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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by =SERAPH=, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. I dont see a discussion thread so posting here.I think some missions like .."destroy 50 citadel" needs to pay get 1,250 for 1 citadel but only 3k for 50....thats lame....Get 30k uri from older quest like 1k golis..but only 3k from 50 citadels lol....Quest that I see similar to that need to be adjusted.I simply wont do them untill they make a reasonable uri adjustment.
  2. Someone made a thread, and yes, the uri needs to go up. BIG TIME, it is nothing like they said it would be.
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  3. They really think that high ep will make us happy ,Its just a cheap way to make ep and since every1 is going to do them there is no diffrene between players. Secondly ep doesnt make your ship anybetter . We need good rewards with uri , ammo , special items. Only 1 for lf4 then u put another one for lf3 why joke with us dev team, you should know very well we are geting lf3 all the time in booties and we have tones of them why should i do a quest and waste ammo for lf3 .
    Please be real with the rewards and rethink this
  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I think (and certainly hoping) that this is just the start. These quests really do seem like their objective is to get players to lv20 or 21.

    I think DO have some major update coming that will only be available for people over lv20. So they do the quests and get to know the game, then once they are high levels there is ways to get UFE quicker.

    I suppose only time will tell with that though, and it's not unlikely that we will be waiting a while.
  5. CadB1

    CadB1 User

    I think there is a reason to this high ep
    also I don't understand why people are doing the quest as quickly as possible I am doing mine over time doing one or two a day while doing my normal npc to get uri and if a mission happens to need them then it will be a bonus
  6. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    People who are doing them quickly are probably trying to get them done before their 50% EP booster runs out.
  7. burkey

    burkey User

    At least they now got quests for killing the new ships tho... nothing worse than having 1k goli running and chasing down a pack of citadels and aegis...!
  8. burkey

    burkey User

    Im doing my missions so quickly to regain my RP as dropped a rank!
  9. And to move up the ranks a-lot faster. :)
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  10. burkey

    burkey User

    Yup, the amount of people who pay cash only just to move up rankings... lolz!! The only uri I buy is for upgrades etc. to make me hit harder
  11. The new system sucks at all, its gives a huge amount of exp but the exp is simply totally useless, the actual game "skillthree", that is generally used by other games in combination with exp, aren't used in dark orbit, its just uridium, exp don't give you + damage or + force to your shield, its just useless it is away worse than before, who cares about experience after level 17 its just numbers.
    just like others, my expectations was not that great and still I did get very disapointed again.
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    No clue why people are complaining... really. The quests are nice. Some even give boosters and 1 gives an LF-4... so why so many sad faces? To the people who say everything costs uridium and show how unhappy they are with these new quests... not doing them won't cost you any uridium ;).
    After all quests are just an addition to the game and they are here to keep you more entertained, to make you want to reach goals. Lets be honoest most of these things the quests tell you to do, you would do anyway so the rewards are really just a bonus.
    You guys should be happy with every single quest darkorbit made for you, because every single one of them will give you uridium which you wouldn't have gotten if these quests would not have been implemented. Like I said before though, don't like it? Don't do it. It's really that simple!
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  13. One thing I noticed is a lot of the cheats have come out to play, just because they now have targets, and are getting rewarded greatly.
  14. Alphabet

    Alphabet User

    I wouldn't consider this currently because the new missions, which will be released in January, will be giving more Uridium.

    Balancing the game economy is very tricky, as there are so many competing variables, but somehow we need to find a fair balance and I think the new missions should get us there.



    What do you mean by "giving more Uridium"?
  15. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    The way I see it, these quest do little or nothing to address the issue of low player numbers. The massive EP and low uri in my opinion is just an attempt to get players to spend (With my cynical glasses I see this as an attempt to get players to buy uri for the 50% ep boosters, double booster, and Bio)
    and detract players away from earning uri from npc farming and palli farming.

    rather than getting more players to play which is the main need currently.

