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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by =SERAPH=, Jan 12, 2014.

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  1. burkey

    burkey User

    If gets new players levelled quicker for bigger maps, but that's just gonna get em popped alot quicker....!
  2. Goood... Goooood...
  3. Not really because the more maps you have the more people spread out and they can hide in many different maps so it is harder for them to be found.
  4. xMrBx

    xMrBx User

    Didn't really think I should need an alien locator for a lordakia, normally you can't fly anywhere without running into a whole bunch of them. I was stating that it seems that they disappear when you are working quests. I've played this game nearly as long as its been in existence and this has taken place before pet locators were around. I do have a pet, but want to put the uri I earn into my ship before focusing on the pet.(Even though its level 14)
  5. Uhm not really... i just say: 5-3 and 200 kills in around 30 minutes LOL
  6. Not if you keep getting friendly with everyone :D

    Brave knows, im eic, but i got some fun coming when im mmo, since theres so many eic in 5-3, quite a few quests to get done on those good for nothings.
  7. ( Please read through the whole comment if you plan to respond. This text wasn't written as a complain but more like a reality picture on how these quests actually influence the game, or if they impact at all )

    What can I say .. I was optimistic at first when I saw the variation of NPC's , but in retrospect , I got very disappointed in BP when I noticed how worthless the rewards were. It feels like they've never actually taken the time to discover how their game works, as they clearly haven't got a clue on what a suitable reward is for hard day's work.

    First things first , all the NPC quests from level 1-13 lacks hard in uridium reward . I do not care if they are easy to complete, for those who have no friends to play with, mission are THE ONLY way to get you started, especially if you've never played DO before. You do not simply sit down and farm game currency you yet don't know how to spend. No intelligent person would stay in x1 or x2 and kill streuners and lordakianer in order to collect the necessary amount of uridium to buy the BO2 's you unfortunately need to move out of base without being destroyed by a single round of RSB

    In these new quests the rewards varies from 20 to 100 Uridium Uridium . An active player doesn't even benefit from these. Flying to NYX in order to find an appropriate quest for the map you're currently located in takes more time than just farming the uridium without quests in the first place. I can put it like this: If you add upp the rewards from level 1-13 quests ( not the "rare/alfa quests" ) it doesn't even add upp to 10,000 uri . Not a single BO2 . And if we're talking credits, there really isn't much to talk about.. (crap rewards). Doing missions should be beneficial, shouldn't it? How can newbies have a chance to earn good items in auction with these kind of rewards ? ( Maybe when the player base is so small that you are the only bidder left, no joke) Experience reward is the only positive here , unfortunately this will not give beginners the chance they deserve, neither will it provide them with joy you get after a day's hard work, knowing that you've become stronger than you were earlier.


    Now if we 're talking NPC quests level 13 -20 , there is both good and bad. You benefit from compleating them, atleast for a few of them .. After spending days in 4-5 chasing everything from uber-lordakia to uber-kristallons, I realised just how worthless the rewards are compared to the time and effort you've put it. I make as big of a gain just camping the portal at x-7 killing kristallons. So why have quests if you don't benefit from compleating them? Arn't quests supposed to be a source of motivation? Otherwise, what is the point? ? Torment yourself by killing the same alien over and over again in a pathetic attempt to catch up with all UFE players? Ridiculous.. RI - DI - CU - LOUS.

    Lets look at some quests.. 200 uber sibelons for level 20 player. So what is the reward?

    4800 Uridium ? 200 UBER SIBELON AND ALL YOU GET IS 4800 URIDIUM?? Oh actually it's fine I almost forgot... you get credits worth half a kristallon xd (200,000) pathetic..


    Then there are the PvP missions of course .. Destroy 50 citadels for 3000 uri ..

    It cost me almost more than 3000 uri worth of ammo to take down a FE citadel . Where is the logic in that? .. Actually, I do not care about PvP quests, killing another player should be expensive, but why do these worthless rewards implicate on all the PvE quests aswell which are the source of gain in this game? I am speachless..

    The only thing , and now I truly mean the ONLY thing good about these new missions (notice how I ignore the high experiance rewards as those are just illusions that tricks you into believing that you actually are becoming stronger) is that 1 : Boored players now have something to do to make time pass by and 2: Some alpha- quests (the rare once) actually give good/decent reward. Other than that, I have no idea why BP waisted time and effort in the making of these quests..


