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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Sep 23, 2020.

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  1. evve1

    evve1 User

    No, there is nothing wrong with money to be able to run a game etc. And we who pay do it for a working game.
    Of course, it can be another bug as in all games. But we do not pay for more problems that the DO does not take care of.
    Or to favor cheaters.
    Do you pay to play, should you have the right to think they take care of problems and see how things work before they put in more?
    This has been going on for several years and if the DO is interested in ordinary paying and gambling people, it may well be time to make a promotion. So here they will just bite themselves in the back. Sooner or later.
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  2. It is ridiculous actually that the fuel consumption increase per heat level was not even mentioned anywhere in a FAQ or anything. Was it even put on the test server? Games busted as hell, the update is a good idea but pretty garbage they forced it on every player in the game.
    Small players cant even use their pet unless they drop money on uridium or just make 0 progress
  3. Thing is were suppose to want to buy something cause we like the game not cause were forced to that's the difference with this game.
  4. Well no pain to gain. No money spent no fun. You need to spend money or do not complain. People shoot high and advance because they spend URI. No more free fees. I do not mind spending the money just fix the lags and updates.
  5. perhaps because you have a gross credit card, but think, no one wants to spent such ammount of money that could be used to buy a small car, or a new pc... rebate is an option too, but even with that advantage activated pet is still an uridium (fuel) drainer (like the old car of granpa), smart spenders will never invest on things like that, the best option is to deactivate the pet

    P.D.: agree with "no pain no gain" but too much pain is not healthy
  6. So, the pet uses 3 times more fuel, and when you jump to another map it loses all shield and HP goes from 300k to 250k. Those are some bugs that need to be fixed.
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  7. Another day without using the PET. Can't say I miss it much . With the exceptions of Uber Kristallons and PvP , I don't use it anymore .
    TDO , I wonder if that is what you expected.
    Today I popped several enemy PETs. I must say it gives me some measure of satisfaction killing them now more than ever.
    Poetic justice don't you think? I am hoping that the PET will become increasingly more and more expensive to maintain.
    Then my enemies will be devoting more and more resources to it. Meanwhile , I'll be building GG , shields and weapons. And upgrading them as well.
    It's too bad the team doesn't think like I do , because they've missed the mark on the real money maker. I won't say what it is because I don't want to give them any ideas.
    NOW what we need is a new set of missions designed for the sole purpose of killing PETs . Wouldn't that be cool.
    TDO , for all intents and purpose , has made the PET a higher value target and rewards should go up accordingly.
    At the very least , popping an enemy with an active PET should increase the overall reward in proportion to the level of the PET at the time.
    Unfortunately it is not a bug or glitch. It has been purposely deigned like that by TDO.
  8. LOL the pet that they nerfed the kami on after we paid for it and in many fights it offers no benefit it seemed in damage. I have noticed in gates and maps the pet even stinks at collecting boxes. Now my special players in the map their app seems to grab them just fine. Maybe DO can update the code to that one.
  9. This heat is just nonsense that there was never any reason to add. The solution is simple though, either reduce the fuel consumption back to what it was or allow players the option to deactivate the heat nonsense altogether so their pet remains as it is without the heat and additional fuel consumption.

    Just an fyi for those at big pointless introducing these nonsense gimmicks, when the pet was able to upgrade its level from 15 to 20, why not introduce new gear slots during this process and making them cheaper so those of us, not many of us, who do not cheat on aliens and steal galaxy gates can actually afford to buy such things.

    The sheer expense of uridium only items, especially for the pet, is getting beyond a joke that only the stealers of aliens and gates can afford of whom you do nothing about because they spend money on the game throughout the year (membership, rebate, doublers, booster packages, designs etc.) and you'd rather protect this revenue stream than lose it while you do not have the conviction of character to delete 100% of everything from their cheated accounts that they have stolen allowing them to permanently benefit from far stronger ships and pets with all their stolen level 16 stuff even though you falsely claim that no cheater will ever permanently benefit from their cheating while the reality is they do permanently benefit because you refuse to delete 100% of everything that they have obtained through their cheating.

    Nice to know all the cheaters will have all 22 generator slots open on the pet too as they can clearly afford it with all the uridium they steal. No wonder people tire of things and quit when bp appeases the cheaters while making everything far too unnecessarily expensive in the first place.
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  10. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Thank you for the constructive feedback, it has been sent up.
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