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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by =SERAPH=, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. lost1**

    lost1** User

    well i am not happy with it / many quest where lost for older players and the truth is older players are supposed to have more ep/honor ship kills and quest completed the game is not supposed to be on a level playing field for new players they are supposed to be behind us and the ability to gain these is part of the challenge and should not be a set back to older players / life is not fair and Dark Orbit proves that by once again saying thanks for your money now lets rest your hard earned points to zero
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  2. burkey

    burkey User

    I agree lost1**, D.O. said it aint fair for older players to not be able to do the older missions but tough!! I've spent Uri for the past 3 1/2 years building up my Rank Points so I have EARNED the right to be ranked above newer players. That decision to remove RP was an utter joke.

    I must also add I'm not complaining about this from bitterness of losing RP as I actually gained a rank from Basic Captain to Captain without doing anything, but it's harsh on people who spent hours and hours doin certain missions (like collecting 10 cargo on 4-4 from others) which were risky and getting popped a few times and losing RP for it!!
  3. burkey, funny thing is, those rank points going away did nothing on my server, just a tiny drop. It was an impact on me however, and shows how ridiculous DO can get.
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  4. pecanin

    pecanin User

    And to get that CD booster you need to do gate

    Booster that costs 7000 uri ends up costing 50-60 000
  5. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I guess it is you that does not understand. Only players that have done quest that add mission points prior to this point in time loss rank points.
    Players that have done all the old quest loose the most and player that have done just a few or none loose less.
    So the point you are missing is the more effort players have put into doing quest the more points have been taken from them.

    Botters however, that put no effort into botting especial those that botted outside of x-2 maps got to keep the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of rank points they got from cheating, while honest players that did not cheat lost streuner and lord alien kill and now mission rank points have also been taken that were earn through effort.

    I have lost well over 100k rank point from mission point and alien kill point being taken that were earned through a massive amount of effort.

    These action have little or nothing to do with fairness, so suggesting that the points are removed to make it fair for new players is inconstant with reality.

    The 48hr quest is a typical example, those that did it, spent 48 hours in enemy x-1 maps just to get 100 rank points, which was in the most part 48 hours of complete boredom. Now that has all been for nothing. Most longer term players have spent hundreds of hours doing these quest.
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  6. Lol I aborted that mission couple days ago, I don't have the patience. And I just run into cheats sitting in the x-1 maps. Yeah a 8 iris noob with twigs hits 200k rsb pfft ok.
  7. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    I did the 48hr back in 2009, I did manage to get some fun out of it, as I went in with a double speed veng and loads of wiz rockets :D It was funny turning an FE goli into a big boy or something just as funny:D. There was a few noods that try to shoot me that I popped ( well I would let them chase me around for a few mins to give them a chance to stop trying to shoot me b4 I popped them :D) and then I guess word got around that I was in there, so would get a hunting party trying to get a lock ( that was b4 the auto :rolleyes:) and when they did I'd just run for port, fly around their x2 for a bit then jump back in x-1 :D.
    Those was the day when this game was worth playing ... when skill ruled.

    ^That Just brought back fun memories of a time when DO was a game worth spending time on ( not just this anecdote, but the game in general back then )
    when skill ruled and the servers were active.

    I didn't even start the winter quest this year, first time since 2008. I don't even know why I stick around :( I keep hoping DO will realise that the way to attract players, and therefore spenders is to make the game fun for the average player not a few elite spenders, at the expense of the majority, just to keep the few big spending.

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  8. Isnt fun now that I cant kill whom I please lmao, I never bothered with it seeing as im not patient enough to sit there.


    You guys are really complaining about those few rank points you lost from the quest reset? I honestly think I lost more rank points then anyone else on my server. I had 348 quests done = 34.800 rank points
    I got all these points back in a day. No big deal for me.

    BOSS~ADAM User

    It's more of the principle then the actual points lost to me, they shouldn't be taking hard earned RP's for random made up reasons.
  11. reboog21

    reboog21 User

    extremely poor for the high level players, at level 22 I don't need loads of ep, I could use ammo and some gg spins,and decent uri for rewards. then theres the cost vs rewards ratio to look at Lets take the 30 ageis quest
    conservative estimates: 1 emp and 200 rsb per battle thats 1500 uri x 30 ageis 45k uri invested for 2k uri reward..obvious attempt to get in my wallet...poor poor poor.. usless even for noobs whats the rush to x-6 maps when there not going to solo a bk when they get there
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    BOSS~ADAM User

    You think about the hunting quests wrong, I do them for enjoyment not rewards, hunting is supposed to be fun, at least hunting every once and awhile is for me, the quest rewards are quite terrible though, lol.
  13. That´s a point of view guys... In fact there is not really something lost from the quest-reset. The old guys could complete all those old quests and get some nice uri / xp / honor / ammo etc... from that. If you got already few millions of rank-points, those -100 points per quest are just peanuts ;-)

    And after finishing a few 19xx quests you got the lost points already back.
    Regarding the 48 hours quest: I remember that i was parking my ship somewhere in the corner and was watching TV or doing something else in the meantime :)
  14. Sparta[Λ]

    Sparta[Λ] User

    The rewards for these quests are a little humorous, let me explain why.
    Most give a good amount of experience for completion but that's it.
    Experience is completely useless for a player once they get past level 15/16.
    So if you do these quests all you get is experience and in real life experience is something you learn.
    What are we learning? DarkOrbit is cheap. They'll give players all the pointless things in the world but skimp on what's actually needed/usefull. Well gee isn't that a self perpetuating idea :p
  15. Well one thing I have noticed, is the uri we get off the npcs doing these missions.
  16. So I saw when the new quests came out that my completed quests for rank was set back to 0. As I am a long time player I just wanted to say that 90% of those completed quests were done back when there was no "GROUP" option we had to work very hard to complete quests back then. If you had a 20 bbk quest then you had to get with 5 guys and take turns getting lock on the bbk so you ended up having to kill 100 bbk. So all that hard work we did to complete those quest when they were so difficult to do is now voided. It now means nothing it has been stripped away from us there's no respect shown no nod from support that Yes you old timers had to really work hard just a too bad wipe them away??? I think this is just another slap to the face to those Legit players who have worked so hard to be able to compete in this game. yeah the guys who did the quests in an outfit or the wallet warriors it means nothing but to those of us who grinded day in and day out to get those difficult quests done when there was no outfit , I think its just wrong you stripped them away.
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  17. burkey

    burkey User

    Agree right there with your Grazner.... I think I've posted somewhere on the forums that the reason we have more RP than newer players is because we've played longer!!! I mean some of the harder missions, like cube, I would have used x4 for which cost me Uri (gate spins etc.) so we deserved the extra RP above new players *sigh*
  18. is there a list of the missions somewhere so we can browse thru them outside of the game and save burning boosters going thru the list ingame?
  19. um no... you will have to wait for someone with the patience to sit there and do such a thing. Cause DO will not.
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  20. I really hate the new quest system. The rewards suck. I cant even make any uri. The quests before were better. NOw its just horrible. PLease bring the old quests back or make the new quests give out more uri. this isnt fair. We can barely make uri. Please change the quests! i cant buy anything!
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