    Lets summarize,

    Sure, most of us will take the time to complete most of these quests, but we will no longer do it because of the rewards, we will do it because we have nothing else to do. When you aint strong enough to go hunt, you will scavage what you can, so don't let the statistics fool you. Just because we all finish these new quests doesn't mean this is a step forward for DarkOribt.

    Think of it like this, free players are forced to spend countless hours gathering uri just to go out on a PvP map for 10 minuts and spend it all away? What a joke.. I love the game but this is an insult.. A LF4 is estimated to be worth atleast 200,000 uridium without prem and rebait . Stop making missions with 20 uri reward ..

    For all of you who are wondering, I have both an Uber-FE account build up partly by real money and a 100% free player FE account. I know both sides of the story, and there is no difference. Both are worthless.

    If I was to rate these new quests on a scale from 1 to 10, I wouldn't even find it in my heart to give it a 2. That is how dissapointed I am. As my future hopes for darkorbit? I feel sad to tell you that I no longer have any.. One step forward and two steps back, that is the way of BP. You don't agree? Then please, by all means.. PROVE. ME. WRONG.

    Thanks for reading, peace .
  8. xMrBx

    xMrBx User

    Agreed! I read whole thing! The uri is not the motivation for doing the quests. From what I've noticed, as a free FE player. BP is not about the players, they're about making money. Why else would they make it so difficult just to get the lf4? (I know someone, will claim "I've got all kinds of LF4's!")The point is, BP is trying to get people to spend money on something that doesn't even exist. You can spend hundreds, on this game and still not have anything to show for it. They don't seem to understand that a lot of people don't have that kind of cash to through down this dark hole. Some of us have responsibilities, like family and "real life" to pay for. They really don't care about the free players, so that is why the "new quests" amount to nothing, and why they did away with the ones that did. They want wallet warriors to spend their money to get UFE!
  9. True DO is greedy, but this is a free game. They need to make money somehow..
  10. I don't have the energy to make a long reply, so I'll keep it as short as possible.

    These new quests are so bad in reward that people don't bother to play, a.k.a will never spend ANY money on this game leaving BP with less cash. There comes a time were beeing too greedy simply doesn't work, atleast not in the long run.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2014
  11. xMrBx

    xMrBx User

    I understand the this is a free game, and I also understand that DO has to make money to keep itself going. However, my point is that the current system, makes so your spending inordinate amounts of money just to acquire the better weapons, Herc's, etc.....And in my point of view, it is absolute garbage, that you get only a chance to pick them up from pirate boxes, or a chance to get these from a gate. With the percentages that it ACTUALLY pays out, you will spend hundreds if not thousands just to become UFE. They either need to increase the chance of the payout, or decrease the amount you pay for in-game currency and designs, etc! This game is way to rich, for the average person to play, you need to feel like you have a chance. Right now BP doesn't seem to understand that. I like this game, but I don't have the time, or the money to sink into this game that it takes to be UFE, I would like to feel that I have a chance though. The current situation doesn't give me that! In fact, I'm still waiting to pick up my first lf4!
  12. That's one way of tackling it. Creating quests with better rewards and/or increasing the percentage of actually getting something from your pirate booty's / gates etc is the same thing.. I don't mind high prices, I just believe that finishing all quests should get you way further in this game that it currently does.
  13. brickell

    brickell User

    Okay, my comment is not to prove you wrong, but to offer a different point of view. If all you are considering is the URI reward or some bonus prize than i agree with you. However, i have focused on the Ep as my reward. The EP i have earned has allowed me to level up in less than half the time it otherwise would have taken. It has also allowed to advance in rank both personally and in user standings. Yes BP/DO has become more of a wallet warrior's game, but i think you are overlooking some of the benefits of these new quests.
  14. EP doesn't makes you stronger, neither will ranking. This is an illusion my friend.. cmon.. The rewards are a joke. New players need good quests to get started with this game, and these pathetic rewards aren't getting them anywhere.. Even once you've become strong enough to compete against UFE players, you gonna need to spend countless days obtaining whites/RSB which will be gone in a matter of minutes.. Quests could have provided them with a decent amount of ammo, atleast enough to get a taste of the game. Quests MUST give better rewards. If not in uridium, well than atleast in ammo/equipment.

    Remember this aint my words, I am a wallet warrior, I have lots of ammo and all best equipments but after what? hundreds and thousands of $ ? This game is TOO EXPENSIVE. Ammo worth 100's of $ can be spent in just a few hours..(done it) And people not fighting with the best ammo are instantly torned apart.

