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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by =SERAPH=, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. xMrBx

    xMrBx User

    Hey here's a thought, when you make it a timed quest such as the 30 lordakia in 5 minutes on x-4 maps why don't you put enough of the npc on the map to achieve this mission. It gets pretty old flying around looking for an alien only to run out of time and have to do the mission over again. Especially when I had 29 of them killed with a minute to go, and all of a sudden no more to be found.

    Oh look who I'm talking to, Its DO. So really me posting things on the forum does absolutely NO good, because no one listens or does anything about it anyway!
  2. Obviously you just aren't doing them or something, although the missions themselves don't give much uri,I love the exp, and you make a lot of uri doing them, I did the 500 prot mission made 20k+ doing it.
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  3. reboog21

    reboog21 User

    get the enemy locator for your pet, if you have one..make these kind of quests a breeze
  4. Lost1 said, "life is not fair and Dark Orbit proves that by once again saying thanks for your money now lets rest your hard earned points to zero"

    I agree. I spent a LOT OF TIME doing all my quests and now you decide to jack all my rank points? That's just mean. I was ranked 81 on US west, now I'm 100.

    - You jacked my pet kami, after I send in money
    - You removed 400k of my shields overnight saying you "fixed" them. After I sent in money to upgrade my drones and BO2
    - Now you remove my rank points and call it an "upgrade." Thankfully I'm a smarter player and DIDN'T send you ANY MONEY!

    I'm so tired of you devs ROBBING me. You will NEVER EVER get any more money from me.

    FREE UFE PLAYER FOR LIFE!!!!!! (or at least until the DEVS pull their head out)
  5. -Llewcoch-

    -Llewcoch- User

    Hi Zynaps

    Thanks for the insight into this, now that you mention it, I see the logic of the high cred quest rewards, if indeed more items will be made available through trade ( of course we can only speculate at the moment ).

    As for the scarcity of numbers, I have seen a few posts where peeps have tried estimating the number of active players on the servers - can't say it has made much sense to me, although I do recall how much more crowded the maps used to be before the GB server split, and recently I have been wondering where I could find enough ships on the maps to complete a lot of the PvP quests without actually pushing, as I have often flown round for ages looking for targets, without luck!

    Your last suggestion re ubfe/noob quests is great btw, it would incentivize team play and offer new pilots the protection they need to enjoy a fair fight. I would go farther and actually introduce a shield and damage 'ceiling' in lower maps, beyond which no pilot, irrespective of rank or level, can go. Don't know how this could be integrated with quests though.

    I hope DO really do pull in more players, as I love this game ( which is why I still play ) and have spent many enjoyable hours on the DO maps, in this I share your concern.


    -Llewcoch- (GB1)
  6. Thanks for your post!!...I must say it comes as a surprise, I hope players can contribute to helping the developers push this game further... We can work together (developers/players), therefore I think this game has some hope...Maybe?
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  7. yeah, i really like the new quests full of ep even though the uridium and credits are lame they are still worth spending time on enemy maps or pirate maps just to finish them all. [I already finished my ship so thats why i don't care about uri and credits rewards] is just my opinion though
  8. lol legit players got another slap when dark orbit stopped scanning for scripts and hacks cause it is all to common to see them again but i suppose they had to do it due to the lack of people when the cheaters couldnt play or they lost there accounts lol
    dark orbit you ever going to fees up and say you gave up on hackers and only punish the legit with your damage reductions quest killing npc revoking so on ect... i cant keep up with the people hitting 300k and so on even with my full ship!!
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  9. burkey

    burkey User

    I've posted in these forums for 6 years now and have never seen anything other than a Mod telling you off and closing finished threads. Never ever seen a developer asking questions etc. from the community!!
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  10. Hello all,
    Didnt know where to post this saw that this thread was regarding the new missions so thought id post here.

    My query is about the mission 300 UberSaimon and 200 BossSaimon.

    Now the boss saimon arent a problem they are pretty easy to find, but the uber saimons are a dime a dozen! I have enemy locator level 3 and a couple of level 3 radars but it literally takes hours to find a couple! yet you see so many of the other uber npcs, i think they should increase the number of uber saimons in 4-5, or at least swap the count round so its 200 uber saimon 300 boss saimon?

    anyone else struggle to find uber saimon?
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  11. I´ve done all 4-5 alien quests already, and also pretty quick ;-)
    1. Take 5 different uber quests, so you can do them in parallel and if you see any uber alien - kill it.
    2. Get into a group with some players which are also doing uber quests.

    As you already mentioned: The alien locator is a good help to find those u-aliens.

  12. ive done every NPC quest now excluding the 300 ubersaimon one and 200 ubersibelon one, yeah being in outfit helps speed up the process but still isnt much quicker. they definatly need to up the number of uber saimons in there, because its quite busy in there with people questing, and by the time you find one someone else probably pops it before you reach it..
  13. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    I just wanna say that I don't really like the new missions. They give so much xp and so little creds and uri. I can understand why low-level players would need these, but personally, I don't want to level up quickly. In fact, grouping in 5-2 gives me more xp in the same amount of time it takes me to do a quest my level. (I'm level 14, 2.25 mill xp away from lvl 15.) I would prefer an increase of uri to an increase to xp anyday, since I don't really have any need to gain levels through missions.

    Before you go and say that I am only thinking of myself and people with a mindset like mine, I am not calling for a change back to the old missions. I know that this system was created with the importance of our low-level player community and I totally accept and agree with that idea. I am merely voicing my opinion and want to see what other people have to say. I am not requesting for a change to the new missions.
  14. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    Don't think that you are the only one that thinks that. I agree, over 1 million exp but only 500k uri are weird margins.
  15. Love the EP you receive but is a bit cheap on the uridrum.
  16. Gotta agree with 99% of the people here.
    The EXP payout is insanely massive (I like it :D) but the Uridium could use a 400% boost
  17. Love the new missions with the EP, however, the quests were supposed to make it easier for people to start the game and EP doesn't mean anything and the uri pay outs were basically the same as the old ones.
  18. Lol easy for you to say brave :D I been trying yesterday while in my vengie those ridiculous hard hitters in their vengies kept uncloaking on me, AND my own company jumped me for killing npcs with a friend in vru LOL. our server is quite pathetic.
  19. Hiya Brooo :p
    The trick is: Kill those magic fighters several times and they will run away from you immediately next time, some of them will also try invite you into a group then LOL.
    That was my tactic and at the end i was in a group with several colonel and chief colonel players from EIC and VRU...

    Also gonna farm some u-aliens on 4-5 that weekend to built up some hours of free boosters - let me know when you´re online, then i can help you with some u-quests. :D

  20. Haha, I am currently online, and would love to do those missions, but I need pally... Kronos day is Saturday, and I want to get some gates up, but all these eic and their pets are making it difficult (hint hint)
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