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  1. Dear all,

    I am reaching out to all players new and old. I am creating a new clan on the PVE server, the sole purpose of this is to get a good group of legitimate players together to have a good time without the hassle of cheats and being hunted down. I welcome absolutely anyone from any server and any nation to join and make this happen. I will be available to help any of you between 7-10 pm (GMT) most evenings and you can find me in chat.

    One thing I am frustrated about is the lack of appeal for new players joining this game, many seem to quit fairly quickly. My aim is to get a group of people together to support these new players in their initial journey, making it appealing for them and giving them a sense of community like the game used to have. I want to create this clan to help these new players and help them on their first steps into the game and guide them through your words of wisdom and advice.

    I understand that starting again on a new server is never appealing in this current climate the game is in but I am willing to make a few promises to people who decide to join.
    1. You will get to level 17 within 1 week of joining the clan providing you give the hours.
    2. 10 proms lasers within 2 weeks of joining. (I think you can get 20 if you're happy to pay a little bit of cash)
    3. weekly credits to allow you to get the gear that you need to slowly build up your ship.
    I am hopeful that I can get together a really good group of guys and girls who will make the game slightly more enjoyable than the current climate is. I hope that you can commit just 1 hour a week to get a good group of people together to hunt NPC and just have a good chitchat, I don't care what company you are, whether you are total enemies on another server. Join me and make it happen!

    All you need to do is buy the Bigboy Solemn, and the SPC-XO01 module and you're ready to go!

    When you get time send your application over to A.BUNCH.OF.NOOBS on "Global" with your name and current server.

    With best wishes,

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  2. it is better to buy a bigboy solemn and a module for it
    and win an experience booster at the auction
    will be +43%
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  3. Thanks for this, the original post has been modified! I hope to see you on the "Global" server :)
  4. Currently have 13 members,
    6 British
    1 American
    4 French
    1 Italian
    1 Hungarian.

    Still looking to add to the collection of active nationalities!
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  5. MoosiihYTz

    MoosiihYTz User

    You could merge with us (we are currently stacked with credits and wouldn't want to waste it by leaving).
    Clan tag & name: [ÑΘΘB] ÑΘΘB we are also on Global PVE. Clan currently has 7 members who are active pretty much daily. Ranked 37.
    We use discord for our general communication; in and out of game.

    Clan has some new and some old players, good vibes and chats at any time of the day. All of us speak English as we are from the UK. We are also multi-company based.
    Get in touch with me on discord; Robus#6691

    See you round the maps.
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