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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Sep 23, 2020.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please use this thread to post your constructive feedback on the New P.E.T. Expansion.

    Your Darkorbit Team
  2. Hi all, i have noticed that the expansion is good enough

    - good pet items
    - nice buffs

    but.... everything is not perfect... the pet is consuming tons of fuel, 2x at least, which for me means that in the time i get uridium from the npcs the pet is eating that Uri buying fuel (i have the auto fuel buyer chip on ship)

    in that case the bots (aka zombies) will have serious and tremendous boost because they all are farming all day uridium which will grant them enough earnings to give the pet fed.

    i think, the idea is to have a helper with the pet, something that makes easy your daily orbit travel instead of making you to become some sort of slave of a fiercy hungry Plymouth 52'
  3. Do you know if increase fuel consumption is general or just when using upgraded weapons and shields?
  4. seems that's all the time, using normal and upgraded items, also using and not using the new pet slots (when heat leveled up to 5)
  5. I have noticed a huge increase in fuel use at least double all the time. This isn't cool and need to be changed. the pet was supposed to make the game easier and be used as a helper. I agree, with others here. why are we being punished while the botters are left alone?
  6. PacificNW

    PacificNW User

    so they double the fuel capacity and double the use. typical. more uri to have to spend
  7. evve1

    evve1 User

    Are they sober on DO? ..
    Uridium that I work hard for out on the maps, which would actually go to click on a gate, for example, I have to put on PET fuel. They may well continue to ruin the game and soon the cheaters and the rich players can play against each other. Who cheats and pays DO best :D
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  8. This indeed is a big problem. The pet consumes more than twice the amount of fuel. I'd rather have a little less stronger PET which doesn't consume as many fuel as it does now.
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  9. here is something else to fix AI-HP4 Protocol can only be put on one config.
    all other protocol can be put on both configs for example one cargo protocol can be put on both configs.
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  10. Planearium

    Planearium User

    I knew something was up with the PET, because I'm used to repairing my ship with combo ship repair, and all of a sudden I only had fuel for a couple of repairs... (from 10,000 PET fuel)
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  11. That's probably because ,like your ship, the HP is the same on both . Had it been for shields then it would be an issue.
    You don't get more HP when you switch con. figs.

    Yeah , funny how that works , huh

    If DO had introduced these PET changes a couple of years ago , I would have gone for . Now with all the B.S. going on I may rarely even use it now. I have grown very disillusioned with the whole thing and this new feature is just another money pit . It is remarkable that they keep adding stuff to a game that rarely works right to begin with. I wouldn't put a turbo charger on my car if the rods were knocking and I sure as hell wouldn't add ANYTHING ELSE to this games until all the other issues were corrected.
    They advertise it as "play for free" . I say it's more like "die for free"
    That being said , it's still nice that they have catered to the botters by eliminating drone damage and most of the mines in 5-3.
    Therefore getting popped is no longer a big deal . And the maps are actually safer, to some extent, because of the lack of real players on the board. As far as I'm concerned allowing players to use bots is a win win for me. Didn't mean to go off on a tangent but ,it all ties in together . Why would anyone want to invest/waste resources on the PET in a broken game with broken players and broken staff.​
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  12. well i finally did the math on the fuel consumption. they have made the pet use 3x more, wow...DO has really turned into a pay to play game. PET=money pit now.
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  13. I decided to use the PET in guard mode as usual and I didn't seem to notice a great increase in fuel consumption. But , I have not done any practical math on it , so , I'll take your word on it. I will say this ; I WILL NOT purchase ANYTHING having to do with the H.E.A.T. CHANGES.
    Notice I don't call them upgrades. "LETDOWN " is a more apt description .
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  14. First of all, I calculate my pet's fuel consumption and I got 65 fuel per minute ( Lvl 18, 1 gear, 12 protocol ). I checked the PET consumption every time the heat leveled up. On level 1 and 2 heat ( I'm not pretty sure about level 2 heat ), the consumption was fine but then it increased on level 3 heat. The consumption increased from 65 to 97 per minute ( it's about 50% ). That's what I experienced, and right now I'm trying to reduce the heat level.

    sry my English is bad
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  15. Nope. We need content. We need maps and new things that make the game FUN. Not farming and getting max hit by app users. Been playing some other games and they manage the cheats far differently. They have a report button. They deal with them. In one FPS they removed a part that allowed a glitch completely. Nice took a few reports and a guy doing amazing feats lost his key and was IP banned. DO cant ban mods who fly app ships. Sorry. There it is. I dont miss the ones that have left at all. Until its maintained and players are treated faiirly all of the feedback is NO, no it wasnt needed.
  16. Well i quit DO a few weeks ago, had all my objectives completed didn't even buy the BP cause i am not playing anymore. I started to play a free to play game and guess what "It's actually free to play" and bot's don't interfere with my progress if there are any. So i say enjoy playing Darkbot i am having a lot of fun playing other games. Just like coming to check to realize i made the best decision of my life never to play another Big Point game again after what i see they did with this game. Like raise BP cost bring new equipment every couple months and allow the bot's to interfere with players trying to have fun playing a game and bringing such a toxic community to their game. And all this during a pandemic wow way to look after your player base. Enjoy your day
  17. The changes in PET should not have been forced upon us. It should have been made an option if a player decides to purchase HEAT slots and equip them with the new items. I hardly want to play anymore and when I do , it's not for very long . And even though I was never that great at PvP I still enjoyed the game because I had the illusion that I would eventually catch up and have a fare chance at winning once in a while.I used to play for hours on end and spend money on things I didn't really need . Now , I seem to spend more time in forum than I do on the space maps.
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  18. Im forced to boycott my own pet because of the extra fuel consumption, now to advance in the game it is recommended to not use the pet, and only use on rare occasions, thanks for making the game less fun. Even if Bipoint is doing it for people to buy more uridium, I dont think it will work these changes are just pushing players away.
  19. Whats wrong with bigpoints making some money in the game. If you think they do it for free then whats the purpose of the game. They need to pay bills and rely on us to spend in order to able to pay their staff and other technicians. You dont want to spend money I suggest do not play the game. if you want to play the game for free then accept the flaws and live with it or find another form of entertainment.
  20. There is nothing wrong with them wanting to make money , IF they were providing a well maintained game that was free of cheaters and third party programs. There has always been " wallet warriors" ever since I started playing. However , back then you at least felt that everyone was advancing the same way , by playing, grinding and battling. You wouldn't go to a store and buy/pay for broken merchandise ,would you? As long as these flaws persist , I will not spend the kind of money I used to.
    More players , no bots!
    Who knows? Maybe I'll even enable the chat window again.
    As one of many dissatisfied customers , I DO accept the flaws as I play and I DON'T spend anymore money.
    I still have certain goals I haven't achieved yet. There are no consequences for getting popped anymore, so I just log back on and keep playing. When I get bored , I go watch T.V. No problem .
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