you are doing NPC then replace other things that are not needed for NPC and put in those items.

    You also say you need to press 4 buttons to active 2 items on the new hotbar and this is a big issue?
    The issue is then that you are putting the wrong items on the horbar I think.

    I use it for Techs, Goliath abilities, formations such as Wheel, Crab, Heart and various Mines. Then obviously I change my hotbar items based on what type of PvP I will be doing, for instance I will need Chevron a lot more in solo than I will in group PvP.
    Only put thinks that you will need in the less common situation on your hotbar, don't go putting anything like rsb on the pro action bar. Only things you might need once every 10 fights.
    If you need things like techs, goliath abilities and so on every single fight then you must play a very exceptional server where everyone is either very, very good or very, very bad and all the fights are extremely close.

    Long story short; I think that if you really have that much of an issue with PvP and this new bar, it might be you or you decision making, not the very common game mechanic.
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  17. Beat me to it :( why the hell do you have dome or x1 anyways. If you've got all that you undoubtedly have tons of x2 as well, and dome just sucks...


    Hey Okapi, I know you're a pretty though player even though we never met on the game. I myself am 500 ship kills off from being 2nd in ship kills on my server and I won 135 out of 146 training arena games.
    What I'm trying to say is we're both not new to the game.
    I am not overrating at all with my list, I hate switching configs as well as changing hotkeys once I got used to them. I'm not the kind of guy who has galaxy gate configs or 1v1 configs or pvp configs... sure I might swap hercs with havocs here and there but still. I always fly the same configs and I'd love it to be that way with my hotkeys too. I don't like having one formation on a key for a while and then having to swap it for another formation due to a different scenario, I like being ready for anything, so I'm not unprepared.
    There is plenty of keys left on my keyboard, so why do we have to have two actions on one key? In my eyes it doesn't make any sense. I'm pretty sure every decent player who has a pile of different things on his account, ends up having to choose what to put where on his hotkeys or to choose what to put and what not put on his hotkeys anymore, so it really was time for DO to give us more hotkeys. BUT I guarantee everyone ends up putting drone formations on the pro action bar because they are IMPORTANT, but there is a LOT of them now a days. Long story short, the fact you have to press an additional key every time you want something from the action bar can be deadly as every second counts in the heat of battle, if you change to the crab one second too late you can die, you heal yourself from the infection too late? you die. You change to the wheel formation too late? You die. ect. ect.
    I have everything there is on this game on my account, the fact some actions are not as easy to access as others limits me and holds me back. It's time I lose and if anyone here didn't know this one yet. Then let me tell you: Timing Is Everything On This Game.

    So please, give me my 30 different hotkeys already! :D
    (or at least give players the choice if they want some keys on an action bar or on individual keys.)
  19. relax

    relax User

    I want to say thanks to the developers of DO for adding a second bar for premium members.. I don't say it's completely wrong.. I bu premium, but not always(I spend some time in palla before opening gates at which I need premium- then use x4 in fights at which I need premium) buut.. the ones who don't buy premium ? Nothing for the free players, really ? Good luck at keeping players in this game(I know ufe-I'm ufe too so..-players who just don't buy premium.. they don't need that extra slot bar right ?).
  20. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    If speed and timing is the issue then its something you need to practice.

    I can press Shift + 1-0 at the same time, therefore effectively being as quick as pressing a single key. Maybe you just need to practice this common game mechanic so you are quicker with it to the point where you don't think it is such a huge issue that it is putting you off even playing the game, as you said in a previous post.

    The argument of wanting 30+ individual hotkeys (remembering DO has keys for shooting, changing config, rockets, PET etc) for a game is peculiar and probably puts you in the minority. There is a reason developers limit their keys the game uses numbers and the letters on the left hand side of the keyboard, its a lot quicker for people to learn and more natural since almost all games follow this pattern.
    The original hotkeys for DO don't all follow this rule, such as 'Jump', probably because the game is almost a decade old now and was created as a casual game so stuff like this wasn't exactly going to matter much I imagine.

    I sort of understand your argument however if I were in your situation I would just practice using shift + 1-0, but maybe that's because I play quite a few games and have seen plenty of times before. From your perspective it seems like you think this is a unique decisions that DO has made and you have never seen it in a game before.
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