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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by =SERAPH=, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. =SERAPH=

    =SERAPH= User

    Please use this thread for any discussion or feedback on the new changes to the Quest system. Details can be found in the Official Announcements section - we will keep you updated as we receive more information.

    Off to New Missions!
  2. ramnik

    ramnik User

    ok i wanted to ask what your thoughts are on the new quests and if you guys like them? so far from looking at these quests, im loving the EP rewards! ive heard that people getting almost 100m ep from these quests so what do you guys think?
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  3. PuckerUp

    PuckerUp User

    I think the ep rewards are great but the uri rewards are way to low for most of the higher lvl missions .If every step you take you need to pay more and more just to get to the same spot you're going to go a different path .
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  4. ramnik

    ramnik User

    are these new quests glitched? does not 58m ep seem abit too much for a quest till kill a few devs in a hour? i wanna have this confirmed by a admin before i do them as i do not want to lose ep
  5. omg this quest are so usless we had way better quest b4 , what is the point to win only ep, i need uri
    We had a quest b4 200 goli in 4-4 and reward was 30 000 uri now u have 70 goli quest with 3000 uri its so stupid i cannot begin to explain it.The only reason we wanted new quest is because we wanted uridium to compesate the new staff they just give us ep ?
    Very dissapointed

    They need to put another Zero behind every reward
    to make them worth it , because they kept on advertising for not good rewards.

    ep doesnt make my ship better
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  6. cant see how new quests will help new players,years ago when we started quests gave decent uri rewards so u could improve your ship,its no good making new players lvl 10 up in a day if they cant kill any npcs in uppers to make uri due to not enough equipment.
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  7. I cant see how they can even help experienced players like us who need loads of uri
    if they push us towards buying uri only they are doomed.
    New players cant make a better ship with 40 uri per quest its insane the ammount of uri they require to build up and the new quest dont help at all.
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  8. New players will hate these quests. From what I've seen the credit reward for these quests are far too low.

    Looks like DO are slowly going back to their old ways...o_O
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  9. New Quests? My only comment on that is: LOL

    380k credits and soooo much URI for that quest below... WOOOW (sarcasm-greetings)

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  10. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The EP isn't bad though :p
    Considering if you did the new quests in an EP goli design then they would make you lv23 ^^
  11. The ep, is fact it's too great for considering on what you have to do to complete the quest. However it's lacking on credit and uri rewards.
  12. pecanin

    pecanin User

    TBH i feel cheated

    I spent probably few millions of X4 and only God knows how many RSB +EMP+Mines & Xenomit to do all PvP quests first in VRU and then in MMO ...that were all obtained for real cash...and now this

    Pathetic move by Big Point just to make few more Euros ...cheat those that built their Company
  13. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    Did you really spend all that ammo to just to get 100 rank points or the quest rewards though?

    It's not ideal, I don't know why they needed to take them away from us but it's not like people spend rsb and x4 for the sake of getting 100 rank points. We did it for the actual rewards.
    If you just wanted 100 rankpoints there is much cheaper ways of doing it.
  14. I like the exp lol im lvling up tonight when everyone goes to sleep. and stops do 20man cubes -.-
  15. pkomg

    pkomg User

    This new quest system suck, WE NEED URI, WE DONT NEED EXP !!!
  16. Yeah the uri needs to go up, but the exp, why complain? it's nice.
  17. No honor, no URI...
    Nice idea about quests...

    ON THE OTHER HAND, Why don't the developers be daring and give real rewards like 10 booties or emps, anything that makes this game more worthwhile?.?.I 'm positive giving a computer animated gift wouldn't put them out of pocket? I am really saddened by how pathetic this game is sometimes...I understand the idea that some items are so called special, but this is a game and if people complete missions they should be rewarded with these items....The developers seriously lack common sense. I bet they are under pressure?.....There should be HUGE REWARDS FOR PLAYERS THAT COMPLETE MISSIONS!!!!
  18. Now that I have basically read all the post's I can gain an idea what's happening here. The new quests have so much experience attached because no 1 plays this game anymore, however, the 'Experience' that 'newbs' will receive from each quest will get them into all maps in no time. Therefore, it is a good idea....And another thing, I suspect that most of the ships and other stuff will soon appear in trade.
    This game needs more players to survive. It is a desperate attempt...I think it will work? As long as the marketing/advertising team pulls it off and showcases the new look of Dark Orbit and it proves to be newbie friendly. (maybe they should do quests for ubfe players to help newbs and give them uri too, lol).
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  19. pecanin

    pecanin User

    That is not the point Okapi

    When we did old quests we actually got lots in return

    Remember that old lvl 16 or something quest (visit all maps) ...

    To kill 1000 golis now as free player you need to do how many gates for ammo ,how much uri you need to save for emp /rsb

    I just did 20 Bk quest in 3.7 ...700 something uri ...old one paid three times that

    Point of hunt the hunter on my server was that when you went for example to 2.6 to kill vru ,more often than not you had to kill loads of eic to get those vru ships,cloaked or not you remember good old magic.

    "We did it for the actual rewards."

    Yes we did

    Did you see new quests and rewards for killing 100 ships for example ...lets assume that you find 100 nooby golis that you can kill with X3....where do you get them greens ...from gate ....can't collect them from boxes anymore only thing left is uri for gg spins or pally till your eyes bleed or aliens till your fingers bleed ...and at the end you get ...3000 uri if i'm not mistaken

    Point is that absolutely everything in this game now costs you with pointless rewards in return

    24 hour one on x1 will probably pay one firework
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  20. Alphabet

    Alphabet User

    My expectations were low but yet disappointed. I though the quest were going to be something good something to call players to come back but you couldn't help yourself, eh? You did again. Killing NPCS is not funny when you get nothing in return and you know what i mean I don't even care that the ammount of XP is huge, what the point of lvling up if the next quests are lame too?

    If this is how you new campaign is going to be..I got bad news for you.
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