    It might get
    a few more players out and about for a little while, but it is unlikely to make any significant difference ( My Prediction ;) ), as the average player will still just be cannon fodder for the UFE players.

    To achieve UFE costs far to much and takes far to long. Not to mention the issues of chance.
    These quest do nothing to address this or the imbalance between UFE and the average player.

    "Please be aware that we have reset the rank points for all old quests to ensure a fair mission system for all, including new players who are not able to do the old missions anymore and, thus, would have a regarding disadvantage. "

    The logic or reason given for removing rank point ( which is only the Mission points ) is inconsistent with the bot ban system, which did not remove any of the massive amounts of honour that the bots gained for the original major ban waves, which were not earned.
    Which was orders of magnitude higher than the few k from quest points.
    Especial for those bots that botted out of x2 maps, which also kept all their alien kill points,

    but once again honest players have had points removed.

    (And for anyone saying it is only a few k points etc. It is not the points, it is the principle that once again, honestly earned points have been unfairly taken away.)
    It is also inconstant with reality as the top rank players have hundreds of millions of honour and hundreds of thousands if not millions of alien kills that a player starting out today would have a much harder time earning, compared to the few k rank point taken from the honest players that have played the game for a while.

    When we consider the Badge rank points that the top say 100/200 have, which is millions of rank points, the few k points removed has nothing to do with New player disadvantage in real terms.
    In real term the few k rank point that where taken, was just a kick in the teeth for the average dedicated players that have stuck with the game through everything.

    Those points could have just been move to a new line similar to the "Kills according to most recent calculation"

    Also there are 2 ranks, Top User Rank and Badge Bank.

    So new players will be at a significant disadvantage on the TU rank when doing these quests, compared to UFE players in the top clans that have CBS's, 50% ep booster, tactics bio, ship design and double boosters / shared booster in a group.

    We need to see changes that are truly designed to help the average player / new players and redress the balance in the game between UFE and the average player.

    Rather than changes that look more like wolves in sheep clothing. That appear to me to be design to get a few more high spenders into the game. Rather than a lot more average spender / players, which is in really what is need to turn the game around.

    These quest are more likely to widen the gap in rank points between the average player and the UFE players rather than reduce it.

    A lot of effort has gone into superficial changes over the last year or so, while avoiding the real issue, which is the unrealistic cost and time required to achieve UFE for new / average players.
    Just to further add to the inconsistency with the statement and reality,
    there is still major issue with the " Hall of Fame " rank information, which has not been addressed even after forwarding my "Tech issues post" as requested to support back in July 2013. Which further reinforces my perception on this.
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  16. Missions are great experience wise but as many others have been saying they lack the uri rewards other missions in the past have had.

    BOSS~ADAM User

    Taking away quests that I didn't get a chance to do, good paying quests on top of that, giving me low paying quests, one give's and Lf4 and that's a start but the rewards and unbalanced and just terrible, the EXP is good and I'm confused as to why the quests give so much because EXP is worthless except for gaining access to all maps for hunting purposes. I don't understand why you had to take our rank points, our old quests and give us this, they don't pay better Uridium unless you do every single one and it would get you a fraction of the way to Ufe.

    If only these quests paid better and we got to keep our RP's and old quests, oh well, just something to do for awhile and I get to be cannon fodder for Ufe's while I do them :( lol.
  18. you guys can only cry srsly ! every one loses rps so that drop the rangpoints too. but you guys dont understand this, poor flamers
  19. Wouldn't expect a noob who fails at spelling to understand. Many of us lost more then others by a long shot because of our long hard worked history in this game.
  20. pkomg

    pkomg User

    Yeah, WHOLE new system give only ONE LF-4 and ONE CD BOOSTER ,yeah THAT IS VERY GOOD, LOL. Entertainment? how can u entertain when u always got killed by ufe guys? how? LOL. And yes, the first time i saw these new quest i've decide i'll never do it, so dont say : Dont like it then dont do it bla bla bla,LOL.
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