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    General information

    We are proud to present a new permanent server in DarkOrbit which can be played as a PvE server with the usage of a CPU – the Peace Ambassador (PA-X) CPU. This PA-X CPU is automatically equipped on the player ship so that the server can be discovered in PvE mode (like in X-1 maps). In this PvE mode, you cannot be attacked unless you attack someone else first.

    Please note: Training arena and UBA cannot be accessed in this server!

    We will have new exclusive starter packages for new accounts to give you an easy quickstart!

    Please also note that there will be some differences in the following regular mini events that are scheduled on the normal servers and the new PvE server at the release:
    - Galaxy Gate events such as: Double Reward Day, Bonus Galaxy Gate Rewards, Kronos day, Enhanced LF-4 day, Galaxy Gate Double Rewards Weekend, Galaxy Gate Discounts
    - Honor Day, XP Day
    - Special Sales such as: Happy Hours, Tiered Spender events
    - Best Subscriptions, Level Up Boosters
    - Special Deals
    - Upgrade Bonus Hour
    - Mini events such as: Spaceball, Team Deathmatch, Ice Meteoroids, Infiltration, Sector Control, Capture the Beacon, Invasion Gate​

    The mini events and sales will be scheduled differently on the PvE server from the existing servers. We will send out different information on mini events for both servers!

    Please note that if you play the new server via Downloadable client, only the following recipes for the petalled quartz are active:
    - NPC Nuke
    - Log Disks
    - Mindfire Cerebrum
    - Booty Key
    - DCR-250
    - K-300M
    - PLD-8
    - R-IC3
    - SR-5
    - Jump Vouchers
    - Indoctrine Oil
    - ABR
    - IAC
    - LF-P01​

    PvE vs. PvP

    You can turn off the PA-X CPU and disable the PvE mode. Then you change into PvP status. This PA-X CPU is only availabe on this new server. The PA-X CPU is automatically added to your account and you can find it in the hotbar in „Extras“. It cannot be sold or removed from your account in any way. But you can lose your PvP protection by any hostile action. When this happens, the PA-X CPU goes into a cooldown of 24 hours. After that, your account will be set to PvE mode again automatically.

    As soon as you go into PvP mode (triggered by any hostile action from your side), your ship gets a red orb. Other players that are in PvP mode will also be shown with a red orb around them. The visual effect won’t be applied in the R-Zone where the PvP protection doesn’t work anyways.

    Both modes, PvE as well as PvP, are persistent. This means when you log out and log in again, you’ll stay in the mode you had when you logged out (or until the cooldown time for PA-X is up).

    If two players are engaged in a PvP combat when the PA-X cooldown resets, the player with the cooldown reset can still be attacked as long as the opponent maintains a target lock on him.
    · If the player with the cooldown reset stops attacking, the PA-X will not activate and he can still remain in PvE mode even while being attacked.
    · If the player attacks back, he will be back into PvP mode on the next 15 seconds tick.​

    In general, your PvE mode will be removed if:

    1. you use the following items:
    - Mines (e.g. ACM-01, DDM-01)
    - Special ammunition such as EMP-01
    - Tech items that attack players such as Burning Trail, Explosive Charging Blob, Chain Impulse​
    2. you do the following actions:
    - You enter Refraction zone
    - You shoot a Spaceball
    - You capture a beacon (during Capture the Beacon/Sector control event)
    - You shoot a CBS​

    New Content

    Peace Ambassador CPU (PA-X)

    This CPU proves that you are an ally of humanity and will only attack aliens. Using this CPU will deactivate your Peace Ambassador status and the CPU will go into cooldown for 24 hours. While on cooldown you are stuck in PvP mode until the cooldown is over! While in PvP mode, other players can attack you. Players that attack you while in Peace Ambassador status will lose their status and have their PA-X go into cooldown as well.

    Saturn NPC

    Saturn NPCs are looking like other player ships and you can shoot them to complete PvP missions. They spawn occasionally on the server maps, and can be summoned by using the Saturn Transmitter CPU.

    Here’s an overview of the new NPCs:
    - Saturn Diminisher
    - Saturn Goliath
    - Saturn Sentinel
    - Saturn Solace
    - Saturn Spectrum
    - Saturn Venom
    - Saturn Spearhead
    - Saturn Aegis
    - Saturn Citadel​

    Saturn Transmitter CPU (ST-CPU)

    Activate this CPU to spawn a random Saturn alien near you. Saturn aliens outside of Galaxy Gates are treated as hostile players in completing PvP missions. Attacking Saturn NPC does not deactivate your Peace Ambassador status. This CPU can be used on X-5, X-6, X-7, X-8, X-BL and Battle maps.

    The Saturn Transmitter CPU can be crafted in the Assembly

    New Recipe







    Saturn Transmitter CPU


    2 Nano Condensers
    1 Micro Transistors
    2 Hybrid Processors

    Multiple times
    Exclusive Daily Login Calendar on new PvE server

    From 10th December until 25th December, we will present an exclusive Daily Login Calendar for this new PvE server only!

    In contrast to the well-know Daily Calendar mechanic, this one is specific:
    - You can only get the respective reward for each day itself
    - If you miss a day, you cannot get the reward anymore
    - There’s no special pop-up message for getting the reward but you can see it in your logbook when it’s booked
    - If you are logged in on consecutive days, you have to logout and to login again on the website to get the reward.



    10th Dec

    1,000 BDR-1211

    11th Dec

    10 h EP-B02

    12th Dec

    5,000 Uridium

    13th Dec

    10,000 MCB-25

    14th Dec

    500 BDR-1212

    15th Dec

    500 Seprom

    16th Dec

    5,000 RSB-75

    17th Dec

    30 ABR

    18th Dec

    10 h DMG-B02

    19th Dec

    500 UBR-100

    20th Dec

    10,000 MCB-50

    21st Dec

    10 Booty Keys

    22nd Dec

    10 h SHD-B02

    23rd Dec

    100 Extra Energy

    24th Dec

    5,000 Uridium

    25th Dec

    5,000 CC-C
    General Changes

    Change in Quick Slot Bar

    We have a few CPUs that you cannot get without a certain event running but currently, they are permanently shown in the Quick Slot Bar. This will be changed into the following:

    - The following CPUs will only be displayed in the Quick Slot Bar if you possess them:
    o Saturn Signal CPU (only appearing in the new PvE server, not in the existing servers)
    o Peace Ambassador CPU (only appearing in the new PvE server, not in the existing servers)
    o Chaos Cubikon Alien CPU
    o Common Chaos Alien CPU
    o Rare Alien CPU
    o Legendary Alien CPU
    o Subglacial CPU
    o Cubi Portal
    o Ice Portal
    o Ghostifier​
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