    I can't get anyone to play this game as it is impossible for them to enjoy themselves here. Server are getting low-populated, and there are more UFE than noobs. Now don't tell me about clan credits. IT IS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY AS PLAYERS TO FEED NEW PLAYERS WITH OUR HARD EARNED CASH. They should be able to feed themselves, and ofc I help my new friends out with clan-credits but for what? so they can quit the game later anyways?

    Darkorbit has become a great game, better than it ever was I think. I like all the updates, the improved graphics, god.. I even like how LF4's are so painful to obtain... But these new quests are ridiculously bad. You can't possibly disagree with me man.. that would only mean you've never played this game as a free player to realise how pointless it is. Unless of course you enjoy killing NPC day in and day out like a robot, without ever going PvP, completely ignoring the fact that this game is supposed to be PvP. Not "rich vs free" and "free vs NPC" ...

    ADDED: For example, if PvP quests had decent rewards, free players could actually invest in good ammo to try and complete them. This would be good for everyone, the UFE's hunting empty maps and the new players making progress while having fun. Cause right now it's almost like you can't have fun while making progress, just like you can't make progress while having fun. Using EMP's, PLD-8, INVIS, RSB, SAB, TECHs and all that good stuff are the things that makes this game so fun, otherwise it's just clicking on a player to watch laser auto-attack -_- Everyone should be able to use these without paying tremendous amounts of real money.
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  15. ship5678

    ship5678 User

    I think the new mission system is effective with credit rewards , but more Uridium should be put into the mission instead of the 45 -50 Uridium per mission. You can make 3 times that amount in a standard day on the game. Also the epic missions should have higher rewards then what they are now
  16. I have one word for the new quests: Inadequate.

    There is simply no other way to sum them up in one word. I count only 2 quests that actually pay more than 10k uri and even then only just more. Most of the new quests are simply a joke with regards to uri rewards. The uri rewards from the new quests would have to be at least tripled if not quadrupled to actually make them worth the time expended to complete them. As for the PVP quests the old ones weren't the best value as the rewards never returned the uri you had expended to complete them but at least it was something.

    I will also say to BP look to your fences and the bridges that you haven't already destroyed for the customers you have left. There are a lot of other 'Free' games that are now competing for your customer base and with updates like this they will easily take them.

    Right now (and for the last year or so) I feel that BP has simply priced the game completely out of its target market and believe me when I say there are much better value games out there as it doesn't really take that much to find them either.

    I could go on but here's one player who is looking for pastures new as it has now got to the stage where its simply not worth playing (read paying) DO any more. I don't mind spending a £20 or £30 a month to enjoy a game as this is my personal 'Value Break Point' compared to other retail type games which command similar prices.

    Quiet frankly I feel insulted with the new quests as its mine and other players cash that has paid to develop them. Insert inappropriate expletives and other unsavoury rant like words for how many now feel about this and other similarly half baked game developments that BP come up with.

    Do us a favour please BP and actually count the time, effort and cost that each of the new quests require before making them live on server, if you would actually do this you may realise why the players in this thread are so annoyed at the basic inadequacy of the new quests, better still try it with a nostromo or other low end ship and see how frustrating it really is when you dont spend hundreds of dollars on the game and try and get ahead on a low or almmost zero cash input. We aren't asking for 1 million uri quests but sheesh please don't insult our intelligence (not to mention our customer loyalty) like you have with the most recent crop of quests and other penny pinching developments that are geared for little more than BP's bottom line.

    Also good post's Braveheart, you have raised some very good isses in your posts above in an intelligent and well thought out manner.
  17. the quest are useless for uri onld misiins was better for new players as thay could make 10k uri with the old quests but now thay can only make 10kin two days as u have to do more quest to get the 10k uri bring back the old quests or up the uri on the new quest
  18. ship5678

    ship5678 User

    I agree with the fact that the uridum levels should be way higher!
  19. School of lordakia mission... the time limit for this one needs to be increased by AT LEAST double the amount it currently is, there just isn't enough lordakia spawns on the x-4 maps to cover the requirements.

    Even when flying a full speed vengeance it took me several try's to do it, I can't possibly see how new players, who will surely be in much slower and weaker ships then I was have any chance of completing this one in time.
  20. As I noticed, The EP reward is good but for some reason, you can easily lvl up but the creds and uri rewards are kinda low. I think they need high it up a little.
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